Antec S10 Signature Case Review – Tempered Glass Done Right!

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Esteban Maciel says:

Make movies. Please.

Mark Wright says:


MomotarosSWORD says:

I thought the title says $10 Signature Case. Lul..

GadgetGamerTV says:

Who else saw $10 instead of S10

LowCraz Gaming says:

i thought the “S” in the S10 was a “$” sign.

Mughaho Chishi says:

The thumbnail made me assume that this was $10.

Segen says:

Best looking pile of shit ever!

Dennis Zurlinden says:

for 200$ it would be okay but 499$? nope

xs3tsunax says:

this come out 2 years ago and already outdated and overpriced lol

Paul Choh says:

Get the Cooler Master Mastercase Pro 5!! Though, the stock window panel is plastic, you can purchase the tempered-glass panel on CM’s site (which I will be doing). Plus, it’s only $125 on Amazon!

Purchase Link:

刘洪鑫 says:


Neil Bertram says:

Yup. Not impressed with this one. Too fancy on the outside. Too many compromises on the inside. Ridiculous price.

Wake me up inside Cant Wake Up Inside says:


how about mini itx?

Shinji D says:

I could get a phone for this price! And 499 for this crap? Whos gonna pay for that?!

DungeonDeckMaster says:

at this price point I’d save extra for the enthoo elite… though the thumbnail said 10 dollars like other viewers and was like you’re judging to hard on this case then I clicked to go buy one and was like “nope, I see why u were judging this ten dollar crap show so harshly”

sAnJ Da gAmE 009 says:

Like it or not, My EVGA DG 87 is way better..

Jip De vries says:

Expensive plastic

Hugo says:

Fuck you dimitri I thought it was $10

Scott keomany says:

I read the as ” Antec $10 Signature case Review” silly me.

OiCCaboose says:

Not worth it. For that price…I’ve just seen better. And at that price I expect (personally) a PSU shroud…

Sabeel M says:

Anyone know of any good looking windowed or tempered glass cases with optical drive bays? I’m struggling to find one

Black Man says:

and I thought this case was $10

Aaron Michael says:

man for 500$? keep your glass and dump the price about 400$ then maybe. Ahh Antec…why have you forsaken me! Been using Antec cases forever…now I’m with NZXT.

caine newman says:

what’s the best mid tower case for up to about £100?

Dennis Garvey says:

I looked at the thumbnail and thought it said $ 10 LOL

CoryZuber says:

i clicked on the video thinking it said $10 not S10 haha

TheWillIamLee87 says:

red asus gpu? what one is that?

Brett Scanlon says:

What a piece of crap, and at $499, anyone that purchases this needs there head examined.

aa311 says:

the price tag though

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