A Gaming Case From 2011…How Terrible Is It?

Older PC cases were odd things but how good are they for today’s components? We’re about to find out with an computer case we bought that was originally released in 2011. In some ways it is horribly outdated but there’s also some features we WISH would make a comeback in newer designs.

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therollingminecart kennedys says:

” more case handle has to have a hancanboth” -Dimitri 2018

Pierre Lourens says:

wow i had this one.who else had this case?

Antonio U. Carrillo says:

“disgusting gloss”… disgusting dust! clean that sh!t

Marcus60661 says:

Yes sidepanel fans is something i kind of miss on my old case.
Had 2x white 120mm fans on a case ages ago with white cold cathode lighting up the inside of the case, looked great in the night honestly.

c0ldwar says:

I had this in 2013.. 😀

AM Motorsport says:

This thing is better than A LOT of sub-$100 cases from 2017 and 2018. PARTICULARLY the CoolerMaster cases.
CABLE GROMMETS, removable drive cage, multi-colored interior, rear ssd bracket, giant motherboard cut out, etc!

F.A.I says:

I wish you compared an antec p180 instead.

JayceStardasher says:

Back when water cooling support was just two holes in the back. lol

Denver Starkey says:

cases today are all boring , neverly every one is following the same internal design , with no outward flare either.

FoxFi Steamer says:

why this person look like that person in infinity war that in love with thanos daughter’s ?

TheOneAndOnlySame says:

2011 = blast from the past? If you’re 15, yeah, ok.

Dr ShadySheep says:

Weren’t a lot of early pump/reservoirs made to take like 3 of the top HDD spots for the flip open panels that most of those cases featured?

Doug Sholly says:

Is it only me that couldn’t give a damn less how my case looks? I really only care how it performs. Honestly, I cringe when they say ‘cable management’, as if ‘good’ cable management, which only serves in an aesthetic capacity over ‘decent’ cable management, is paramount.

My rig sits under my desk where it can’t really be seen, and performs quite well. If good cable management gets you off, more power to you, but I couldn’t care less.

sibiris says:

This is lightyears more advanced than the stuff I have.

Some Irish Guy says:

To be fair, it looks sexy AF

follow rallo says:

So much potential!

RenaNina says:

the most impressive thing about the case to me personally is that it actually had usb 3.0 ports. I didn’t knew 3.0 was popular enough back then or even knew it existed when I was that young I guess.

Ryuuji Takasu says:

Lucky you. The only case on Ebay at the moment costs 108 Euros

Gavin Whiteley says:

2011? I had a 2006 Alienware Area 51 that was an absolute U N I T

Daryl714 says:

cases in 2011 are for 11 year olds and cases in 2018 are for 18 year olds.

Shaun Kish says:

I still would use 4 drive bays, AND the sata port in the front. I have 3 Bluray drives and a storage drawer for thumb drives, and some headphone cables in it. I rip my movies, and I buy A LOT of movies, for my NAS so I need to have multiple drives. Have you ripped a bluray? it takes 20-30 minutes per movie, and if I get a series, I want to rip them at the same time. 3 X 30 minutes is a long time to wait, or I can do three at a time you know?

BeastPlayer says:

For some reason i get you mixed up with Chris Prat

millgiass says:

Aw, but I WANT optical drives. Blue ray burning/dvd burning. I also use those sockets for card readers and stuff.

jackthegamer says:

the funniest thing now is that most of the cases of today…..look all the same even tho they try to look different, like they don’t thing to make the case physicly different like shorter in depth as you don’t need those dvd readers anymore and also the general look,
i like minimalist but this ist just boring

SgtPickledic says:

2:27 Bro….. Clean your Computer. OMG

Albert C. says:

I like the jet engine things on the bottom…

Riley McCracken says:

soon enough people will be saying that about your case lmao

GuruKiwi says:

I still use my Cooler Master HAF 932.

Aquina Media says:

Priorities… 😀 😀 😀
“Meshify C have disgusting gloss on the interior panel”

Whole front covered in dust and the gloss is your main problem?! 😛

millgiass says:

I like gloss better than matte.

Evan Wong says:

i wanna see you reviewm first case th original cm cosmos

CTLF says:

i chose that case for my first proper pc

Adrian Chmielewski says:

my case have 4 150 mm 1500 rpm fans but my motherboard can’t run anyone of them xD (only 2 pins that was needed for dual-fan spartan) When you have atx but feels like micro atx xD

Mi Chaś says:

why are u talking about 2011 like it was in the 80’s xD 2011 is not that far from present :d

Shane Kelly says:

Really wish this video started like the one from seven years ago

ReZ says:

your meshify c is disgusting.

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