A Case NOT Suitable for Air Cooling? Lian Li O11 AIR

One of this year’s most-anticipated cases is Lian Li’s PC-O11 AIR, a great looking chassis that’s supposed to be optimized for air cooling. But is it? Our testing finds some issues with Lian Li’s claims despite this being an amazing home for your PC gaming components.

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ky sputnik says:

Put spacers on the side to raise the tempered glass a little. There will be a gap but with positive airflow wont be a problen.

EumlOriginal says:

Noctua … no ! NB eLoop !

Remi Payeur says:

Damn why all beautiful cases are too big??? God damn where are Matx cases with front fans with tempered glass? Aside the new phatheks mettaligear neo-g that are still not available, there are no cases available …. 🙁 I want a 15″*15″ x8 case….

MustangFishing says:

You should try the be quiet dark rock tf cpu cooler. Its is a beast for cooling. My 6600k is running at 4.8ghz and doesn’t go over 54c under heavy loads

Alexander Radev says:

Damn I was so looking forward to putting the Dark rock pro 4 into the Dynamic case. Good thing iwatched this video lol OO. How did Roman not think of that? Well ether now I have to get the Dark rock TF or go with the original plan and wait for the Phanteks EVOLV X to release.

Korey Mayo says:

Those noctua fans you used for testing don’t have strong air flow. Try silenx fans or b gears.

Notva GG says:

pretty shity case… its look like gremma old radiator, and aircooling limitation whith that size? no ths….

Greg Harder says:

I realize I might be crazy, but I was really hoping to see this outfitted with 14 fans in this test. That’s what makes this case fairly unique. I guess I’ll never know…

Mark Gomzalez says:

I would of went with black Noctua fans instead of the ugly tan and brown …..

Xc3lzioR says:

I was so interested in this case but the cpu cooler height is just messed up… I can’t use my current cpu (Ryzen 1600x) cooler (Cryorig H5 ultimate) so I was thinking about the Cryorig H7 – I am so glad that you tested the case with it since I was afraid it would be an inadequate solution. The only beefy air cooler I could find under 155 mm for this case is the Thermalright MACHO 120 REV. A if the specs on their website are right… My disappointment is immeasurable

W0lfie91 says:

are you planning on doing something similar with this as you did with the dynamic? meaning do you plan on trying out all possible fan configurations inside this case and populating all the spots with fans? i would love to see that video! since i’m in the market for a new case and this, the dynamic and the not yet released Evolv X from phanteks is on the top of my list.

TAG says:

Nope… nope.. looks stupid

Vincent Tuminello says:

My first PC build was in an Air 540 and this case from Lian Li seems like an attempt at refining and honoring that design decision by Corsair. I would say though, youre probably just better off going with Corsair’s Air 740 which might not look as elegant but can fit any air cooler you want. My latest build is in an Thermaltake View 71, love this case, fantastic for water cooling.

Fendisaoming says:

I absolutely love this case. Getting a water cooling fan and GPU. 240 CPU radiator and 120 GPU both going on the side exhaust.

Neil Bertram says:

I was really looking forward to this case. Gotta say I’m a little bummed.

SiD996 says:

Shit i am so glad i watched this ! just ordered the other version of this, the one with the glass front cuz its bootifull but my noctua air cooler wudnt fit and i HATE AIOs 🙁 ah well back to the drawing board 🙁

Lucas Poole says:

What the hell do you mean Ultimate airflow machine. It’s a half assed job, it’s not even close to being finished. You put more fans into the dynamic case than the airflow case, why wouldn’t you put as many fans in there as possible?

definitionz says:

I’m very happy with my Lian Li 011 Dynamic. Lucky I didn’t wait for this air version

s8wc3 says:

my $70 Bitfenix Shinobi from 2011 can hold a D14. Kek

Tsuni N says:

Please get a new GPU for cosmetics considering you’re testing a “air flow “case but using a blower style gpu

Daniel Hentschel says:

Hey Dimitri,

do you take a look at Scythe Fuma? It’s a strong cooler and only 149mm height 😉 Nice video by the way 🙂

John Doe says:

Swing and a miss. Went for a Corsair Carbide 600Q instead – zero regrets

Jan Freitag says:

Is there getting an gtx 1080ti evga ftw3 in

Svenn says:

Not impressed with this case..almost feels like the CM H500P fiasco. Apart from hearing it’s a dust magnet, coolers don’t fit and as another user pointed out it’s not designed for air cooling.. but natural air flow.. dam.

Another flop from another case manufacturer, looks like they went about the design without building in it.. enough with the hype.

Jonathan Sun says:

Can you do a review of that Deepcool Castle cooler at the back?

garbis robert says:

If TOP panel were like NZXT H700i, then this case wins the nobel price. But, with top panel opened, dust will accumulate inside the case. And one more question for using filter on top panel : Since when exhausting air outside the case must be filtered before got out ??
Rest is ok. Too bad they did not take into consideration using the recommandation for top panel sent by users.

ErgonomicChair says:

Actually I find Cougar better than noctua.

Da Fuq says:

Or just use a top-flow CPU cooler 😉

Viilutaja says:

AIR case my ass! What a blunder from Lian-LI! :S Definitely not the same quality and practicality ass their cases years ago…

Ajay Patel says:

You said you had a Vertical GPU mount for this Case. Are you going to make a video on that?

ZinoAmare says:

Well I’m interested in this case for customloop.

Bio Flame says:

Screw the case man, look at all of that stuff in the background…

SortOfGrim 1 says:

‘Tiny’ enclosure..rrright.

Shawn Heerema says:

I want Fractal Design Focus Air

Chairon DeCeleste says:

Happens when you shrink the stock PC-O11 with the focus on watercooling and then work with the result, the smaller pc-O11 Dynamic as a base for “optimized” air cooling inside a transport box for cats.
(Insert your favorite face palm gif here).

HardwareCanucks says:

*UPDATE 02/08/2018 – After measuring the cooler (Pure Rock) outside of the case, it is in fact 155mm as be quiet! advertise. We recommend a CPU tower below 150mm in height to avoid clearance issues as the spec provided by Lian Li may not suite all 155mm tall coolers.

Sunny Sunshine says:

Thanks Dimitri, great review, great video and great help!

Omar Garcia says:

I wanted this so bad, but since it took so long to ship I settled for a Meshify-C and glad I did… Airflow and temps are great. Suffers from the same CPU Clearance limitation, but runs a lot lower temps than this case anyways no matter the CPU Cooler used. I got it right for once (P500/Mesh)..lol Cons: Meshify-C is very compact, a bit cramped to build. Got it on White (Amazon).. if you are on the fence between the two.. go for Meshify-C (Not mini.. Meshify-C is already small). EDIT: If you want this really bad, then go for Dynamic instead if you’re not bothered by water cooling hassles. I got the Dynamic for a client build. Meshify-C and Dynamic are the best looking cases for cheap this year, both best in class for what it’s made for.

Intrepidation says:

Airflow “focused” case that can’t accommodate air coolers = failure.

Jonathan Muniz says:

Very unfortunate regarding the cooler tower height limitations. I was also excited for this case but can no longer consider it for air cooling.

ravengr2000 says:

Try the MACHO 120 REV. A , or the ARO-M14 From Thermalright . The Scythe Ninja 5 is an option too. All premium air coolers!

EncodeR says:

How far into the video does the fucking plant pot make an appearance?

Taro Go says:

Thank you for this review. I was about to order this from abroad (as this is not available in my country) and pay all the charges which almost doubles the retail price. The effort would have been a disappointment.
Thanks again. 🙂

Viktor Y. says:

where is HWC / Boot Sequence INTERNATIONAL Giveaway results?


This case is a classic example of the absolute FAILURE of trying to have two versions of the same product with radically different requirements. An all airflow system requires a good CPU cooler – and those don’t fit. Without it, no amount of fans is going to do jack for your CPU temps. The Dynamic has superior visuals in every respect and decent airflow. The included fans don’t look like that great of an addition, especially with the price point.

Greg Harder says:

So many A12x25….*drooool*

Tapas Ghosh says:

nice case I ilke it

BlueFox says:

A chunky case with no heatsink room.. Yaaaaay

A. A says:

I bought the case without even thinking about CPU cooler clearance, bad choice. My noctua is just sitting in the box. Now I’m using an AIO which is NOT why I bought the case. I bought it for airflow and can’t even use premium air CPU cooler! Stay away from this one, guys

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