Will The AMD Ryzen Threadripper Dethrone Intel’s i9 CPUs?

Is AMD’s Threadripper The Intel Killer?

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DAGATHire says:

This implies intel have some sort of throne… which they don’t. they have been roundly kicked up and down the tech street since they launched the i9s. The only throne they are sporting at the moment is a dunce hat.

Corvette Dude says:

IBM’s new Power9 CPU has 24 cores and 8 threads per core.

Mister Mink says:

I am doing mostly gaming and editing. Should I get threadripper or i7 7700k?

M E says:

Ryzen Threadripper 1920X, RIZEN 9 NAME MIGHT GET STUCK

Σά ββας says:

26th of july is my birthday:D

John David Miller says:

I’ll give it a month. If it is doing like is said, I’ll be retiring my 3930K without switching to the E5-2697 v2.

M&M Andrew says:

Intel will probably do the bribery things again like they did before with the OEMs.

PinkasBrown44 says:

2:29-2:34 LOL that was unexpected

Stephen McAllister says:

i5 4690k with gtx 970. upgrading to threadripper/vega

Sean S says:

i dont like the idea of spending that kind of dough but I will be watching the test results.

Brett Culley says:

whats wrong with people, i do flight simming and bought a ryzen 1700 and it works fine, the forums i go to spend all my time must be rich, all they want is intel, after intel gaulging for years, i decided to quit using them no matter how bad amd is.

Seofthwa says:

If the performance and price hold true, AMD is going to light a fire and crush it. People are really about value whether it is home or enterprise. Very hard for a person to justify the Intel prices and I think they are going to be worried by AMD’s new offerings.

Todd Hayslett says:

Intel is raising prices just as the new AMD chips come out????????This seems backwards as hell.

Scientiae Magicae says:

i9 cpus are garbage compared to the ryzen threadrippers. 64 lanes of pcie bitch.

Trevor Renkevens says:

Its ryzen 9. Get over it

Oliver Kurzweg says:

I am really curious how it will go from here.

We will get a “7nm” Zen+ rather soon (compared to the slow progress in the last 5 years). I wonder if it will be more of a die shrink or if they will improve all kinds of different things on it. Like latency, cache, branch prediction and whatnot.

Also it will be interesting to see if they stick to their 8-core dies or if they will make them bigger. A third CCX could be a reasonable step. 12 cores per die. With 16 cores they might get diminishing returns on the yield.

Would also be interesting to see if they will put future Epyc CPUs on an interposer package with some HBM L4 or something.
That could improve the latencies a lot.

Ceremco says:

Overclocking on multiple DIEs seem like a drag though imo it’s like silicon lottery x4 and you’re stuck with the worst one (i’d imagine). But threadripper will give amazing performance for such a low cost, I’d actually buy one like TR 1920x is amazing for its price 700-800$€£ performing better/same as Intels 1000+$€£ CPU’s with less pci-e lanes

zzZBrapZzz says:

oh boi oh boi i can’t wait to see dem faces

Your Highness says:

Amd Masterace

GamingTechReview says:

RIP Intel, Looks like it will join the core i3’s grave.

Jeffery says:

Short answer: Yes

Hamdi Zeddini says:

Do you have a problem with your fingers ?

faizal k says:

okay, let’s just face it now.

MikusLove Soul says:

If amd has a processor near 1k dollars it’s gotta be fast af.

Estlib Anon says:

intel has been dethroned by amd several times in the past (opteron, athlon, first to 64 bit)

Kezo lastname says:

Was gonna build a ryzen 7 1800 system, now, I’m going with the RyzenTR!

NeonVisual says:

The USS Enterprise computer core is based on Threadripper.

Larry Snyder says:

Damn! I wish I could’ve subscribed twice. Nicely said.

Sam Borton says:

Better title, “How bad will AMD Ryzen Threadripper destroy Intel’s 19 CPUs?”

16 Cores, 32 Threads, 3.4/4.0Ghz, for $999.99

10 Cores, 20 Threads, 3.0/4.3Ghz, for 1,649.99.

Intel, know when you’ve been beat, and own the fact that you can’t win this with the overprices, under performing i9 crap show. Stop trying to pretend you’re the only market out there and accept the fact that you got caught in your own bullcrap with your pants down. Rushing a garbage product for 165% of the price that doesnt even come close to the competition is dirty and just soils your great name.

So my question to not only our boy tech of tomorrow, but all you commenters, is how should Intel deal with this? I want to know any and all of your thoughts on this whole Red v. Blue situation.

Kamping 357 says:

Threadripper will rip intel a new asshole…love it!

M&M Andrew says:

This will keep OEMS from using AMD.


You’re a piece of shit, fucking bald dumbass.

Simon Kolobanov says:

your latest videos are getting better and better +1

derp derp says:

they beat intel now… how about thecgraphics division?.. nvidia is still chillin.

Uchiha Madara says:

Waiting on the review and the results over the Benchmark song cant wait to check this one out!

xXSilentAgent47Xx says:

Imagine rendering the 1h video on this… With 16 core it’d definitely finish for less than 15/10/5 min. I’ve seen the 8 core finishing the 1h video for 23/27 min.

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