What is the Best CPU For Gaming?

Here we compare 4 different CPUs, at 4 different price points and see what processor is best for Gaming.

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More info on the Intel Core i7 5820k:

More info on the Intel Core i5 4690k

More info on the AMD FX 8320:

More info on the AMD 5350:

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suffurals says:

you got 2 bad AMD CPU and good Intel’s. i dont like that D:

Alfaomegabravo says:

If you play simulation or strategy like ashes of singularity, anno or supreme commander then you really need a good CPU. All the games shown were much more reliant on the graphics card.

But this video shows you dont need a top of the line CPU for most gamers. 150 bucks seems sufficient.


i have amd a4 6300 and gtx 1050 sc 2gb and 8 gb ram can i game at 1080p and what fps can i get

cassius969 says:

This is pointless. For the same money of an fx-8350 you can get like an i5 that performs as good and costs as much and have the option to upgrade to the fastest you can plop on the 1150.

nob666dy says:

amd 5350 ftw

Shahzaib Ahmed qureshi says:

which is best chip for gaming

Orexx says:

i run a AMD Radeon xD it sucked

Zach Campbell says:

So what else do you do to your computer? my i7 processor on maximum settings on world of warcraft gets like 6 fps, and on the lowest settings gets around 50 to 60

Fyre says:

Intel i5 is HORRIFIC for gaming, i own one myself, it sucks and I don’t recommend it.

TL M says:

Vulkan vs DX12? Software performance is just as important as hardware.

PieLore says:

but can any of these play minecraft at fancy?

GSynCH says:

video editing+gaming+cool+Multitask = Intel
gaming+heat+budget most ppl = AMD

Cube_Splitter says:

He said 8350 not 8320

Magnavox _ says:

please make a 2017 version

Min Lungelow says:

May I ask why you didn’t compare similarly priced CPUs from both manufacturers?

xristos ziar says:

The best CPU for gaming is Ryzen 7.

Blaxdes says:


DRUMM3RJ4S0N says:

get an i7 7700k for $100 less.

cassius969 says:

Now benchmark it against an intel cpu that costs the same as the amd cpu.

Felix Pages says:

dude, I came to the video expecting to be told which one to get because it’s the best, which you definitely could have concluded on your own if you had decided to think for a second. Instead you ended it with a statement that literally says nothing.

randombot p says:

f u c k y o u n e r d

sishui krusaki says:

well seems like intel i7 is better in gaming but there is not a big defference betwen the 3 its juste money rekt

Fred says:

would you recommand the Intel Core i5-6400 for gaming?

Quafity says:

7:19 Shadow of morder XDDDD

sergio salvador says:

Hi there! Great video! Well, can i aks you a question? I’m running 2 hd 7970 on crossfire with phenom 2 x6 1090T, 12gb of RAM and i’m getting lower fps than you got using the amd 5350, which is a “weaker” cpu. Do you have any idea what could be bottlenecking my system so much? Thanks in advance!

WORLDSTAR 35 says:

i dont even what is core shits!

Larry Monske says:

Black edtion CPU is fast as hell.

Michael Novak says:

someone help I cant get a straight answer out of anyone? I want to run arma 3 in all its glory 60 fps 4kI recently bought a readon 580 8 GB.

so what motherboard processor should I purchase. I love these new motherboards with wireless internet!

ArcanePath360 says:

Thanks, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for all night.

Josiah Joel says:

what’s a good mother board for the fx my budget is 120

Lisa Adler says:

Half the video is about power consumption which no one cares about and since the power supply will stay at the same wattage anyway it literally makes no difference and is just a gimmick of cpu manufacturers.

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