Trying AMD Ryzen

The AMD Ryzen 7 CPU is (almost) here: now with 100% less info to get me in trouble.
AMD Ryzen on Amazon:
Does PC Size Matter?
At the AMD Ryzen Tech Day 2017 I got a hands on review and early benchmarks of the new AMD Ryzen 7 1700, Ryzen 7 1700X and Ryzen 7 1800X 8 core processors for gaming PC and Windows editing computers.



Ben Dover says:

I just built my first PC. Can i run Minesweeper at 69420p 666FPS?
CPU: Intel Core Potato Chip (unsalted edition) @1945GHz (Nein cores, Heil threads)
GPU: GTX Hashbrown
Motherboard: Potato (unbranded(
RAM: MC-Donalds French Fries DDR69
SSD:Intel Tater Tots (PCIe)
HDD: WD Brown Tater Tots
PSU: Duracell battery
Case: A bag of lays
Fan: Half a potato
i used mashed potato as thermal paste btw.
OS: Windows Potato Pro Edition

Love Kush says:

AMD remove the integrated graphics in Ryzen and reduce price — what special ?

MazarfakarAllex says:

will ryzen 1600 bottleneck a 1080?

moochy the cat says:

I just kicked Intel fan boy butt with my Ryzen.

Alex1313 O says:

Is that Paul from Paul’s Hardware channel at min 1:51??!!

Rea per says:

what type of the fan with red led in the white case at 0:07 …i cant find it anywhere 🙁

DW Gaming says:

Penis hurt console peasants

Parth Shukla says:

congrats for 2 million subs

Oppai L0rd says:

Case name at 0:25

Nowah Motionless says:

holy fuck

Brett Masters says:

har har photo bomed linus nice lol

Aminity Gaming says:

why is the 1800x more than $500 rn 🙁 i really want it but im not paying at the least of $570 for a processor

Germanunboxings says:

fuck you! MF!

Blacksprut says:

Ok can someone help me that got some knowledge about gaming pc’s. Can someone tip me a really good gaming pc for 1500 to 2000 that can run all the big games without any lag. And im not talking like ark survival evolved on epic settings. Would be awesome if it could lol. And is there a rlly big difference if i build it or buy it completete from ex origin / ibuypower or these sites? Cause i have never built one before and im scared to try since its about expensive stuff so yeah.

Joe Rohm says:

holy shit austin, i had no idea you had 2m subs lol

Hussein Khateeb says:

what are the name of this case 0:25

rehman arshad says:

What is AMD Vega????

Kosaki Chanz says:

anybody now what the pc case they are using?

tech limbo says:

they all there at the same day/time,linus,bitwit,paul,etc..noice.

Unlocked Dreams says:

But can it Run Crysis?

Muhammad Ali says:

“really cool totally normal graphics card” lol

waqar khan says:

2:24 intel core i7 processor?

Weirdo says:

I want a PC so badly. All I have is an Alienware laptop lmao.

Abdul Akram says:

you got linus from behind! 😉

Szarath kumar says:

i7 7700k vs ryzen 1700 which is better for programming

james P says:

Awesome….. now I can use my Microsoft Word so much quicker….. pass

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