Top 5 Best CPUs November 2018, AMD Prices Intel Out of The Game!

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AMD Ryzen 3 2200G:
AMD Ryzen 5 2600:
AMD Ryzen 7 2700:
AMD Threadripper 1950X:
AMD Threadripper 2950X:
Intel Core i7-8700K:
Intel Core i9-9900K:

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Top 5 Best CPUs November 2018, AMD Prices Intel Out of The Game!

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TheGamingAviator says:

hey guys would you say the asus tuff series board for b450 is ok.? Tried to get msi but out of stock for now.

turbofanlover says:

I just don’t trust AMD yet……..especially for CPU’s. Yeah, they are certainly cheaper than Intel, at the moment (not that much though in my neck of the woods)…….but it’s still too much money to risk, IMO. I would still prefer to pay premium prices for an Intel CPU. The fact that I’m predominantly a gamer makes that decision even easier. Perhaps for my next build I’ll be willing to give AMD a shot. We shall see.

vmreviews says:

At-last, glad to see ryzen 2700 in the recommended list. It’s a great cpu with good cooler and easily matches 2700x, after OC !

L Roberts says:

How does the 1st gen TR 1900X stand up to the 9900k? They are in the same price range with the TR actually being a little cheaper with quad channel memory support

Derek Hague says:

I’ll take my 9900k 5.2 @1.32 all day!

Luka Šoštarić says:

Great video! 🙂 Thanks.

tonkatoytruck says:

Not sure why, but I really liked this overview. And now that Intel is abandoning its gaming community in favor of the business market, I would buy AMD just out of principal. I went for the R5 2400G in a MSI B450M Mortar and a couple of 8MB sticks of Team Force Dark Pro Samsung B die memory. Cinebench 15 = 870 and climbing @ 3200MHz. P.S. I guess everyone now knows where the GPU funds went. Never thought I would ever build a computer that I spent more on the memory than the CPU.

Rad says:

I’d say that 9700k makes more sense over 8700k.. only costs a bit more in my country 🙂 ordered mine with z390 aorus elite and liquid cooling

Paul Hamilton says:

I disagree slightly with the 2700x vs 2700 as the cost difference can easily be made up by selling the stock cooler if you want a different one. On eBay right now you can sell it for 30-40 USD to offset the difference. Though granted this is just an extra step for the buyer and more of a hassle.

MohondhaY says:

My 2700X handles every thing I throw at it flawlessly! Gaming, video rendering, photo editing, multitasking and all that for a much reasonable price! Saved hundreds of dollars with Ryzen. I find no reason to go with intel.

Pierré Grobbelaar says:

I agree with the 2600 being the best value.I love mine but one thing to note….gosh the stock cooler is crap.I am waiting on my water cooler(didn’t plan to get one)but… cpu goes up to 82c with the stock cooler.

Rob says:

But the future refused to change.

To my chrono trigger fans.

Anmol Agrawal says:

is it only me or the video quality is better in this video

Exige722 says:

Just picked up a 1950x for $400 on Ebay brand new. Black Friday deal though haha.

Wavetrex Infinity says:

No word on R7 1700 ? It’s almost as cheap as 2600 right now while having 2 extra cores. I would pick it as the best value in Productivity, ahead of 2700. Of course the new gen is faster, but it’s not 50% faster, which is how much more expensive 2700 is compared to 1700.

I just built myself a new video encoding/rendering machine for cheap, the total cost of Mobo+R7 1700 CPU+Memory was 400 Eur, it’s amazing how much CPU power can be had today for so little money. Just 2.5 years ago I paid the same amount ONLY on the CPU… a quad core Intel. Auch !

iCoronel says:

9700k for gaming??

SuperCapuka says:

Steve I don’t need a cpu for rendering or adobe work, I want a cpu for gaming and to be able to play in 4K over 122hz/FPS in the next two years, m I right to go for the i7 8700k? Or at those framerates I do need to wait for the generation pos RTX 20 series? Thanks for the video, real value information

standuporshutup says:

I would say 9700k almost makes sense over the 8700k. It’s $409 on amazon, so it’s about where the 8700k first was at launch. But with 8700k now for $360ish on some sites it’s definitely a better buy.

Hiv Aidz says:

Who clicked because they saw a socket 775 chip in the thumbnail?

I’m disappointed no 775s were here.

Don't Just Stare At It says:

Just bought 2700 for $250. Was gonna buy 2700x for $290 on amazon but sold out right before I was going to buy it. Was debating it for a few hours, waited too long. Oh well.

Haider G99 says:


Ivan Morise Atienza says:

9:19 that’s a lotta 8700k!

Stalast says:

When you try to say “9900K”, you often mumble it and say “900K” and sometimes it even sounds like “1900K”. It’s doing my head in! Is it the sleep deprivation? Regardless, love these videos, thank you.

j Foor says:

1950X @ $479.99 @ Micro Center.

Thy Liberator says:

this channel is better than linus tech tips

Steve F says:

FYI Microcenter has the Ryzen 7 1700X for $129 now. Just picked one up.

Shivanshu Aggarwal says:

How about ryzen 3 1200 for $80.

SuperCapuka says:

I want the 8700k so bad but my stable fx 9530 is still a beast for what I like 1080p gaming. I’m holding onto my cash until the dust settles, I would love to wait for the next gen ryzen 7 that will compete with the i7 8700k. Intel is under supplying the market to keep high prices but the stocks of tech companies are taking a hit, at the same time we broke the £1000 for new gear like phones, cpu and gpu a long due kick in their balls for taking a piss, if the gaming community held onto their money for 6 months right now the i7 8700k, gtx 1080ti and the RTX 2080 and 2080ti would have been in the £300/600 price bracket.

Jo Mo Orpa says:

I need help…
Option 1:
Mobo – asus xi formula
Cpu – i7 8700k

Option 2:
Mobo – asus rog strix x399
Cpu – ryzen threadripper 1950x

Just video games…..

Mi build
Psu – corsair hx850i platinum
Cooler – kraken x62
Gpu – x2 asus strix 1080 8gb
Ssd – Samsung evo 500gb
Samsung 960 evo 250 gb
Hdd – 2 tb
Ram – 32 gb gskill ridentz ddr4 3200

Shpinga let says:

Great rating, thanks! Keep it up in the future!

P ear says:

WTF..Is my math wrong? There’s basically a$70 difference between the base price for the R5 2600 vs 2600x. & That’s before discount. And the 2700 vs. 2700x is only about $30. WTF!!! I guess I’ll get 2600. I wanted a X, but I’m not paying that.

alexindonesia says:

I play R6 Siege most of the time, and I want to use my new PC mostly to play it. I want to get the most experience from this game by building this new PC and buying the new monitor(I prefer small screen). I play this game with PS4 on 4k LED 55 inch TV 60hz. I want to use a keyboard from now on not a controller stick. What is my best and smart system to choose?

John Doe says:

Quick question – which motherboard supports the new 7nm AMD 3rd gen cpus ? due to come out next year? (X470/B450?)

snownight7 says:

8700k best gaming cpu when the 9700k is out. Makes sense, go for old technology I guess.

kaiserped says:

Same thought. I’ll go for Ryzen 7 2700 for my next build.

Marcin Grochowski says:

What better to davinci resolve AMD 2950x or intel 7960x?

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