Threadripper 1950X vs i9 7900X Benchmarks! $1000 CPU BATTLE!

Threadripper 1950X vs i9 7900X Benchmarks! $1000 CPU BATTLE!
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Ghettochild_2600 says:

Hmm… To switch from my 7700k and purchase 3 more 1080ti’s for quad sli or not to switch… Seriously though, that’s a nice jump in pci lanes.

RGHxFTW says:

Was I the only one to notice 2016 on the threadripper ihs

Sleepynaut says:


wolvie45 says:

What’s wrong with Thermaltake AIO Cooler? Because both Jay and Paul won’t use it


Im sorry to say this paul but………….. YOU HAVE BUG EYES!

Doug Lazamar says:

how many wattd did he say, fk its approaching space heater wattages, just use your pc keep warm in wintert

idan124 says:

tht size differences tho

Marc De La Rosa says:

i love you

- M1StakeS says:

Amd has ryzen

Wanderson Fantoni Junior says:

nice video man!!! a question…what is your camera…you use to rec this video to youtube?!

Manan Rami says:

amd sucks

Soulkeeper says:

dit you get the ddr4 ram run on 3200 ? or 3000 ? becaus i have the same and can only get to 3000

travis weeks says:

AMD sucks garbage rubbish it sucks

Nagy Janos Florian says:

It was made in 2016???

TheOriginalCoda says:

Aysoos? Toe-sheeba? Say-ta? —- is this the standard pronunciation in Canada?

Sarge says:

comparing a 16 core to a 10 core is good for shizz n giggles. But nothing meaningful can be derived from it.

Clashwith Ak7 says:


NassguI says:



All those years I kept on asking myself: why don’t they simply make CPUs bigger in order to increase their power. And then I saw Ryzen.

hi there says:

why is intel using a X stick with k amd envy

Quinn351SVT says:

For Strictly Gaming : INTEL i7
For MultiTask Workstations : AMD Threadripper
Best of Both Worlds : INTEL i7
For Serious Gaming : INTEL i7
Cheaper to build : INTEL i7
Parts Availability and Customization : INTEL i7
Lifecycle and Support : INTEL i7
Winner : INTEL i7

Nader Sleiman says:

I am a game & hacks developer, and in my eyes, for my needs, i7900X is the choice although it has less cores than both TRs (10 cores) each core has a significantly higher performance (check benchmarks and OC), and from an experienced programmer point of view, there are hell lots more of applications that are highly focused on single core for the most tasks rather than multi-threading, which vouches for i7900X.

For gaming AMD definitely still lags behind i7900x based on all kinds of benchmarks, sometimes with a whopping 30 FPS difference, however, most of those are benchmarked on OpenGl/D3D , on Vulkan the architecture differs a bit and they are almost performing the same, but its not common to find a Vulkan based game.

Concerning heating, i7900x heats up a little less since it has less cores and they are same CPU, while AMD’s architecture just glues up two cpus and merges their outcome, which explains more PCI lanes as well as more L3 Cache.

The only thing that annoys me with intel i7900x is the cheap thermal interface they are using which acts like a double ended isolator and prevents some cooling from kicking in, also the board x299 is rushed, so you need a pretty damn cooling system
perhaps from ekwb.

Conclusion after intensive research:
1) If you are just in for gaming, then skip all new architectures and go for 7700k or 6900k if you can afford, they are both great with 6900k higher performance specially for gaming due to the old bus ring architecture in broadwell which is faster.

2)if you have big work loads, it will depend on the type of work load you have, if you create content , use lots of vms, compile code, etc.. , then google the programs you are running and check whether it leans to single or multi-threading tasking, for single threading, go i7900x , otherwise investigate how many cores it utilizes and so, if it utilizes more than 10 then you might want to go threadripper, otherwise still stick to i7900x.

Corey Novak says:

AMD is the champion

idan124 says:

7700k and dont make my mistake going with amd and unsatisfied intel its quality for sure

Charlie Smythe says:

What i don’t understand is the people in the comments talking about/comparing these CPU’s. Thousands of people comment on this video comparing these CPU’s, however most likely less than 1% of commentators can actually afford a $1000 CPU and less than that actually have a practical use for them.

Axel Alexson says:

I’d love to be “that guy” that points it out but. Threadripper has 2 CPU dies 2 are just spaces and have nothing on them at all (not bad chips, not lasered, fully blank).

El McFrolicker says:

I am not a computer savvy person. But I like to stay abreast of the trends and not keep my head in the sand. So I watch these videos.

I see all this from the perspective that 2017 CPUs are apparently far better than what the top end computers had 5 years ago and that in 2022 these new CPUs will be old and affordable to anyone that wants to build a inexpensive rig.

I do see pushing the CPUs as an interesting hobby for some, but I have other interest.

I wish somebody would resurrect the game “Puzzle Moppet.” My kid loves it, but after 23 levels it just ends.

My main computer task is to play FreeCell in GNU/Linux distro. I wish someone would update that Solitaire game. It is so 2010.

I look forward to seeing new CPU videos. I would be content with a 8 core 5.2 GHz chip with 2 GB of cache that is the size of an Intel Atom.

Nathan Singtong says:


Choice777 says:

all the video editing and rendering benchmarks are they really relevant since people would use the gpu anyway ?

Yosef Elgart says:

can you test watch dogs 2

Mátyás Fekete says:

7900>1950 thus i9-7900x is better than the Threadripper.

Chase H. says:

extremely stupid shirt

hi there says:

benchmarks are irrelevant intel just mad they ant hang along with all the losers that bought the overrated intel …….

Juneao Alfred says:


Angel Gutiérrez says:

intel > amd

nicolas 123 says:

At leat amd is doing it really good at cpu but gpu…

Meltdown says:

funny that intel have like half core of the amd hahahahahaha 😀

Alexander Sarojz says:

Dude looks good yah…..wait….”….two out of the four cores are NON FUNCTIONAL…? Did I hear that right?


AMD is the best cpu’s & GPU’S IN the world.

Babu says:

So,in conclusion buying a AMD THREADRIPPER nowreally secures us when we finally move on to 8K and above resolution in Gaming,SHD Movies and Multitasking?.

Oliver Bäckström says:

Intel better start making cheaper cpus or either more powerful cpus

iqcarlospinzon says:

bla bla bla bla… men.. you talk to much!

neurosmos says:

Isn’t that way too much thermal paste? I thought it was “Thin to Win”, the paste is only there to make up for gaps of air, actually touching the heat sink to the processor in some places is desirable, to spread the paste out thin with a credit card.

TheUnrealGuy says:

Now waiting on the laptop CPU:s coming up which will bring true 4-core with threading, been waiting for it for so long(not for gaming though).

sebastian says:

you sound like an amd fanboy

Choice777 says:

a winzip test or something practical like 90 web tabs with por…work would be useful.

indigoal3n says:

Did you just…dump that thermal paste on like that??? no way

Mr.Pringle Pringleson says:

I always go for AMD. I think they are much better than Intel anyways

Choice777 says:

so which games use all the 16 or 10 cores ?

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