The Super Budget Quad Core Processor | $40 AMD Athlon 5350 Review | Is It Worth It?

With plenty of budget dual core processors available from both AMD and Intel, it’s not often we see a quad core CPU (or, in this case, APU) priced this cheap. So is it worth buying, and can it handle gaming when paired with GTX 750Ti, or even on with it’s own inboard Radeon Graphics? Let’s find out!

All games tested at 1080p, 900p, 720p.
Games Tested:
Fallout 4
Rise of the Tomb Raider
No Man’s Sky

System Specs:
AMD Athlon 5350 2.05GHz
8GB DDR3 1600MMHz Ram
Biostar AM1ML Motherboard
300w PSU
Radeon R3 / GTX 750 Ti Graphics

Thanks for watching 🙂


Jbonus28 says:

would this work the same with a 1050 ti (im a tech noob)

Lazare Iremashvili says:

lol even core 2 duo has more good performance

Wobbles says:

I use this cpu

Kris Shirley says:

if this was teamed with a gtx 960 or 970 how well do you think it would work

jaradipra says:

i think ….
you should buy a watt-meter and show us the power consumption of every rig you’re reviewing.

YNW Faneto says:

this pc bench is the same as my normal laptop

pankaj gaur says:

can I play GTA V

Zereko Gaming says:

So does this mean you don’t need to get a graphics card to use this at a playable rate on low power games?

Jbonus28 says:

can anyone recommend a good budget quad core cpu and motherboard im getting the 1050 ti and im ballin on a budget her please help

Tyler Fleske says:

you’re a sharp looking guy

Shashlik King says:

I have this paired with a 750ti and its decent

Joe Banana says:

About a year ago I got a used ASUS mainboard +8GB ddr2 + AMD PhenomII 940BE for 60€ as second PC pair it with a cheap discrete GPU .. try to beat that 🙂

The Tasty Brenflake says:

Would this beat an E5200?

Like Clockwork64 says:

I could see these chips doing amazing things with old games. If you wanted to build a super low budget old school machine I bet these little chips could run a enormous amount of content better than top of the line systems of the time. For something like emulation I bet these chips would excel

Cristian Santesteban says:

I used this APU to build 5 diferent pcs to friends and family, they used them for things like web browsing, text prossesing and netflix, and really for the price is and excelent choise, plus you don’t need a powerfull PSU

Nepkin says:

try an old quad core phenom, like a phenom 9650

DragoFTW™ says:

most popular PC games only need 2.0ghz proccesors yet everyone wants a 3.5 why so you can play CSGO for times at once

IMiazu I says:

with a gt 720 1 gb and this amd can run smite at 60fps on low?

Lightskin Thoughts says:

would it work with a 1050ti?

Toni Oconer says:

AMD A4-6300 with iGPU is pretty good for me

Fikret Alnasiri says:

Love ur videos as usual very simple nothing silly..

Are u looking forward for the ZEN cpus ? Since AMD is going to bring prices down ?

Invader Zak says:

I paired one of these with a GTX 960, just for giggles because I had one lying around and I saw even more performance gains then the 750ti, at least in GPU heavy games. I also tested it with a GTX 970 once, the performance was actually worse then a 750 ti at times so depending on the games I believe the max and best config a build like this can handle is a GTX 1050 ti. Its a nice build for light-medium gaming equal to or surpassing the current consoles.

but don’t expect 60fps in most games.That would be setting your expectations too high.

Nona Urbizniz says:

The pentium g4560 is only $55 and as long as you stick to 1080p or 1440p it will not bottleneck any gpu you put in it. A bonus is that it also has hyper threading so you get four cores(two physical and two logical) for youtube rendering and such.

Who Knows says:

Overclock it and compare to stock …

Ashlee Smith says:

When reviewing CPUs I suggest adding a overlay like Afterburner (rivatuner) to the footage so that we can see exactly the usage in games and how it affects the GPU. Frame time would be good also. Just a small tip for more experienced builders who are curios how the CPU usage fluctuates or at all if it’s pegged etc.

Just my 2pents or cents whatever I am from Africa.

Zeke says:

That’s a loud garden

Furry 77 says:

i5 3470+sapphire RX 460 4 GB, and I should use 400 watt/500 watt psu?

Mamrin Orange says:

Did anyone notice he looks like a fat Conan O’Brien? Especially with the hair.

A. Fuchs says:

i got a 5150 with an asrock am1-h itx and built a nas system with it. runs rocksolid stable for more than two years now and performs extremely well.

CounterxStrike says:

daum inpressed asdfu

TheOpMango says:

Pls do roblox benchmarks

Phantaum Dark says:

you should show footage of the rig you built in and of installing/showing off the components while talking about them

MultimediaJay says:

Cheap Chip Showdown…. I wonder how the Ol’ Kabini fares vs. a Q6600. 🙂

MultimediaJay says:

Ha! My first unsubscribe glitch! This is why I bookmark channels. Clicking the bell too. 😀

DatOneSkullDozer says:

this cpu vs c2q?

MrSnapy1 says:

Built my wife an a8 7600 apu for like 300 bucks. Mainly a media player but it runs games pretty good gta 5 in 900p with fxaa at 40 fps I was not expecting. I end up playing many games on her machine because I just didn’t need the power of my pc playing don’t starve or other indy games.

brandon connett says:

I was considering buying this, but the g3258 isn’t much more but performance is significantly better

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