The First 7th Gen AMD A-Series APU Review | Bristol Ridge | AM4

So… I guess we’re finally first at something. =)

Thinking about switching over to AMD’s AM4 Platform but your momma won’t let you? Have no fear, the new APUs are here.

Priced even lower than the previous low end king, the Ryzen 3 1200, these APUs are made for users who do not wish to get a dedicated graphics card (for home theater PCs or eSports gaming). They were launched along with the other Bristol Ridge chips; 8 APUs and 3 CPUs in total.

We see these APUs as a gateway into the AM4 platform since AMD has released a plethora of options as far as processors are concerned. So you can map out your upgrade path however you like.

Test setup:
MSI B350M Mortar Arctic
2x8GB Galax HOF 3600Mhz DDR4
AMD Wraith Spire Cooler
Aigo G-T500 500w 80Plus Bronze
WD Blue 250GB Sata III SSD

Test subjects:

Synthetic Benchmarks:
1. Cinebench R15
2. 7zip
3. 3D Mark – Cloudgate & Firestrike

Realworld Benchmarks:
1. Photoshop CC 2017 – Radial Blur Filter Test
2. Premiere Pro CC 2017 – 1080p H264 Export

Gaming Benchmarks:
1. CSGO – 1080p Low & Medium
2. DOTA 2 – 1080p Low & Medium
3. PUBG – 1080p Low

Without further adieu, let’s see how they fare!


00:00 – Intro
00:16 – Overview
01:23 – Price
01:51 – CPU Specifications
02:50 – Intergrated GPU
04:07 – Benchmarks
07:01 – Conclusion


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WarsunGames says:

So could you Overclock the Internal GPU or the Ram use to over 2GB?

mokoboko says:

Thinking of buying the A8-9600! What’s the WDDM (driver model) of this APU on dxdiag?

kevin dickenson says:

just found your channel i hit the subscribe button can see you becoming big, me hopes 4 ya.

crysisownz says:

Aik dunno this apu is reviewed by fellow Malaysian..good review though



Edwind Mena says:

im planning to built pc with a12 9800, in future can i pair this with 1050ti vga?

JXTL says:

Tree fiddie dollars

Vic M says:

Whoa, these are actually pretty darn good. I randomly came to this channel as I was just searching for AM4 Ryzens!

This means I can get these APUs and then later upgrade to a Ryzen (or 2)….

Goddamn that’s a great future proofing…

Eric Kokin says:

A12 please? This is new (but OLD) tech:)

Aris Atienza says:

Can you review 9800?

ZED LAV says:

the only thing good i see about this is that you put dota 2 benchmark WHICH is very necessary.

GraveUypo says:

bah i was hoping these apus would make their way into laptops and be better than my i5 + 650m. but nope, they’re the same fucking thing.

PhelypeXZ says:

Do you know if it can be used as dual graphics? I have a HD 7770, Will It be able to run with the VGA and APU working together?

anjos pimus says:

win 10 32 bits dont support this gpu

John Braman says:

why are you showing stats with the ryzen? has nothing to do with apu’s.

Paul Castro says:

Is gtx 1050 ti good with the a8-9600? Or will it cause bottleneck?

Heliossoileh says:

Do Bristol Ridge APU’s support 1440p, 165Hz over displayport?

Hassan Rizal says:

nice vid.but i think wait for raven ridge thought.

Michael Jones says:

Thanks for the video. I like the gcn 1.3 cores

FloweyIsHere says:

soothing voice

Ephraim Kunorishi says:

So detail, very good! Like and Sub! Would to love to see if you guys have the chance to get AMD 7th gen laptop. Everywhere is selling it. Some people still not sure about AMD 7th gen for laptop. More cores doesn’t mean better for all tasks. It depends. Sales person are selling AMD laptop saying it has 4 cores, intel i5-7200u have 2 cores although they didn’t mention HT. AMD is better but is it really true in all situation. If Ryzen, is a better choice. But not sure for AMD 7th gen cause is not the same architecture as Ryzen. I can start sharing to all my friends who are looking to buy laptop in Malaysia. Just a suggestion. 🙂

Agus Budiarta says:

Does APU support D-SUB output?

christopher james says:

Dude, take off the Giants hat. They suck.

Frederik Stephano says:

This APU doesnt provide stock cooler, alright?

Filipe Ribeiro says:

Soon I will upgrade my athlon 5150, for one of these 35w cpu, but still waiting on mini itx boards

Blue Patch1413 says:

Thanks, bro

Crank Smith says:


eghetto geeek says:

please gameplay videos please 😀

Hazman says:

Murah sy prefer nintendo switch untuk gaming

John Hooper says:

6:32 please dont use graphs that dont start from Zero.. and mislead in showing a huge difference..

pec1739 says:

next time ~ A12 9800~~

mustafa mustafa says:

nice review..
but i have question, i just bought hp laptop. the spec quiet good
amd a10 9700
4gb ddr4
2 gb graphic card

im wondering why im lack playing 4k hevc video.
how come its lack but can handle playing tomb rider quiet smooth?

do i have to change or tweak the setting to able to play 4k hevc video?

John Paul Bacon says:

I would like to see an A10-9700 Apu Vs A12-9800 Apu video.

Sean Eredia says:

Wheres A12 9800??????

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