The FASTEST* Laptop We’ve Ever SEEN

A desktop Ryzen 7 processor – in a laptop? Oh yes, and the multi-core performance is insane.

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cicalinarrot says:

I kinda like AMD but in this case, I believe Intel only “loses” because they’re wiser and they know you shouldn’t put excessively power hungry CPUs in a laptop.
If you care that little about how portable it is, you’d just probably get a desktop.

S K says:

I honestly don’t care about the battery. If I’m doing anything important I’ll be plugged in.

caz1135 says:

Could you revisit this laptop and try to upgrade the cpu to ryzen 2700?

Autard_Diab says:

There is a acer nitro 5 all amd based

After Game says:

why a love AMD

Recycle Bin says:

no spectre/meltdown too

Gurupreet Singh Chagger says:

Is it good enough to be used for video editing purposes or is there a better laptop than this in this process range ??

Marc G says:

i think after years of trying intel, time to give amd a try

Donkomatik says:

Nope. In fact, the HP Pavilion dv6 was an all AMD system, but correct me if I’m wrong.

Autard_Diab says:

I got mine for like 1399 usd so stop comparing it with the 4000k up dollar laptops

luashfu says:

got it. amd cpu + NVidia gpu = op setup

Agent Hunk says:

I love it,it is great for gaming on the go.

beep bop 27 n27 says:

I would buy this laptop if it had a removable batterie, imagine just popping batteries quickly charging and then popping them back in one after another, the external battery charger will have PD charging of course charging the batteries as fast as possible and as efficiently as possible.

Luke Gino says:

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha that start. You’re the best Linus.

60hz Monitor. Pass. It’s really bad. To game at 60hz.

Sravan Kowshik A says:


Quacker_Kyle says:

Tap this button -> 0:00

Ian Coleman says:

*gets one and a 1800x or 2700x and then put that in instead*

Muhammad Fikhri says:

repaste using thermal grizzly? can u make video and benchmark

Snipez says:

Yeah the battery life is terrible but what do you expect from an 8 core laptop, plus the predator 21x is an unnexceptable $9000!

Arya Guehrs says:

hahaha i bought this laptop juust 650 euro, thanks to Mediamarkt Germany for discount XD

Pascal says:

“The first all-AMD gaming laptop”
Have you ever heard of the MSI GX-series?

GibWit says:

i thought he was gonna say can it run crisis

Tek says:

Sometimes, I feel like Linus bash AMD for no reason, I know he is sponsored via Intel & Nvidia all the time, but I prefer honesty.

Joseph Hartley says:

Wow. My mac is fully thermal throttled just watching this video

User says:

Has anyone tried swapping the processor on the newest BIOS? Does the 2nd gen work with this laptop?

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