Ryzen CPU with VEGA Graphics ONBOARD!

AMD’s bringing back the APU in a big way by marrying Ryzen CPU cores with Vega GPUs – But what do you really get for your money?

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If threadripper can mine how about G??


Is Ryzen 5 2400G , is Good for Budget PC Build , so That I can Ignore GPU as of Beginning

Ashwin Nair says:

what does 97th percentile mean?

Obie327 says:

Boy of Boy!? Intel integrated graphics haven’t been increasing at all (what a pity) AMD is really thinking and making important the average guy for value and performance. (nice) Can’t wait to see the next big performance increase with Ryzen in April. Thanks Linus for this enlightening encouraging video. (Update for my home theater pc?) Hmm.

Carlos Hidalgo says:

He said left nut xD

Dhruv 12 says:

But can we use crossfire

Edward D says:

So is it worth gaming on ??

Blooregard Q. Kazoo says:

Here is a nice build with one of these APU’s for under $400 and comes with an SSD + hard drive combo but no GPU (they are overpriced at the moment…even RX460)

Daniel says:

what happens when i use 2666 ram sticks in stead of 2933 with the 2400g?

Robert Kowalke says:

AMD knocked it out of the park with this release. Good job Red team. Especially for us System builders who get a lot of calls for systems that really don’t want added Video card costs, and intels extreme overpriced solutions for onboard video. I have had 12 customers on hold waiting the release of this option as prices currently for everything are just crazy. AMD saved my business with this one, even for people who wanted a cheaper solution than the 1050 and play only minecraft type games this release was a major surprise.

The miners destroyed 4 different business circles with their mass greed rush to snatch up everything, ram included. AMD released this in time to keep the systems building with the hopes for a better graphics solution later on when everything settles.

The 1030 is a great budget option to pair with these and no stability issues, though I would like to see if they come up with a crossfire option like the older APU’s. the performance increase was very good for what you paid. Since the 1050Ti wasn’t affected by the miner craze it’s the next option for the budget level PC’s i recommend.

Now that GPU’s are being done away with the 1060’s which to me are the best all around option dollars to doughnuts <6gb only> for solid gameplay with great graphics, will be the go to choice for discreet graphics options.

Skjacob 23 says:

Hi, most of your computer builds are focused towards gamers. Can u suggest a budget PC build for home and family use which can deal with 4k content and some casual video editing. Games are not at all a priority. Thanks alot if u consider. And keep up your good works. They r great.

Heldermaior says:

12 CUs? That is an XBOX 1 with a much better gpu.

iJyys : says:

Could u make a PC Round the apu

UKYusei says:

Good old tunnelbear

chrono2959 says:

The nice thing is if they ever get tired of pc’s they could cut them out and just be… Linus Tech advertising . Which seems to happen more and more in each episode.

Timothy Huh says:

If I were to spec the 2400g over a 1600x with decent RAM, would it be feasible to run Adobe CC without GPU, until I find a good deal on a decent graphics card? I’m building a new PC, and I’m having trouble finding anything better than a 1050Ti around $200. I figured that I could save on initial outlay, maybe put more into RAM, and then add the graphics card later on.

Metalbear says:

So how would a Ryzen 5 APU compare to buying a 1800X with a budget card?

Jared Bell says:

AMD is back in the saddle baby! This is what we expect!

Elem7Gaming says:

I overclocked my 1600x to 4ghz at 1.41v. Can I go to 4.1 ghz on the biostar x370gtn?

Steven Johnson says:

I know this is probably a newb comment, but would this be great as an htpc? As far as streaming 1080p movies goes?

Intel Xeon X5650 says:

What RAM configuration did you use? I hope it wasn’t 2133MHz. Also how much VRAM did you allocate? This video is doesn’t contain this important information, which I think it should. Without it, this review is pretty pointless.

KILOUNO1963 says:

don’t get me wrong, i love AMD. and everything you say is correct . but you have omitted a crucial piece of information that must be told. as you know, APUS rely on on board memory, and the higher the frequency the better you are. but whit the price of memory today ,you are really sure that it’s a good deal? the going price of 16GB of ddr4 3200 MHZ on amazon ,is round 200 dollars mark,and an AMD rx550 or560 2GB is a round the same price. now, an AMD Ryzen 5 2400G Processor with Radeon RX Vega 11 Graphics cost $169.00 on amazon, plus $200 for memory total $469.and a AMD Ryzen 5 1500X Processor with Wraith Spire Cooler cost $159 and 16GB Ballistix Sport LT Kit (8GBx2) DDR4 2400 MHZ cost $174 on amazon total $333 plus $200for an rx 550or560 total $533 a 64 dollars difference, but much more performance. going back to the issue if you do not tell the whole story, you going to get Somme poor kid to spend the only cash he has, only to get disappointed.

Linus Tech Tips says:

One of the graphs (Cinebench) appears to be missing from the video. Here is the missing graph: https://i.imgur.com/UsTfFLB.png

Ayush Kumar says:

Please guys help me, I have ryzen 2200g with a320 mobo with updated BIOS..but vega graphics isn’t showing in Windows 10 .
It’s showing ” Device cannot find enough free resources “

Wombo says:

Are they great cpus too
Like if I bought the ryzen 3 2200g
And paired it with a rx470 would it run better than an i3 7100 paired with a rx470?

heron says:

I am building a budget gaming computer with AMD 2200G APU processor.
It has been said that this processor works best with dual channel RAM, so at first I wanted to go with G.Skill Flare-X 3200 – 2 x 8 GB (recommended by AMD). My question is what is this CPUs performance with quad-channel RAM?
Since here in Europe the 16GB (2 x 8) Flare-X would cost me $280 with shipping (Jesus!) I was thinking of getting dual-channel 2 x 4 GB 3200 RAM and add another 2 x 4 GB (along with a new GPU when the prices come back to normal) – some later time. This would allow my budget to even add an aftermarket cooler and overclock the PCU higher than with the stock one.
So, does this CPU also works well with quad-channel RAM or does it have to be dual-channel?
Also, is there a list of AMD Ryzen APU recommended RAM? All youtube builders are using the aforementioned Flare-X RAM.
Thanks in advance for tips. Have a nice day!

Nitesh Kumar says:

Which motherboard is best suitable for FirePro wx9100? and what is the their compatible Processor?

ameer ovic says:

core i5 6600+1050ti Or ryzen5 2400g +r9 270x ???????

Toastz says:

If I buy this then later down the the line buy a graphics card. How good is the apu on the cpu side ?

Mas Haq Kresno says:

this is nice to be used in public pc like internet cafe, library, university.. etc

Benjamin Lock-O'Connor says:

Somthing isnt right with their testing, the results their getting are much lower than what other people are getting. Maybe imature drivers? Or just components not playing right with each other? Also why would you compare these APUs to a 1050ti? These APUs (especially the 2200G) are meant for very low budget rigs, which they perform damn well for the price.

Doctor Claw says:

Why 2x16GB DDR4 3200MHz costs over 500$ CAD?

Janis Vaskevics says:

Screwing with beta bios and being unable to connect VGA monitor can be called interesting – just my experience with 2200G and A320M-HDV.

Omalley Gaming plus says:

This looks cool

Marek Zelinka says:

Is this going to be Ok at foto editink?

KryPToN Emerge says:

Did you guys change the VRAM for the dedicated graphics from 512mb to 2GB? You probably did

Corey Kearney says:

I imagine this would be an excellent solution for GPU pass-thru. I’d like to see how it does with crossfire or whatever they are calling it. Could you also use the vega 11 as a physics card?

hello world says:

Can I have that ryzen 5 2400g please?

Christopher Boose says:

The only thing missing from this video is mention of how well the Vega GPUs, especially Vega 8 overclock. People are getting 500-600 MHZ over stock… And for these products, GPU OC is the crucial factor, since either CPU can comfortably handle their end of the job with integrated graphics at stock speeds.

Nicanor Rodrigues says:

I think u can buy a 4k PC if you sold your nuts

Taze TO says:

Can you put any of them on laptop? Cause I want to upgrade my cpu and I have no graphics

Eternal Gazer says:

QUESTION: Can you have dual monitor setup with these APUs ???

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