Ryzen 5 Review – AMD Fans REJOICE!

Is Ryzen 5 a complete Core i5 killer? Is it the Red Rebellion’s saving grace for gaming? Let’s find out…

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กิ่ง ก้าน says:

I impress with your fire wheel path on road

robert carra says:

You are crazy but very smart, I enjoy your reviews and energy keep up the good work!

atif says:

what about after effects and that sort of stuff?

The Gaming Titan says:

Wow, you can afford that 8K camera but bot a Delorian

Multics says:

do a ryzen 5 1600 vs i5 6600

bob johnson says:

too many bias videos on youtube. Some are saying ryzen 5 beats the i5. Other youtubers are rooting for intel. I want the truth! is ryzen 5 an i5-7600k killer?

Eddie Shady says:

this guy should be on tv

Katuro says:

Back to the Future, instant thumbs up.

premier69 says:

your’ nerdier self only needs a pink straw and I’ll call him master shake!

Conor Mackay says:

well I guess my build will be ryzen 1600, MSI gaming X+ rx580, Asus prime b350-plus, 16gb of g-skill trident, 240 GB ssd and a 2tb Seagate barracuda. all this in a phanteks p400s tge (red/black)

420C0BRA says:

omg the intro lol awesome lol

MetinCrafter says:

Why they compare r7 1700 to 7700k and not 6950x.

Davee Ty says:

Was that edited or you just have a twin? Haha

Jonathan Edelman says:

Holy intro that was great.

Alexander Torres says:

nice nails, linus 😉

thejewcanoe says:

sweet effects!
all of this hype… i’ll believe it when i see the thermals…. these things seem like there are going to run HOT!!!

Flow Step says:

awesome guys. love the begining bit. thanks for all your hard work linus and friends

BananaDoe says:

Hey w/e “team” your on…. competition pushes innovation, which means better products down the line.

Check it out T, Rocky and bullmafucka says:

Linus you’re a fucking idiot.

AlessandroTheCynical says:

Looks like AMD is finally catching up, oh dear….has the age of AMD dominance finally come?

ashraf rana says:

I loved this review and was going to like it ..but the unlike icon had 999. it had be 1K .

JustifyJustin says:

Could someone explain to me why in the the synthetic benchmarks that focus on multi-threaded tasks (like cinebench etc.), the Ryzen chips smack Intel by up to 100%, yet when you look at real world use and benchmarks like Adobe Premiere Pro, there’s a 5-15% difference (up and down) between AMD and Intel… Ryzen’s value proposition seems to be tied with stellar multi-threaded performance, but real world tests don’t back that up.

Tony Miller says:


Andrew Mihailow says:

Unfortunately it is unclear how they stand against previous Intel generation. I6600k is cheaper, thank ryzen 5 1500x.
Maybe I am missing something, but a tool to compare EVERY processor would be great

Rick Cash says:

I wish you would have included the 1600. I am leaning this way over the 1600x after watching other videos. Suggestions?

musu says:

lmao @ all the fanboys on both sides, im glad that AMD is doing good now so that both companies can get their asses straight and lead us into the future.

Mario Mitchell says:

When AMD cards and CPUs become more power and heat efficient i’ll consider them. Until then I won’t waste my time and money.

Dante199006 says:

So should I have gone with Ryzen over my i7 7700k?

Jashanpreet Singh says:

why is he calling CPU details boring?

Jeremy Waugh says:

lol lol lol

ProtoType4588 says:

just got it yesterday the only isue i have is the ram speed being lowered to 2133 while i got 3000 mhz corsair vengeance sticks in there i would have gone intel but then i saw the pricing for a am4 motherboard and even older intel motherboards and the features on them seriously intel 100 euro for still having pci 2.0 on them so i was sold on amd and i wil accept the bugs new hardware can result because i got way more for just a little money like before with my phenom 9950 the gpu was bottlenecking at around 50%(biosed hd 6950 to 6970) and now during the same games i got that result with my videocard maxes out usage while ryzen just sits there at around 20% just waiting for my videocard and what i like the most of it is with a processor bottleneck you can turn settings down all you want no real impact on fps but if you got a gpu bottleneck lowering settings and most definitly resolution gives me mad hops i love it

OtherAntking says:

worth the upgrade? ryzen 3 1200x vs fx 8320

HereKittyKittyX says:

You know what you do when ryzen comes out

You buy amd fx 8350

Mike says:

Ugh…I’m still stumped on what I want to buy….either the Ryzen or Intel. Both promising, but I don’t want to buy one and then regret it later. lol Please help!

john suzuki says:


bob johnson says:

I’m on a $700 Budget tops for a gaming pc. What are my options? Whats the best cpu + gpu i can get in that price range? (side note: i already have psu, hdd/ssd, monitor, keyboard/mouse)

Fulgore Elite says:

it’s really great to see AMD back up in the game…now those gpu must be as hype as the ryzen cpu’s or else problem strikes.

Adam Vošahlík says:

still waiting ryzen for the price of g4560

Hoseiny Mohsen says:

going to buy new pc gaming only( maybe for 4 years 1080p)
1600x vs 7700(not k) but i heard thermal problems
i am not planning to overclocking
can anyone expert give me an advice ?

Jesse Plays says:

Im so afraid that the gpu breaks off :000

Somey Namero says:

There are fans of AMD, are they in cooking business?

Joey Beckstead says:

Lower than FX: F
AMD FX Chip: C-
AMD Ryzen: B++

Matt Rowe says:

I’m revamping my old PC, so I decided to buy the ryzen 5 1500X without hesitation, along with an MSI B350 board, which I have just found out is good for over locking, I already have an aftermarket cpu cooler. Also bought 16 gigs of DDR4 and a GTX 1050 TI. Let me know what you think

Moron LOLOLOL says:

Hi, just wanna ask.. Can i use 8gb ddr4 2400mhz ram without updating? i just cant process all the ryzen and ram thing. Thanks btw.

RightWing TV says:

Planning to build a Ryzen 5 1600X with a MSI GTX 1060 with 6GB of GDDR5. Planning to have 8 Gigs of G.Skill Ripjaws V Memory all on a MSI B350M Gaming Pro Micro Atx Board. Going to be cooling my CPU with a Cooler Master MasterLiquid 120. All that will be in a Corsair Carbide 88R Micro-ATX tower running on a 64 bit copy of Windows 10 Home. Anyone have suggestions, thoughts, anything I should change?

Ares5933 says:

Wow really close to a million, 999,870

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