Performance per Dollar Ryzen Build Guide

Finally, a step by step guide on how to build the best Ryzen 5 gaming PC for the least money!

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Travis Pittman says:

What’s up with the weird guy at 2:21?

Sanjay Akash says:

what is this music track at the start

CrimsonSky says:

if you’re gonna get 2 1070’s, then you might as well throw that idea out of the window and get a 1080 ti

Cynical Egg says:

I had an AMD processor in my system, happily changed it for an intel and would never buy another AMD.

Daniel Rodmann says:

Bring back videos like this!

ZenosOsgorma says:

I waited got my ryzen 5 2600x on its way.

New learning curve so here i am xd such a shame gpus are as high as ever £599 for a vega x56. Geez just getting the basics for a new pc is £500-600.

Frantix Raxx says:

Why is Luke spliced into the video at 02:21 lol #Linus

wartd rohan says:

displays 1600X

Kyle Simon says:

Performance per dollar…two graphics cards.

Don’t even need one.

Bob dabiuld says:

I love the intro scenes and the general cinematic quality

ThirtyOne Fifty says:

I would build this set up if i had 1500 or less. This is a perfect rig for both beginners and professional gamers.

Roberto Fonseca says:

Do they remove the metal tabs from the motherboard IO Shield? Is that recommended?

dyvante01 beatbox says:


Elite Trix says:

no force at all (finger pushes down on the cpu)

Merp the Totally Radical Bodacious Awesome Dude says:

2:20 Did anyone else notice luke’s face?

Mrbbrightside says:

is this pricing in Canadian Dollars or USD

Kris Patel says:

0:41 we not going to talk about that intro? No
Fine but it was pretty hekin cool

YEET says:

Do you really have to use an ankle strap?

Viktor Kunov says:

why you didn’t use one cable for both video cards? I mean 1 cable is single 8 pin psu plug on one end and 2 8 pins on the other end…..

Just some comment channel says:

64 bit drivers

Harry Jawanda says:

Can someone help me

Do the ryzen 5 1600X come with a cpu cooler

Nuclear Cashew says:

2:20 excuse me but who is that handsome fella that showed up briefly?

TheMysticalGamerYT says:

whats the fps per dollar tho

The nextinline says:

Get this MOBO to overclock.
Get this GPU to overclock.
Get this CPU to overclock.
Get this RAM to overclock.

What the fuck is this overclocking bullshit anyway?You’re stressing your system just to gain like 10 fps overall,while you’re already playing every game in max settings at over 50 fps anyway…..WOW BIG DEAL. Save some money getting hardware that’s not focused on overclocking. Same base performance, cheaper.

Ben Peng says:

ryzen 5 1600 stock cooler 3.7 ghz 1.28 volt

There is definitely no point in buying a 40 dollar cpu cooler just to overclock it to 4.2 ghz for a mere small percentage increase in improvement.

Rohit kariha says:

did it works properly

carlos navarro says:

on AMD’s website it says that for the ryzen 5 1600 it’s max system memory speed is 2667MHz but they chose 3000 mhz ram sticks. will it still work?

William Kok says:

No force when placing CPU in
*presses it down hard*

Poleosis _ says:

so, 8 months after this video was posted and i just ordered a build similar to this for right at $400 minus the gfx card, additional cooler (no plans to overclock) and hdd. gfx card will come later, and just going to use hdd from current system. this price point is in part due to an employee discount from amazon. says 10% but after sales tax is more like 5% but still.

-ryzen 5 1600 – on sale for $160
-asrock b350m pro 4 – says used, but probably just open box, no discount – $62
-seasonic 620w m12ii 80+ bronze – $57 (JUST missed a sale on evga 650 gq for $60. now they are $80)
-coolermaster n200 – $48
Team T-Force Vulcan 2 x 4gb RAM 2800 MHz- $80. had to get this from newegg, so no discount, but free shipping. plan on going to 16gb when/if prices come down.

Opiophobia says:

NO ONE ELSE NOTICED HIS FACE at 2:20 when he said “slick settings???!!?””

Everything AA says:

Linus Tech Tips now do this with a realistic $1100-1300 Australian dollar budget

Bullrider says:

What do u mean you will be able to play “most” modern titles. You can play any game with the 1600 and a good graphics card.

Mineshock2011 says:

Why there was a flash of Luke’s forehead?

Youtube Trash South Africa says:

Great ,now I’m gonna spend the whole time worrying about whether he’s actually wearing pants or not…

Naked Snake says:

Funny I actually bought an ASUS Prime X370 Pro for half price. Thank you Amazon warehouse deals.

Philson says:

Linus’s Linus Dream?

Braden Scott says:

Linus, only you have enough money to wait for all of ryzen’s things. Normal people could wait for one.

christos karagiannidis says:

What happens if you use ram that is not in amd’s list of supported memories?

Ecorigon IV says:

I swear linus is incapable of using parts that the average joe will generally buy. SLI 1070’s. Really? I was expecting a more budget build like a ryzen 5 and a 1060.

Noah G Drums says:

Here is is a *cheap* rygzen system, you know, the kind Linus can’t seem to comprehend.

Adrian W1888 says:

#AMD Power for PC Life
#AMD Power for your Gameing Life
#AMD Power for the Gamer Life
#AMD Rullz the World #Ryzen #Zen is #AMDPowerCPU4Life Over 9000000000000 😀

Tomfissh says:

Is this still relevant? I want to build one for my brother but Im afraid of overspending on some parts. Should I still use this?

nick j says:

I came here for a budget build not a $1000 behemoth!

Nicolas Rodriguez says:

Budget build:

CPU: Ryzen 3 2200G
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-AB350M-DS3H — Dont get fooled by the name. Its not X350 Chipset, its X370
RAM: 16 GB DDR4 2666GHz Patriot Signature
Storage: Adata SU650 120 GB + Any 1TB drive
PSU: EVGA 450 80+ Bronze
Case: Rosewill Microcomputer case Micro ATX
Graphics: GTX 1050 Ti

You can run EVERY modern game with this setup, but don’t expect to play all of them at 1080. You can for example on CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2, any call of duty.


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