AMD Ryzen 7 overclocking discussion and guidelines. Get the most performance out of your CPU!

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WiLDXiLOVEU :D says:

i just overclocked my 1800x to 4.1 ghz
im happy

Mike L says:

Am I the only one wondering why in boot it said that rig had 3 keyboards attached to it?


no no you cant.
buy the 1800x if you reaaly want 4.1ghz

Taylan Aydın says:

Can’t they make a xfr video

Pax Justica says:


carrottoponcrak says:

If I’m not baseclock over clocking what’s the point? I mean really, just use the turbo or something if you don’t know what your doing.

NiK888_MY says:

can anyone mention wat kind of case he use to build the system ???

Chownzi says:

I have a 1700 I hit 3.8 at 1.250 volts on a stock cooler then upgraded the cooler and hit 3.9 at 1.35 volts easy money and ram 3200mhz I love my life luckiest guy somehow and the kicker is I used a cheap asrock b350 mobo

Cynaptic says:

Well I bought a 1800x on Newegg for 300$ so I did good lol

Thanasis Kyrou says:

Can anyone please help me? I got ryzen 1700x, 2x4GB LPX with XMP on at 3,200mhz, licuid cooler and x370 msi gaming pro carbon mobo with the latest bios. Im trying to get 3,8ghz with 1,35v or even 1,362 and after some time in gaming my pc is restarting so its unstable. Should i give more voltage? Is it safe? I think this is happening cause i got my rams on 3,200mhz so i have to give even more push to my CPU to reach at least 3,8ghz? But it will be safe to give for example more volts for 24/7???
Thanks in advance guys!!!

JSN Gaming says:

That ☹ emoji is me

Chownzi says:

Ewwww Dennis

Serj Star says:

I gotta say I’m about scared for Intel why are they being retarded

Shawn Jackson says:

he loves those damn fans doesn’t he … a full degree cooler with cooler master “but the shit brown fan was much quieter” lol in spite of it being shit brown lmao

101perspective says:

I remember when 100mhz was the bomb. Now overclocking to gain an extra 100mhz isn’t worth the bother…lol.

Le Leedler says:

It’s been a while but, after doing a mild overclock to 3.8ghz I was getting issues with my Flare.x 3200 c14 ram. Under heavy tasks, rendering in programs the system would just shut down and my motherboard displayed RAM related instability. Hmm, In case anyone has any advise, System is using an Asus X370-F, Asus 1080ti OC edition, Flare.X C14 (14,14,14,14,34) 2×8, and a Kraken X62 (Idle 28°-30°, Load (57°-65°). Would really appreciate some help!

Chevifier says:

I must have bad luck or my ram is too slow instant crash with my Ryzen 1700 X at 4.0Ghz 1.37500… same as video but my RAM is 2400Mhz 15-15-15-35 at 3.8 though it runs but Prime 95 spikes the heat to 95C then crashes I have it stable at 3.6 at 1.3500(default) volt. Its most likely my low end RAM

Kwnstantinos Nikolaidhs says:

Hey buddy! I know the post it’s kinda old but seeking information about safe cpu voltage over water cooling overclock.

Can’t hit stable 4.0ghz without crash cache/fpu probably cause of bad silicon lottery..

Straight to the point!
Is it safe to hit 1.4500 voltage on Ryzen 1700 plus water cooling..?
AMD recommended way lower voltages, I’m afraid to fry my board! Aorus gaming 5.

Trevor Luther says:

I was really hoping your 40% off mis-speak was the truth because 40% off that sounds… heavenly…

hopefullyApro says:

4GHz 1600 non X @ 1.300v @ stock cooler
and 3200mhz cl15 ram ( after a few bios updates )

stark1987 says:

i got a loud ringing in my ears at around 6:45….and i smell pennies

Mojinjo says:

why did jay hit 3200mhz on the ram then?

David Pyo says:

Those ram prices make me wanna cry and time travel

Rex Art says:

Can I use this with the 1060 6gb?

Anton Eriksson says:

7 1700 or 7 1700x? Don’t care that much about overclocking and don’t have much money either 🙂

mohammad abdullah khan says:

guys i have a ryzen 7 1700x with msi x370 gaming pro i just want a stable 3.9 or 4 ghz what voltage should use.

Serj Star says:

I’m honestly thinking that AMD will overthrow Intel on just what they’re bringing with reasonable prices

ebola069 says:

Is it weird that my ryzen 7 1700 runs at 4ghz with 1.275 volts?and never crashed? And runs under prime95 @max 70 degrees? And cinebench never crashed?

David Bukumira says:

when Linus is overclocking – Rocket science
when I overclock – turn that nice looking blue bar to the max and hope it will boot

Matymus The Awesomous says:

May I ask for a tutorial for tuning my PC based on my specific specs? if it’s not too selfish of me of course!

I have Ryzen 1700x
Asus Prime X-370-Pro (latest bios)
Corsair H60 hydro series liquid cooler
Corsair Vengence RGB 16gb DDR4 3200 (according to Amazon it was made for Intel but they work with my build regardless?)
Asus GTX 960 4GB STRIX

I know this seems random to quest such a thing. But honestly. every damn tutorial I’ve looked up in regards to tweaking and tuning my build is either using different components that make the tutorial almost useless to me. OR they’re using a version of the bios I don’t seem to have access to. I have no clue what to do to make my PC run as smoothly and stable as possible.

If you can’t do it could you point me to a tutorial that does use these components??? I’d very much like to eek out as much power as possible to make it run smoothly. I’m going from an AMD FX 8350 to a Ryzen 1700x build so you can imagine the drastic change in performance I’m expecting yet for some reason It’s not quite….what I had hoped. At least not out of the box.

Olivier Theriault says:

Guys I took the steps he took with core ratio and voltage and now my computer turns on and off constantly. HELP

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