NEW AMD CPUs ARE COMING: 2nd Gen Ryzen, APUs and more!

A recap of AMD’s CES Tech Day highlighting all of the manufacturer’s big processor launches for 2018.

Paul’s video:

The Passion HiFi –
Kevin Macleod –
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NEW AMD CPUs ARE COMING: 2nd Gen Ryzen, APUs and more!



Kyle Mayer says:

… and then: We all started watching sailing videos.

gameflux says:

Go AMD !

GTA Presentations says:

Can someone tell me if i should buy the upcoming 4 core 8 thread ryzen + cpus as an upgrade over current ryzen 3 1300x. Will i notice any gains in gameplay? I mainly play gta 5 and a lot of the time, even when overclocked the 1300x is pegged at 100 percent usage, slightly bottlenecking 1060 3gb

Javier García Prieto says:

Felicidades, excelente video!

maxpowerfull says:

Finally AMD entered the fight against Intel with the Rysen, and now with the 2nd generation then … at least so the Intel monopoly no longer exists … after all AMD now does have competitive processors.

Barronski says:

I upgraded my i3 7100 to R5… No hate, just sharing

Really really ridiculously good looking says:

What programs would you recommend to OC my Ryzen 5 1500 and/or Vega56?

I tried downloading the AMD auto overclocker and it just messed my PC up.

Crimson Harp says:

i love living in this city. cya guys next year! 2019 ces!

nitroxide91 says:

Ryzen is on a roll… don’t let up the momentum!!!

Tapiiee says:

I was going to get the r5 1600 but i think ill wait to see how good the (hopefully itll be a thing) r5 2600.

Olivier fontaine says:

that gona make me happy for my ryzen first build for my buget

Juan el Pito says:


Fladder Fluim says:

Would be nice if AMD launches Ryzen chips that clock at 4,4 – 4,6 Ghz. I already have the Ryzen 5 1600X @ 4Ghz so I will not buy a new one for now but still. So 12 nanometer wow.. and 7 nanometer next year.. nice.

Crimson Harp says:

oh btw… soon just means next month (MSRP around $350 for mobile) so be ready! intel has released info on thier new 8th gen VEGA graphics cpus on thier “Intel ARK” application. download now for the latest and best info on intel chipsets, wifi cards, and more.

jokamutta says:

I’m confused, so does the new Ryzen 2.0 CPU’s that are coming in April also have built-in Radeon Vega??

Anlushac11 says:

I just built a Mini-ITX system in anticipation of the new Ryzen desktop APU to replace my old LANBOX A10-6800 Richland system. I still use my LANBOX to this day. I bring it in to work when I have to work weekends and it still plays SD World of Tanks just fine and WoW just fine.

Cynical Fox says:

amd is hitting back hard this year with the intel kernel glitch i think amd will come out on top

Dan Garcia says:

AMD Knows de wae!!!!

Da Chop Up says:

I thought the chip released in April isn’t the ryzen 2 it’s like a upgraded first gen chip ryzen 2 releases next yr

Wendell Banks says:

For the parts that are coming out soon did AMD mention Spectre vulnerability at all

Andy Luo says:

I know it’s a pipe dream, but imagine a Ryzen desktop APU on a mini-STX board for *super* sff budget gaming

gytux0258 says:

Man the new laptop cpus are making me regret getting a laptop last year.

Hook Hand Tech says:

I started to WATCH this video for the THUMBNAIL…wheres it at in the footage?!?!?!? Upsetting….lol. Good info though! Do a console killer build when the 2400G drops!

Brett Burrows says:

Anyone else come here because the thumbnail was hot af

pam0077 says:

It looks like AMD might finally, legitimately catch up to Intel this spring. If they can do it at a lower cost, there’s absolutely no reason why one would not go with team red.

M I C H A E L says:

Apu s have shared vram and ram right?

matrices are really annoying says:

Would be happy if the APUs crossfire with rx 580s to mimic performance of a 1070

Fridgemusa says:

As much as AMD has been doing great things I think they could have done way better with their APUs considering they barely compete with a GTX 1030 🙁

TheMikeymanguy says:

Bitwit a channel called Valerie P. Banks is stealing your videos.

Ryan McCardle says:

For the mobile apu’s I am still blown away with hearing 15wTDP!! 🙂

SparkySlow says:

I dont know why and invest still in desktop APU s they make no sense right now

Jeremy Hansen says:

Can’t wait until april!! Hopefully new Nvidia gpu to go with a new cpu!!!

Svviftz says:

Intel really needs to up their stock cooler game. LOL AMD has RGB *STOCK* now lol.

FlameRays says:

What is Intel’s favourite kind of pets?

MPSecare says:

If AMD can ever pull off a card as good as the 9700pro was in it’s prime they will get my GPU business once again.

Mike says:

That thumbnail image makes it look like you and Javier Bardem had some kind of love child. 😀

Bart Mlotkowski says:

I hope x470 has dual m.2

Intelligenkeit says:

In other words…. graphic cards will not exist anymore in a couple years, right?

vish says:

hope they are shit at mining . I hate APU prices going up.

YeE MaChinE says:


Queencity Limo says:

We all wanted to see some prices bitch what the fuck Kyle what the fuck are you thinking making this video

Trevor Curtis says:

I’m totally upgrading from Haswell to Ryzen 2.

HGF says:

AMD is killing it

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