My thoughts on AMD’s new Ryzen (Zen) CPU

The hugely anticipated AMD Zen CPU (Ryzen) was recently showcased in an AMD press event showing impressive numbers against Intels i7-6900K CPU…. here are my thoughts while I wait to get my hands on one.

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Joshua Schecter says:

Hey jay love the videos. Any new thoughts on the CPUs now that they’ve officially launched?


That’s some serious “modern family” stuff you guys got going on in that holiday add!!

Lee Riley says:

Dude you need to do another video. AMD is selling their awesome CPUs way way way cheaper than Intel’s and they perform better lololol.

guily6669 says:

Wanted a 8 core CPU, sadly not a single one for my wallet 🙁

Anyway, does anyone know if AM4 will support dual CPU?

jacob bristow says:

Definatly going to go amd if this processor performs as well as it is supposed to! I’ve had my core 2 quad intel q6600 sitting overclocked since they came out and I recently bought a gtx 960 to run along side it. Depending on the game I can still max my gpu. I may wait for intel’s response, but I think I’m going with AMD because they are affordable. In the pentium 3 and pentium 4 days I was AMD, because they were the best at the time, core2quad because fx is a joke, and hopefully Ryzen will have a good update path, where Intel doesn’t destroy them on their next launch.

Antoinne patton says:

Your right AMD is my favorite. Intel is way overpriced.

arabarran says:

And now we now the price! 🙂

Radio Bizarro says:

This guy is 40+ and still play videogames? wtf?

Milos G says:

Windows 10 is evil I think they are going to strip us of our freedoms once they control our conputers

Joshua Leon says:

hopefully jayztwocent can get some real live tests showing on the amd ryzen chip because all of these fake tests from other random people show it with a 40%+ increase to an intel chip…which in total would be over an 80% increase as a 40% increase in the fx series was proven still weaker than the skylake processor and for gaming you need at most 4 cores with strong cpu preformance for single core and not multi core 6+ as those cores are wasted. I dare say amd is now on par with those cpus being so cheap and similar preformance with expensive mobo and ram as always. Cant wait for real tests to confirm the real power of ryzen!

TuroMisu says:

What about ryzen in laptops? Anything about that?

Albert Metzger says:

Not an adult comment… this is youtube

Left with bread gaming says:

amd ryzen 1700 in uk at scan is coming in at less than £400
including a motherboard and SSD just over £600,
this looks amazing value given the reviews and the hype about Ryzen i hope to god AMD deliver! Can only mean big things for the gaming community..

thor odin says:

ryzen for the win!

Jason Abramz says:

in canada cpus cost from $250 to $500



Brandon Barsi says:

You look like AJ Hawk.

David Beverly says:

Update us!!!!!

Narcis Margean says:

Intel Hates gamers!!! Let’s all thank AMD for being the best Supporter, GO VEGA Bash Nvidia Bullshit

SlowFox says:

$500 bucks…. You called it!!!

Phil Perry says:

I was nearly ready to build a mini pc around the 7700k but I guess I get a 1700 if they deliver itx/mini-itx mainboards.

Josh Gribbon says:

that intro was hilarious. subbed!

papinbala says:

ohhh noooo shit so your a flamer? hmmmm had no idea… welll whatever floats your nutts. none of my business.

Elias says:

You kinda look like Sid from Ice age….. If you look closely..

1775 says:

Was an intel fan for many years. The way it’s looking, I’m making a complete switch by the end of the year. We’ll see what AMD has to offer in the graphic card section too. I’m hoping for the best from AMD – I’m tired of intel’s high prices.

Lightning says:

Here’s hoping.
My Intel i5-6600K is defective (like all computer parts I buy including my MSI Twin Frozr GTX 1070 -_-) and I would love to try AMD for the first time. I enjoyed my crossfire Sapphire Nitro+ RX 480’s I had (before the crossfire bios corrupted and I had to ship them away -_-) so I like what improvements they’ve done so far in the GPU architecture. Can’t wait to see if Ryzen will be worth getting.

magicnut says:


deckkid101 says:

Gay couple adopts grown black man.

Mr AMD says:

Still, you have to buy your own Ryzen CPU to benchmark, Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu

sebastian says:

Yeah nah.. My AMD machine runs like shit compared to my intel

Scant says:

i don’t like AMD right now, they’re costing me near £1000 loss on the stocks because their share price has dropped so much over the last week or so.

Matthew Gates says:

Jay I love your content! I can trust your evaluations and opinion because they seem to never be too tainted by sponsorship! Good luck with the new office, it looks great! Hopefully you guys can expand the business doing something you love! Sponsorship for YouTube channels is a necessity these days. Forget who says you are selling out. Your content remains earnest and legitimate. Just remember we all are jealous because when you go to work, your work is our optional spare time/expense hobby!!!!

kaneem001 says:

why am i not sub to jay? dang let me hit that sub button.

1967 kID says:

I was all intel until amd broke 1g I think it was 2000s

TheScrumpty says:

I have always built my computers with AMD for more than a few reasons, pricing is just one of those reasons, now i hope i did not hear jay right, switching to the RYZEN absolutely REQUIRES windows 10? i have windows 7 64 bit, i really hope that my windows 7 disk will be compatible, if it is not, the likelihood of me switching from my FX-9590 is extremely small

sir typhon says:

if you look the spec of amd ryzen no hyper threading for this cpu.turn off hyper threading on your i7 6700k hes better for save 10 degres on heating too.thats curious amd have no hyper threading.

Sanu Saha says:

i have fm2+ socket should I buy amd a10 7890k processes please please give suggestion

1967 kID says:

$500.00 is to much for a intel killer get real and I like you Jay but intel $1000.00 pluss cpu overpriced cpu I will never support intel my fx 8350 oc 4.7 with 1070 runs everything I trow at it, and if intel bring there price down intel fan boys going to be pist

ammarzaghloul55 says:


anthony Lee dickinson says:

I have only buy amd. Intel way over priced and not enough in the difference between both of the chips to make it worth the extra cash both have pos and cons

hijena ??? says:

hehe intel will low their price ))) amd killer of intel price

Denmon says:

Fuck intel and nvidia, finally amd is back

Ricky D says:

I kno amd is comparing the ryzen 7 1700 to the intel i7 7700k, but should i sell my i7 7700k that i just ordered, and just get ryzen. I mainly use my pc for gaming, and i was told intel would be better for gaming. My friend purchased my i5 6500 so i alrdy have a z170 motherboard thats why i ordered the i7, but do you guys think i should sell it and go ryzen ?

Kakashi Hatake says:

i want AMD chips to be good,cuz I am buying an RX 470 anyways
so having an AMD CPU will make me feel good,cuz having both the chips from the same company..
also,i like red more than blue or green

LeFlavius_NL says:

but muh space heater…
ayymd is suckerino, intel beat always

this is most maturest of all comment, i am clear best argumetns.

just kidding, nice video, Jay. It’s good to give us, the community, food for thought, rather than spooning in a certain argumentation.

BangDroid says:

Agreed. Intel has really let us all down over the years, they should have broken and reinvented physics by now… sheesh

theburkeman1 says:


Tudorache Adrian says:

Thanks Jay. Good look on thinks

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