Just an AMD Fanboy?? – i7-7820X Review Comment Responses

With the variety of comments that you all left on my 7820X review video, I thought I’d do a follow up. From addressing overclock concerns, to Ryzen memory setups, to turbo boost discrepancies, to Threadripper, I tried to cover as much as possible.

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Nathan Verkaik says:

Very glad you explained things and that you addressed the unnecessary rude comments! No need to be dickish when people do not agree with you! Kudos mate!

Julian Van der Merwe says:

I’ve gotta say, I’m a 3D Design student and we need skookum setups to be able to do renders and CAD but, being a student, I’m dirt poor. So yes, sometimes you really have to get all the bang for your buck while still maximising on performance, and not having to spend money on extra cooling and crap on the Ryzen is fantastic. I’m really impressed by the new AMD line-up and first chance I get I’m upgrading my relic to a Ryzen, even though I’ve been an Intel fanboy for as long as I can remember.

janenba352 says:

I expect Intel to do some massive price drops when Threadripper is released.

Blackops Catspy says:

My cpu is now nearly 4 years old. I’m preparing to make videos. I’ve researched the newer cpus — both Intel and Ryzen. It is true that Ryzen that has made impressive progress. It is true that Intel prices are still high and the cooling is challenging. Thanks to AMD, Intel prices are coming down. There is something that I find worrying about Ryzen, particularly with Threadripper: The motherboards.

I’m seeing the reviews on Newegg and Amazon and they raise the concern about implementation of build. Some of the ratings run 50% (or so) for 4 and 5 stars vs 50% 1 star where the boards went dead or were DOA. Frankly, this frightens me. So even playing the odds, I think that the odds favor Intel at the moment.

Now be assured that I’m finding the I9 a complete expensive confusing wrong-headed mess. Intel has clearly panicked and it’s not a pretty sight. It is also clear that whatever motherboard one might choose for right now, next year (or so), it will be Intel obsolete.

So the choices are: 1) wait for Ryzen 2 and hope the motherboard situation gets better (yeah, I know, for those who were successful, you’re going, “Hey, this is great, what’s the problem?”) or 2) wait for Intel’s next year entries and hope for the best there.

My approach for the moment is to get a Samsung 960 Pro m.2 and an adapter and hope to heck (sorry for the euphanism) that I can get it to boot and go nvme. Even so, it won’t be a loss in the longer term. I also hope to get a GTX 1080 (maybe 2 and go SLI). Then when I get enough money, go for the i7-7820X and GIGABYTE AORUS X299 AORUS Gaming 9 with a good low latency DDR4. I suspect that the 960 and 1080(s) will get me where I want to go without too much fuss and disruption.

So for what it’s worth, that’s my assessment. Perhaps, for some, it will be helpful. If anyone even ever sees this comment. Which is unlikely.

Stoney Lawson says:

poor man’s supercar? lol

juan granados says:

Respect, 1 you kept calm. 2 you read a loooot of coments. 3 you tried to create dialog, not a insult coment war. Conclusion got a new subscriber.

Striko Strikan says:

P.s. Maybe You should max-out BOTH platforms to compare the performance then? I think that would be very interesting video!

Brecht Schatteman says:

How about the 7800X? It can keep up with the 1800X at the same power consumption…

ammarmar says:

You clearly don’t get it.

If you want car comparisons, let’s say you want a car that goes 200kph. Sure, there are plenty of cars available, for great value, but they only go 180kph and not 1kph faster, no matter what you do.
And there is only one car on the market that goes 200kph, it has a stupid price, but there is nothing better available.

Not everything is about “value”, for some people, what’s important is “power”. They will go for the most powerful thing they can buy, no matter how much it costs.

Tommy WizOh says:

“Can you please learn to insult people’s ideas rather than the people themselves” – This goyim.

Spoken like a true cuck.
Is that an insult to you as a cuck? Or an insult to your cuck ideas? I can’t tell.

Berzerk TD4W says:

The fx chips were 8 core. They were just set in pairs, so during gaming workloads and similar applications, each core is limited to 50% usage. But when I’m doing actual productivity, mine will go to 100% on all cores.

Michael Gusevsky says:

Good vid. Disagree about ur hz method

Jai554 says:

Name of the outro music?
link in description is dead… thanks!

kdw75 says:

You should do a review of the 7820X. 🙂 I went with the 7800. Why? Because I plan to upgrade the CPU when the next round of them come out, hoping they will be a better value.

Toby W says:

i have a 7820x and u wanna know why i have it its because its epic. and thats it it runs everything i need it to and some. i paired it with a 1080ti and boom off she goes 🙂 if u wanna save money its a no brainer go amd 🙂 lucky for me at this time i didnt have to choose to save money so it worked out ok for me but everyone is different and u need to pick whats right for u and what u can afford if i had been broke i wud have got amd and been just as happy its about the gaming and having fun not about who has the best shit. just saying. happy gaming all 🙂

Aaron Black says:

I got the 7820x because it has very good performance for games, streaming, and rendering. What I want to know is why people are calling it a BAD processor.

Kezo lastname says:

You are a 20 something young man with the wisdom of a fifty-year old! Good on you!

wan burhanuddin says:

your eyebrows shit man…more smile is needed

phillip martin says:

The problem is you reviewed the 7820 (a workstation cpu) from the point of view of a guy with $3 in his pocket. No one buying this cpu is checking the couch for change. Your buying this class of cpu for work where outright performance and platform stability is valued. -The only issue I had with the review was the lack of benchmarks using the professional applications someone buying this class of cpu would run. If you added some for future benchmarks and left of the gaming benchs the review would be ok.-Keep up the good work.

ammarzaghloul55 says:


Fridgemusa says:

Process Seas.

Jeff Ingram says:

My Pentium 4 will kick all yall’s ass.

Striko Strikan says:

Nice vids lately! I’ve come back to Your channel after some time! Keep up the good work!


Musky Elon says:

It’s YouTube, there is no “civil discussion”. It’s an idiot fest here. That said, Ryzen and Threadripper are killing Intel.

Big Daddy says:

if money is not an issue, go with intel… end of story

RICHARD Sink says:

You need to be proud of what you do, i have seen you not try to take sides and some people don’t get it. Keep up the good work!!


lucky me, got it for 380 on newegg. basically rendering ryzen obsolete except for price to perf. but i need singlethread.

Amit Ghai says:

appreciate the fact that you care about our comments , i have a question can you please let us all know the stock temps of i7 7820x ?? its a request cause this info is not available on net

DOOM Slayer says:

my pentium it’s better

Jesse JAY says:

I am on the best bang for the buck side . AMD seem to fill that bill. all i do is game and some netflix on my rig . i have a life so i like to have some money after i buy PC gear , lolz

GregginsMcgee says:

The video was really good and the tests were fair and objective, unfortunately your narrative was not objective. You clearly pushed for the Ryzen and perhaps people, like me, are looking for a more objective review. I think your points were valid but the goal of video hard to tell. Is it a review video or an opinion video? I don’t think you explained all of your reasoning clearly, as you had to explain further here. If you want more of an objective video try showing your reasoning more objectively. For instance, say “How does the x series change the best choices for PCs?” And then list best choices for things like gaming, video editing, common users, cpu+mobo budget of X/Y/Z. I would also describe that the real advantages of this processor and describe which users would make the most use of this. Hopefully at this point the viewer realizes that the while performance is good the price comes with that performance and may not be worth it for them. And at the very end give your opinion of what you would do. If you wanted an opinion video I think it should have had less benchmarks and had content similar to what was in this video, explaining your reasoning.

Piet Pompies says:

Bret your review is spot on, performance is balanced by value and Ryzen has both, it keeps up with Duel Xeon’s in productivity loads at less than half the price, with the slide in the Rand AMD is offering value and in our market this can drive sales.

Khai First says:

i just Subscribe @! Ryzen have Ryze !

Daniel pogi says:

Hi ufdisciple. Im one of your subscriber/follower in philippines i am really new in this building. I would like to ask for your help. Can you suggest me a build for gaming with a budget around $350. Please reply Thank you so much

Oz says:

*Subscribed* Good videos friend. Intel haters, don’t hate the player–hate the game.

ThesexyMrX says:

I am super happy with my 7820. not looking back for a second. plus a 50% price drop in 6 months?? awesome.

Lancer VI says:

Very well explained and even handed. Well done.

Austin P says:

I really appreciate your videos. This the the video you are elaborating on are the first two videos that I have seen from you. I love your energy.
Even though you emphasize overclocking Ryzen, I like that you paid respects to conservative RAM speeds, keeping it at the stock 2667MHz. I actually prefer running stock. In my experience, stability is no guarantee beyond stock, even after it tests stable for 24 hours. So, I think it is good to compare the systems when running everything at stock for people who use their computers for work and who value stability over performance.

From this perspective, comparing the performance and platform price of Ryzen 7 1700 vs Ryzen 7 1800X vs i7-7800X vs i7-7820X would be very interesting. I like how Hardware Unboxed graphs this, but he only considers CPU cost. And, he runs all his Ryzen CPUs with at least 2993MHz of RAM. When looking at platform cost and stock performance, I think you will see a justifiable position for the Ryzen 1800X between the Ryzen 7 1700 and I7-7820X.

With that said, you will find that the IPC differences between Ryzen and Skylake-X practically disappear when running the RAM at 3200MHz in both systems. You can see that in Hardware Unboxed’s video titled “AMD Ryzen 5 1600 vs. Intel Core i7-7800X: 30 Game Battle!”. So, if a Ryzen chip can run 2997-3200MHz RAM, Ryzen is on par with Skylake-X, not behind. And, the single-thread advantage of Skylake-X disappears when multitasking because the admirably high boost clock is reduced. And, the IPC decreases with higher clocks. Broadwell-E and Skylake are better than Skylake-X. Intel is going backwards! It really is a shame.

Again, thank you for the video.

Tyler 117 says:

Hey one thing to consider though is that the Ryzen has a few issues. When it comes to low input latency, like on a DAW, the 7820x is definitely the way to go. Ryzen is a bottleneck by comparison.

Jake Alex says:

Idiot.Stop responding to stupid comments. Dumbass.

Master Debater says:

I have to ask the questions nobody else would and that is.. What kind of daily gaming use life span for these 2 brands and how does that play into peoples decision to pick a side? Will thread-ripper or any of these high core count cpu’s last as long as my last machine 13years and my kid is still playing games on it now that I have gotten myself a new machine.

Musky Elon says:

He just kept talking! Take a breath dude.

Thomas Steiner says:

AMD were years along too stupid to get at intel niveau with performance.

So the only one who supported Intel was AMD, with Bulldozer, now Vega, next will be ryzen 3… they coudnt keep up.

now again, intel is working on new architectures, while AMD is selling out their Zen Cores in renamed CPUs, also if the CPU needs 400W for their unusual, idling 32 cores or so…. AMD began with this s**t with the Phenoms, Core count over single core speed. And that was good – where Dual Core CPUs were the most used CPUs…

But today, i dont care anymore if i my CPU has 8, 12, 16 or 24 Cores, as long i can use only 8 (or less)

morningreis says:

The 7820X fills a gap between the 1900X and 1920X in terms of price and performance, but can nearly match the 1920X in certain workloads. If you look at benchmarks like Cinebench which scale perfectly, the 1920X whoops the 7820X. But these are HEDT processors designed for work. Take a look at practical workload like HEVC encoding and you’ll see that the 7820X and 1920X are way closer than you might expect – certainly after overclocking, which is where Intel can make up for a lot of performance. You can’t always achieve perfect scaling with more cores, but you can by increasing frequency. Gaming is secondary for me (I would get a mainstream processor if that was my only concern), but it is a nice bonus to have a processor that has an extremely high IPC and good single threaded performance. I can’t speak for the 7900X and the other i9 processors, but the 7820X personally is the sweet spot for me in terms of multi-/single-threaded performance and price. Nobody is more surprised at this than me. I was totally ready to buy AMD this round. The one thing I will concede is that it’s an absolute travesty that Intel is not soldering their CPUs and using bad TIM instead. That’s such a quick/easy/cheap/obvious fix for a better product. I’ll be on board with AMD once Zen2 is out and they have improved their IPC a bit.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan says:

Fact: There two types Anyoing fanboy poeple in the world AMD one and Android who cares if you can costumzies ur whole phone i just want to use my phone XD

tightlineagain2 says:

Ok so here is my 2 cents worth.
1st – I think you are an AMD fanboy but I’m alright with that. I want to hear what both sides fanboys are saying and come to my own conclusion. I could go either way and seeing that I’m in the planning stages of my PC build I want as much info as I can get before making my final decision. (I’m leaning towards the Intel 7820x right now as it looks to be better for the build I am doing).

2nd – I think it only appropriate to compare apples to apples now that the Threadripper is out. The comparison between i7 7820x vs AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1900X is an equal apples to apples comparison.

3rd – Put the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1900X to the same exact test that you did with the 7820x against the Rizen7 1700. I looked for your review for the Threadrippers in your videos and it is completely void. Will the line of Threadrippers stand up to the same test you put to Intel?

I did enjoy your review of the 7820x although I think throttling the 7820 to 4.0Ghz wasn’t a fair idea when it could handle 4.5Ghz easily. I subbed in hopes you’ll take my second and third points seriously and run the tests. That is if you ever even see this comment LOL.

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