Is the FX-6300 Worth It in LATE 2018? (AMD FX 6300 Review & Benchmarks)

Is the FX 6300 worth it in the world of modern, powerful, and inexpensive budget CPUs? Well, compared to it’s competition- the Pentium G5400, Pentium G4560, and even AMD’s own Ryzen 3 1200 and Ryzen 3 2200g- the value proposition of the FX 6300 isn’t where it should be. At a crowded and competitive price point, there are simply better options available.

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Jignesh Jadhav says:

Fx 6300 is good for video editing? can i use after effects and adobe premium. amd a8 7600 vs fx 6300 which one is better?

Balox says:

Dude I can play battlefield 1 on my pc at ultra settings at 60 fps locked.
I have amd fx6300 and GTX 750TI

Nano C. says:

I can definitely say that my computer has been running really well for gaming with the FX6300, I don’t notice any lag when I’m at ~50 Fps playing Just Cause 3 and Fallout 4.

Rastamensa says:


RiU_XD says:

I think the Ryzen chips get you a better upgrade path. But if you only game I think you should go for some intel chip…

Simonstar says:

Been using fx6300 2 years it’s good but it’s aging now 🙁

Ross Mclaughlin says:

6300 dose lot better with better gpu like hell of lot better doesn’t change the over all view of video but does mean someone still rocking 6300 would gain lot by putting something like 980 or a r9 390 in yes these cards will not do as well as they could in a modern pc but system would have playable fps in almost all games n means when you do eventually have to upgrade then cpu n ram would be an even better upgrade as would give gpu a new lease of life this is upgrade path i would chose any way but as for buying new dead on the money defos avoid great video dude

Ksmash Gamer says:

Nice video, always quality

Razor Blaze says:

My fx 6300 is still running great I did not have to oc and I still don’t need to oc games run fine nfs payback 1080p high settings 30-40 fps doesn’t drop below 30, even tomb raider works the first and second one work fine no stutter and pretty soon will be getting battlefield 1 to see the stutter 🙂 looking forward to it :). Oh by the by I got my fx when it just came out so it’s something like 5+ years or something not sure now people complaining about 2 years psh lmfao

KaMa2 says:

Who could expect that? 😉

- S L Z Z P Y - says:

Could maybe you or someone in the comments check this out see if it’s a good deal for a budget gaming pc

Omsui Skies says:

compared to ryzen 65w tdp. fx 6300 rip my electric bill.

Sluzzy says:

What gpuwere you using I get a lot better fps and I have an rx 560.

H4BITZZ says:

I have a fx 6300 what should I upgrade it to my build is amd Fx 6300 gtx 1050ti and 8 gigs

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