Is AMD’s Ryzen 5 CPU Right For You?

Is The Ryzen 5 The Right CPU For Your Build?


AMD Ryzen 5 Info

Ryzen 7 1800X

Ryzen 7 1700X

Ryzen 7 1700

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D2daK87 says:

Third World countries lol. Dude, I live in the UK and PC part prices are quite literally FUCKED. I’m budget conciensious.

Unicorn Workhorse says:

Africa isn’t a third world country

Gautham Chandran says:

I have an i3 3220 and I’m planing to upgrade my gpu to GTX 1070. I was planning to go with i5 7500 to not bottleneck my gpu. Should I go for ryzen 5 instead ? I’m an 3D animator I think more threads will help me render faster. and by the way gaming is my first priority ? Anybody could help me ?

FullFledged2010 says:

You sir are so wrong.. Multiple cores definitely matter for frame rate! Almost all modern games make good use of 8 or more cores. Not perfect but they will in the future.

dylan wilkes says:

I think your my fav tech channel on YouTube I love the way you explain stuff lol

Cleon Smith says:

did you just mention Jamaica that made click subscribed

Gautham Chandran says:

I have an i3 3220 and I’m planing to upgrade my gpu to GTX 1070. I was planning to go with i5 7500 to not bottleneck my gpu. Should I go for ryzen 5 instead ? I’m an 3D animator I think more threads will help me render faster. and by the way gaming is my first priority ? Anybody could help me ?

Alwin Maxwell says:

Significant Intel advantage in games over AMD Ryzen CPUs is a myth.

TekReviews says:

If reviews are true on virtual Ryzen 5’s a 4 percent increase in performance on a lot of games is not worth it to get a 1700X. That 1600X is the sweet spot for gamers who don’t want to spend a lot of money. I know the Momma’s boys are going to get triggered because Mommy buy’s all their tech stuff even their underwear.

Jok Fir says:


richard whittington says:

want the best for upload video onto YouTube and play facebook game?

Luken Struken says:

From Brazil, still have a AMD E-450 PC :/

Juan jotabe says:

well… i’m from Argentina, a 3rd world country in LatinAmerica… not the worst by no means (at the end of the day Argentina is a G20 member) but pretty bad compared to some Europe, Japan or USA in terms of tech price…

For ppl here, i7 6700/7700 is the highest thing most people can aim at, even if they are content creators… 6 or 8 core Intels where out of the cuestion. For many people i5 or Fx 8 core series as the highest tier they could aim at in terms of hardware, while i3s and Fx 6 core where more mainstream… leaving Pentiums and Apu A8 as budget builds, sharing market with older gen CPUs…

With Ryzen the R7 (mainly 1700) will become a mainstream CPU for content creators (specially web and graphic designers and video makers).
I think R5’s 1600x will enter that “highest tier most people can aim at” class in price, so i think there’s a fair chance they replace the existing i5 and Fx series, since most people tend to make one be-all-do-all PC. It will depend however on the price to be honest.

For people on a little slower budget Fx series and i5 will be about as good as R5 1500x, so pricing will be a decisive factor there… the Fx series is very popular in Argentina, specially the Fx8320e… if they price R5 1500 30dlls above Fx8320e price… people here will keep choosing the aging (but still valid for 3rd world standars) Fx cpu

jutubaeh says:

what i feel ? seriousslie ? were being … with the next console and speciallie? übernext RöckstaR game$… new board and cpu..? plus to factor in into that that amd has made enough money . . ?

Harakiri88 says:


rafael santana says:

Rock smith is available on pc

vinit sharma says:

does amd ryzen support virtualization ? i want to work on 2 or more operating system together like windows 10 ,linux 7.3 suggest me which processor best for me
for virtualization

jkteddy77 says:

I wouldn’t say all AMD fans are budget…
AMD has better software and drivers, even reliability, than Nvidia since the 900/1000 series with AMD’s new Crimson drivers.
AMD fans don’t want budget, they want best price-performance while still having top tier performance.
I and most people will buy whatever is their desired performance, even the flagship end, for the lowest price.
R5 absolutly dominates the mid-end market for gamers, especially the 1500/1600, should beat every intel other than maybe a high OC’d 6600K/7600K, and even then, the 1500/1600 will have 8 cores for productive use.
Hopefully with Vega, AMD can pull ahead in both Price/Performance and flagship performance.

Cynaptic says:


Alwin Maxwell says:

Ryzen will give less -5 -10 FPS in games when testing compared to Intel 7700K. But in real life, when there are other apps sucking CPU resources in the background, on Intel 8 threaded CPU-s there will be significant FPS drops which are visible to naked eye as stuttering. But on AMD Ryzen CPUs there will be no sudden FPS drops since the number of threads on AMD Ryzen 5/7 CPUs is much bigger.

lone damaged wolf says:

sorry but amd sucks lol there never good

NETVO TV says:

If I want a computer for video editing, animation and 3D editing, can you help me to build a PC with RX580 8gb and RYZEN 1600X? Can RYZEN CPU based computer have thunderbolt 3/USBC? What stuff I will lose if move to AMD CPU and GPU?

Camper X says:

I had an 8350 that i overclocked and ran every day. It was paired with an R9 290x. I really enjoyed that setup, but when i went to a 2k monitor it was not pulling the fps i needed to play my games on the highest settings. So I borrowed some money from my landlord and went to the enemy(it made me sad). I got an I5 6600k@4.2 stock voltage, and a 1070 and I was playing highest settings again. I really want to get an R5 1600x. I am hoping that it can hang with the 6600k. My main concern is the memory. It is hard for me, an old disabled man, on poor persons disability, to save money. It has taken me 4 months, but I now have the funds for the cpu and the motherboard. I would take me another 2 if I have to wait to buy different ddr4 memory. Maybe i should just pop for the 7700k now.

jutubaeh says:

fascinating geo statement ^^ we have their hardware they have our energy ^ ^

Ryathor says:

leaked benchmarks are showing the 4 core ryzen 5 beating the kaby lake i7 7700k

Aniket Sengupta says:

I think you reviewers are benchmarking CPUs the wrong way. After deeper analysis its being noticed that Ryzen CPUs are performing better in demanding situations with higher drawcall involvement. When you are already getting 100 fps it doesn’t matter if an intel CPU gives 10 more FPS. It matters more when the additional CPU performance gets you closer to 60 FPS in demanding situations.

Issaoui Ghassen says:

Good cpu for good budget but in this fucking country they are have the same price as intel it’s more then 1200 usd did you blieved fucking tunisia

Devmalya Das says:

I am Shifting from Intel To Amd Ryzen 5 1400

Mikhail Hemmings says:

I live in Jamaica. Can confirm.



John A says:

Can this run hyper-v?

shayelad shayelad says:

Man you R great love your vids and the way you bring them keep it coming!!!
Waiting to see your vega and 1600x review. Can you do review about best air cooler for ryzen 1600x(lowest temps at load)

Paolo Campanella says:

LOL for people who dont wanna fuck around hahaha thats me 😀

xox0951 says:

Just ordered a 1400 upgrading from a 860k

supercarsXposed says:

hey stop swearing mother fucker

Steven P says:


Seth Rock says:

I think prices for the 5 are too high, should be half price of the I-5 series, otherwise, until optimized I’m not sure worth the savings for a gamer. If on the budget the new pentium seems to be tolerable for that low price

SayMax Z says:

Really … Jamaica and Africa….he forgot India

Zeek M says:

Everything is right for me as long as it’s under $100.00

I’ll be sure to buy more when I’m given more.

Jenny Tapia says:

Hey, every body is excited about the new Ryzen 5 CPUs. is there anyone that can recommend this board:

From what I’ve read from here and there, full ryzen 5 support doesn’t work out of the box, for some reason it requires some bios[legacy]? update.

Darien Goheen says:

I like your vibe with computers. Great content. Subscribed!

Kevin Chan says:

I’m upgrading from an Intel Core i5 3300 and I was interested in the Ryzen 5 1600, but I was told the selection is more of a side-grade than an upgrade. My rig is at least five years old now and beginning to show it’s age.

My next upgrade is plan to last another five years, so can anyone tell me why the Ryzen 5 may not be the best choice for longevity? Single-core performance-wise, it would seem to falter slightly behind Intel Kaby Lake, but that’s negligible, so I can’t seem to pinpoint the reason in the midst of the hype.

bobby boucher says:

your a boss 🙂

RedPanda00 says:

I hate how he pronounces Ryzen

emre yılmaz says:

in turkey (most expensive prices in the world) its very hard to buy something technological.

Rick Cash says:

It’s sort of like someone making a car that requires 100 octane fuel, but you can’t get the fuel yet. The better the CPU, the more game developers can utilize the difference to go further.

Berna says:

Elric Rocksmith is on steam 😉

Gixxer Fixxer says:

So for 1080p/60fps/ultra settings gaming, should I go with the 1500X or the 1600X?

RainahJae says:

Here’s my 2 cents man: Back in 2009 I bought a brand new AMD Phenom II x4 810 for $195.99. That CPU has been overclocked above 3Ghz it’s entire life, and it is still going strong. You asked if I thought that Ryzen 5 would be right for me? Hell yes! For an extra $55 I’m going to get a 1700X as my next upgrade and hopefully it will be a CPU that lasts at least the 8 years my Phenom II has.

Jok Fir says:


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