Is AMD a Good Option in 2018??

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In April of 2017, AMD blindsided Intel by launching brand-new Ryzen series of processors. How does second-gen Ryzen stack against the competition in 2018?

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Amex Pendragon says:

i love this guy

sheng chao says:

intel is real innovation other chip companies are all copiers

VergilTheDevil666 says:

I wanted to build my pc with Intel core i7 7820x. But now with our current economy its prices went crazy high like from 552.99$ to 981.89$…seriously intel wtf!?

Windra Dawiwaha says:

Its October now, and the intel’s pricing goes through the roof!

Mr.Special Force says:

watching this using core2duo

To Release is To Resolve says:

Gaming mode is for old games, not modern games.

ToxicGamer1 says:

scrapyard wars spoiler alert. damn

NoonVia says:

FreeSync vs GSync, you need 240 frames to play on 400$ cheaper freesync monitors, why would you miss that point, it’s all amd is about in gaming vs intel. you can get 500 frames in csgo, ok but you’ll see 144 fps on much more expensive monitor 🙂

easin haque says:

what gaming mode in 2700x???i didnt know linus was the first one before PT that did this mistake …gaming mode is for threadripper……no wonder u r paid reviewer and talking about amd…thats why people trust gamernexus not linus

Touyee Lor says:

Legit 98% of my friends say “AMD sucks” then I ask them why then they reply with “cuz Intel is better” then I ask them “do you even know what a cpu is?” “No” I just want to slap them across the face

pepmiman says:

@ 2:09 Lol at that clip of finding a Ryzen 5 in a garbage bin. I’d be happy, if that happened to me.

Luis Angel says:

Well, since my old i5 4690 just died on me, I gotta get a new one, so now I just wanna know if I should go to the red team for the 2700x.
Actually I’ve been waiting for the new gen of Intel, but know I see they aren’t that good and are quite expensive. I’m a graphic designer (mainly) and do 3D as well but I do some gaiming as well when time allows me. I own a R9 390 and I want to hear what you have to say, should I go and get the 2700x and save money? Or stick to Intel?

Carlos Josue Hernandez Jaramillo says:

if you have more bucks, go Intel…
if you haven’t as much bucks, go AMD…

Intel is bettler of course, higher performance for what are you paying for…
AMD is a good solution, more “balance” option of performance and Price…

For sure you need to check the 3 “W” of PC buying: what you want….what you can get…what you can pay… and BOALA!!!

Bill Pii says:

like you couldn’t game at 120 fps

Lekha Pratap says:

Speaking of sponsor, I am gonna-
“Stop you right there!”

José Galvez says:

intel only wins due gaming optimizations.

Werner Punz says:

Re game mode: If you did your homework, this setting is for threadripper because it disables half the cores… man…

Allen Grattafiori says:

I really like your information but I jus don’t like your acting it’s horrible

Booyax001 says:

The Ryzen 7 2700x is the best price/value CPU on the market. 310€ for the 2700x vs. 470€ for the 8700k (Oct. 2018). No more words to say.

Gabor Jonas says:

You forgot to mention:
I7 8700K without cooler £430 Ryzen 2700X with cooler £288

Autard_Diab says:

I am one of those Amd fanboys……

Copper Nova says:

The argument isn’t the smug “AMD is better for REAL work,” it’s that gaming shouldn’t be given equal weight as everything else a computer does COMBINED. It shouldn’t be ‘games v. everything else’, it should be ‘games v. video editing v. database v. 3D modelling v. etc…’

Still, it’s an improvement over Anand’s heyday of treating benches of three different maps in Quake3: Arena as three meaningfully discreet benchmarks, so… Yay… I guess?

dr. whet farts says:

amd is a good choice for poor casuals.

top banana says:

intel but but ok, AMD but but but but but but but. no thanks

Vitor Massaro says:

I use Via C7 processor simple.

Andrew Molina says:

Wow.. I’m only a fan of what benefits me the most at any given time. It was Intel for years and now its AMD because of my work. I have no real bias because I would be just fine with either ones latest generation chips. With thay being said, how obvious is it that linus licks Intels butthole!

Usman Randera says:

Intel socket 775 was most stable for my costumer, after its entry by 1st generation app. 2008 it is not stable by socket, means changing many sockets within 10 years, as it creates economical prob. by M B or CPU, as per my exp.of assembling desktop pc AM3/3+ socket of AMD travel long journey with the good performance. I & my customers are still enjoying FX 8370, 8350, 9370, 9390. as Ryzen is also best with DDR 4.

MrBoombast64 says:

Yea If you go with ram that slow……

Noone says:

Good vid

TeamSixTV says:

No matter what. It’s Intel Intel Intel Intel only Intel!!!!!!…

Dario Mladenovski says:

jesus this guy is such a sellout

hellobooom says:

Having just picked up a 1800x for US $170, there was no other option even close.

Brian Gervais says:

i think i would have preferred an I5 8600k over my ryzen 7 1700, i believe the costs were similar. on what planet is the intel setup only 60$ more?

ramadevi amoliya says:

Both are best

Savage Activities says:

AMD sucks. I had E2 9010 processor. And think went wrong after it started heating up

Michael Christiaan D. P. says:

I’m sorry but AMD is bang for its buck and as a central position consumer, I would choose amd over intel every time.

OriginalTeo says:

If I were very poor, how much is the least expensive computer for running normal games such as GTA V or so?

Square says:

Calm the fuck down everyone. Just like what you want and stop giving a shit about what other people think.

Thanks for terminal cancer, my god.

Sub Roc says:

As an ex intel employee I will never buy their hardware again. Yes still kinda bitter

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