Intel’s Coolest CPU EVER… Thanks to AMD!

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We never thought we’d see the day, but Intel and AMD are working together, and it’s kinda freaking awesome…

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shaikh Ayesha begum says:

AMD Made Wonder

Noob Saibot says:

Teamwork is Important, dont be a Cunt, be Nice. Powered by Amd and Intel.

Devin LaMarre says:

Awesome to see Origin as a sponsor on here.

waldemars musik says:

Give away 10 of it. If you do tell me

MSkaaning says:

Take it apartment and give it the liquid metal treatment

Gigadux says:

Heh.. Hairless Planter

Tun Plz says:

Will it have any problems with aorus 1070?
I.e power consumption?

Pravar Saran says:

couldnt find one comment mentioning ‘ive had enuc of this’ in the intro

Hat Man says:

As cool as that is, I’d almost prefer to see that system in a tiny laptop.

Tomas Whitefield says:

That novel is priceless!

Ed Saucin says:

The power brick is huge!!!
(looks right at a giant pc tower)

Walter Black says:

Aaaaand nVidia is being a dick to block this brilliant product as much as possible… GPP is the scourge of the tech world now.

Robert says:

how about for video editing?

Steve McMillan says:

I really hope Intel Buys AMD. Intel’s I-GPU technology will explode!

danniel david says:

Oh its that guy who sucks with the pc simulator

Yannick Nielsen says:

Please make a “skip the commercials” button.

zaelu says:

Please give us a break with the useless and disturbing shallow depth of field. You are not at Cannes.

William Shreckengost says:

Remember all those Intel APU rumors? This seems like it could’ve been the root of those.

Digitaldruid5891 says:

can we get a 1 hour loop of linus saying anyhow in awesome that canadian way. pretty please ?

MJS LUX says:

Can you use crossfire

Evando Apusagaseta says:

But does it Djent?

James says:

Sponsored by Intel

Warsun says:

4 core 8 Thread! PERFECT!

re4thewin says:

Hey linus hook an external gpu up to the thunderbolt port and theres your upgradability 🙂

viodelic says:

In an alternate universe, Hairless Planter is a worldwide bestseller with its own movie adaptations.

In ours, it is a neat little Harry Potter joke.

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