Intel vs AMD 2018

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My analysis of the upcoming epyc battle between Intel and AMD next year.

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MichalHalczuk says:

I’ve done calculations about EPYC Dies.
All of the memory controllers and infinity fabrics on CPU will be shrunk by 50% (might be more), and if you calculate on Ryzen’s values you’ll get:
Everything but CPU = 213 – 44×2 mm^2 = 125 mm^2, on 7nm = 62,5 mm^2.
8 MB L3 Cache = 16 mm^2, 64 MB L3 on 7nm = 16x8x0.5 = 64 mm^2.
1 Zen Core = 7 mm^2, 16 cores on 7nm = 16x7x0.5 = 56 mm^2.
62,5 + 64 + 56 = 182,5 mm^2.
My guess is, that the extra cache will be needed, since DDR4 memory will become a bit of a bottleneck at more than double the computing power at ~30% higher memory bandwith (204,8 GB/s at 3200 MHz).

xeb edy says:

Lets not forget the past: Intels tactics when faced with superior tech by AMD That it took too many years for the courts to do anything about it, and that Intel still hasn’t paid the fine! Lets hope karma bites them hard!

Petimec says:

Guys AMD is RIP… Intel buy AMD

Marzooque T says:

There is news about security design flaw on entire intel X86 – 64Bit based chips from past decade to the latest coffee lake generation, which could be a security loophole that’s inherit with the architecture of the processors which could not be patched by a microcode update or bios. But instead, now trying to patch through OS level like Linux, Windows & Mac OS. It seem like the patching will cause the intel chips performance drop “upto 30%+” based on the generation and type of processors. In Linux OS, some already done the patch and the results are not good for intel chips. It also confirmed that this problem is only with intel processor. Also the main affected area is server and data center level, day to day tasks on consumer level not much affected from the initial reports from Linux based forums. But no idea about how much impact on Windows and Mac OS.

This in a sensational tech news for few weeks and I was expecting a much more researched video from your channel. I like your videos because that makes sense and logical and always watch and wait for new contents from you. Hope you will enlighten all of us in this issue in your upcoming videos. Much appreciated all your researches and works. Good luck & Thanks..

Amon Tis says:

5.1 lady gaga hertz.

G6 Liara says:

It looks like AMD is aiming at a grand slam in the CPU market.
Interesting times will come

Patrik Miskovic says:

Ryzen is beast but ryzen 2 in 2018 :O

Turbo Grafx says:

Hbm for Cpu rather than edram i hope soon for amd

Roman Ash says:

Man, how heavy is the accent… which country is that?

Nunya Dambidniss says:

Intel’s Tick/Tock was a solid method and abandoning it was a HUGE mistake if ya ask me.

John D A says:

It’ll be interesting to see your take on Intel CPU’s about to be borked with a fix for one of their security flaws, which can impact performance by up to %30.

traingp7 says:

If we get a 1800X equivalent that can overclock to 5 GHZ all cores I’ll be happy as long as 4000 MHZ ram is able to run no problems out of the box.

Ihatespiderslol says:

Merely days after correctly predicting Intel slapping 2 more cores on the 8700k to compete with the ryzen refresh, it’s pretty much confirmed now. Adored with another perfect shout.

Jose Alcantar says:

Why does intel not just copy amd’s “glue em together” CPU strategy?

WoTb FoX says:


that one guy says:

Nes master race

Ancient Gameplays says:

You have some good theories and statements. Great Channel!
All the best to you. Left my like xD

Liam Davidson says:


facelessninetytwo says:

Actually 1070Ti is not a bad choice now. In retailer I personally use to buy hardware there is basically no “price barrier” between 1070 and 1070Ti, with top-notch cooling solutions for 1070 worth the same as mid-tier 1070Ti. And I would certainly choose GTX 1070Ti with a slightly worse temperatures because performance would be way better.

Spartan 212 says:

Saw this video after watched red gaming talk about intel new 8c/16t cpu coming out. All I can say is Amd has done such a great job that there no more enthusiasts line . It just seem like intel trying to regain ground. Still rocking 5820k as it has been serving good but 2018 seems like a great year for cpu upgrade. Intel should honestly have 10 core i7 or i9 with the i5 have 8c and i3 having 6c that would at least make sense all with been able to clock higher at reasonable prices. If they want to regain ground need to think outside the box. Like everyone knows how easy it would be for intel to regain ground more cores reasonable price and ppl will buy intel Cpus. Just imagine an i7 or i9 with 10 cores and 24 threads as flagship at 389.99-450 that honestly be a worth cpu especially if the i5 8c 16t cpu is market at 289.99 and the i3 6c 12t at 189.99. Intel does that and watch how many people buy their Cpus even if it is another refresh.

lHiTMANll says:

hmm… AMD might actually take over the CPU market. Lets just hope they can keep it going with future architectures. Would be interesting to see what happens in 2021-2023. They need to just drop the gaming GPU market and let someone else take over RTG and focus on compute GPU’s and CPUs.

Konrad Go says:

I love how you always drop “Do not quote me on that one” and how you pronounce it with clearly a smile on your face 😀
If Ryzen+ get’s to 5Ghz single-thread in OC, it’s a save buy for me. I need single-thread performance much more, which is why I have Kaby Lake with 5.1 OC right now.

y smg says:

So waiting till February if there comes a Ryzen update beating Coffee lake 8700K in every way?
Or just buying Coffee lake now and chill till 2019?

And before you tell me to go for Ryzen now – for my use cases I need single core performance over everything (running software not optimally using multiple threads) …

evocatiproductions says:

AdoredTV, we really need to get you a DeEsser, badly. Otherwise, Awesome Video, Great Insight as Usual. I Just wish I could help you step up your audio game. Its not bad overall, just got to give you a slight 2 to 3 db Dip in the 4.5Khz to 5.5Khz Range, and then also ad a DeEsser, probably with a threshold of around -25dB, with a ratio of at least 10:1, start there and then play with it until it gets rid of those nasty sizzling in your “S”s but still sounding natural. I’d Be happy to help…

TSEDLE333 says:

Zen 2 is going to kick Intel’s nuts something hard….Zen+ will begin the beatin though…

shawn zylla says:

i think i actually understood most of that.

Maybe Live says:

I hope it’s more like 17%

md s shafin says:

actually i want to use autoCad 2007 so AMD is suitable for me?? please reply..

DragonQ says:

I don’t think I agree that it’s been a good year for the PC overall. It’s been a great year for CPUs but even then that’s only because the CPU market has been utter crap since the late 2000s. GPUs, RAM and even SSDs have had a really bad year in terms of what you can get for your money. Except for maybe the first month of Ryzen 7’s release, I feel bad for anyone that bought a new rig this year.

Ender Wiggin says:

Hey guys What 2018 cpu will prevent being cpu bound on 4-thread-optimized battlefield 1 with dual 1080tis? 8700k or 9700k or other? Thanks

Pfer Lyn says:

The accent is so strong I almost did not understand but sexy tho xD

Strrigon says:

> complains about nvidia reusing same architecture in 2017
> excited about polaris in 2018

rediornot says:

i could not get this video to go to full screen?

Taurus says:

Amdahl’s law shits on all your 100500 cores ! SAY NO TO AMDs LYING HYPE !

Aberkae Godrilla says:

please review the new monoprice 4k freesync hdr display for $250 @60hz 1.08 billion colors 27 inch monitor.

I Paul Ema says:

I cannot believe the history we are witnessing. I would die without your videos. Keep it up Jim.

Albus Regnum says:

Intel NSA shot themselves in the dick .

The Nihl says:

Dude, why you have only 57k subs? Your analyse of hardware stuff is so great… I feel stupid i found this channel just now. I can finally find a backup in my own research!

Kingston Anderson says:

Can someone explain to me how AMD can get down to 7nm but Intel struggles with 10nm architecture.

Jakub Palkovič says:

So, do you guys think that it’s worth it to upgrade a 6600K to a 8700K, or should I wait and see what happens with Zen+?

Blind Entertainment says:

I couldn’t find your vehicle in reference to Vega… And Raja Koduri… But what do you make of this?

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