Intel or AMD… Which Should You Choose? | Gaming/Editing Benchmarks & Value Assessment

– With serious CPU competition now in our midst, it’s time we assess the true performance and value propositions both Intel and AMD provide. Which processor/platform should you choose for your next PC? Various benchmarks and deals will aid in the formulation of our conclusion(s).

**All gaming benchmarks utilized an EVGA GTX 1070Ti FTW2 @stock.

Intel & AMD CPUs You Should Consider:
AMD R3 1200:
AMD R5 1600:
AMD R7 1700:
Intel i5 8600K:
Intel i7 8700K:

B350 (Ryzen) Motherboard:
X370 (Ryzen) Motherboard:
Z370 (Intel) Motherboard:

—Our Studio Gear—
Panasonic Lumix G85 (Primary):
StudioPRO 1000W Softboxes:
Audio-Technica AT2035:
Yamaha MG10XU Mixer:
Panasonic FZ1000 (Secondary):
Neewer Microphone Arm:
Alphacool Build Mat:


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Dragonslay3r6211 says:

I picked intel for my main rig and and for my spare rig so ive got the best of both

Unobetter says:

Hey can u give me a guide for $500 budget Ima be gaming and streaming

The GamingMagpie says:

I have 2x Rx 480’s and a Nvidia 980ti…. Can i run all three in one computer, and would there be any benefits. There all MSI Gaming series just to add XD

BoomCHAKADAH says:

I’m hitting 200fps in BF1 with an i5 8600k paired with a GTX1060. Good luck even maintaining 144fps with Ryzen.

* You wanna go super competitive in CPU heavy Battlefield games? The i5 8600k has got you covered with 200fps low settings.
* You wanna sit back and enjoy other games on ultra settings? The GTX1060 has got you covered with a guaranteed 60fps.


Save money ay ? What gpu u gonna buy a 2 dollar gpu ?

Dave Chiappero says:

Price-product is always better Ryzen, better motherboard price-product. I know since 3 days ago I had a ryzen 1700 and a gigabyte x370 aorus gaming 5. Now I have an i7 8700k and Asus prime-a I do not feel so happy. The motherboard has few USB connections and only one for RGB.

srinath scoar says:

8400 vs ryzen 5 1600

Infinite Star says:

Would u recommend an i3 8100?

Matthew Simpson says:

nice and fair balanced video. I would say though, that as with many you tubers, you mention two workloads (Gaming and content creation video editing). There are many many other workloads Im sure your viewers will be interested in. Office productivity, Databases, Coding compile times and finally virtual machine performance. I went for a ryzen7 over a comparable intel platform precisely because the extra threads make the coding and virtual machine labs I do in my job much faster. I gladly take a small hit in gaming performance for that. You make a valid point though, people need to understand their desired workload to pick between them. A valid case can be made for either camp.

Jesse Hämäläinen says:

I want to game 1440p ultra 144hz is 1080ti and i7-8700k a good choice?

R0BS0Ne0606 says:

My Fortnite fps is good

mohammed asif says:

My pc build budget is $2600 AMD or Intel?

Tambayang Chinoy says:

Hi great day, I’m a new YouTuber and I’m looking for a laptop for me to edit faster and better, I can’t decide which intel I should use amd or intel?. Any thoughts?

turbotonic27 says:

your game play is st to minimum quality , looks awful

drunkNpublic says:

simple the point..and the only real true answer of what you SHOULD do = whatever it is that you want to…
i myself have an i7, i also have a ryzen (which i use mostly). everything else in both systems are pretty much the exact same (or as close as possible) ya know whats shocking..truly amazing………THEY BOTH WORK!!!!!!!!! damn whoda thunk

R0BS0Ne0606 says:

I use Intel Core i5 and AMD Radeon Graphics

ilysc says:

What if it’s solely for adult content?

David Cepeda says:

i5s are better than i7s in my opinion

MartinYTCZ says:

I went for a i5-7400 last year and man. Why I did not go for AMD? I could have got a ryzen 3 1200, overclock it a bit and outperform my CPU. And I would save money. But I would never go with AMD cards, atleast until the mining craze ends.

Red Phoenix says:

The i7 8600k translates to €225 and the R7 1700 translates to €239.99. The Z370 chipsets i < €200 and the Ryzen X370> at the moment. Speaking of value proposition. BTW. all prices are ^^

Anon Mason says:

1:35 Higher resolution the less stress you put on it?

iRuffy :D says:


Mukund Padmanabhan says:

I don’t know much about PC’s and it’s components so I would love your opinion. I use 3D based applications like Maya, Zbrush, etc., and also some video editing software like Adobe Premiere. Should I go for the 8th gen i7 8700 or the AMD Ryzen 1700x? I would be gaming on the system but my main priority is content creation.

Dalmation Webkinz /KCS Productions says:

Intel FTW

Johnny Li says:

i5 8400 or i3 8350k, I want a z370 motherboard because I want to overclock my ram

Thegreatwhiteround Studio says:

INTEL CORE i3 3220 HD 2500

John B says:

What is best for Solid Works?

JokeRGBlazE says:

This guy is such an AMD shill…

M4RTiN says:

Ебать у тя акцент понятный, буду терь тя смотреть

Red Phoenix says:

@3:04 Don’t forget that OC is a “feature” Intel charges extra for.

DJ Svarovich says:

AMD – Workstation e.g video editing INTEL – Gaming

Stick3mz says:

just go with i7 amd are ass for doing stuff like making music/ editing but then again not a lot of people know how to do heavy post-processing but if you do stick to i-7 i would try to go for an 8 th gen too cuz newer vst plugins eat up a lot of cpu so du newer effects vst’s just saying intels more for advanced/ exprt users and amd is more noob/ mid lvl users

Diamond_Pro9562 says:

AMD for budget gaming or cheaper gaming for intel a regular office pc or expensive gaming

Tim Word says:

Why would you make this video with ryzen 2 dropping in a week? lol

rockstar 5934 says:

AMD,it’s simple.

Jed Sanford says:

So I have a really serious question about this- cool live stream last night btw. You remember the scandal over the winter about the kernel vulnerabilities in Intel and how the patch would supposedly cost performance? We heard a lot about that for a while, and then nothing. Is this a factor in choosing a CPU right now?

Andrew Tran says:

Don’t forget that AMD will support the AM4 platform till 2020. Also, funny enough at the time of my build the1700x was cheaper than the 1700 XD

Dev PlayzYT says:

when the fps is like 100- it kinda sucks it looks like your on low graphics for me

nomnom moon says:

Science Studio you should update this video, since the non-overclock coffee lake chipset and ryzen 2x have been released

FreeRoamFantasy says:

i wish you werent so deep in that you couldnt change the name of this channel because it literally has absolutely nothing to do with any what so ever. not even 1 video is science based. was tech studio already taken or something?

i am Raka says:

Is it worth to upgrade from haswell i5 4460 to r5 1600x? I’ve questioned several times with myself wether i need to upgrade or not :/

Adam Smith says:

Only Intel CPU anyone should consider getting is the 8700K, everywhere else AMD has way better Price to Performance, cheaper motherboards, better integrated graphics (on the 2200g and 2400g), SMT on all mid and high range CPUs, all CPUs can be Overclocked, and longer motherboard support. And you get this for a $100 less and at most 10% performance loss (when compared to the 8700K). Just ordered a 2600 and it will replace my Haswell i5

vaderglenn says:

Hello, i’m a pc noob and been looking to upgrade things so these have been really helpful! Been watching quite alot of your vids and love the length of your videos lol. Nice and short but still lots of great info.

The Name's Nick says:

Any idea which is better for Planet Coaster specifically?

companymen42 says:

I went with Ryzen 5 1600 because it had better performance per dollar. Intel equivalent was stupid expensive, and If I wanted to upgrade with intel, I would have to buy a new motherboard between generations.

Pamela Willis says:

Do you know how I can update/change my bios (MSI Z270) if its in Chinese and large fonts. don’t know how it a happen. any ideas anyone

brackpersian says:

I love videos without sponsors

Uvuwuewuewue onyetue Osas says:

you should check i5 8400 and i5 8500, great value, great performance

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