Intel i9 9900K vs Ryzen 7 2700X Showdown – Ultimate 8 Core CPU Battle!

Today we compare the Intel Core i9 9900K vs the AMD Ryzen 7 2700X in this full CPU Benchmark Review and Comparison!
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Full disclosure: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X was sent by AMD, Intel Core i9 9900K was sent by Intel.
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Jim R says:

Shoulda made it an Intel style comparison and dis-abled half of the Intel cores.

MrMomirko says:

Thank you very much for your review. I liked it.
I prefer 2700X, like to save money. Too bad it does not go above 4,2GHz, but on the other side 9900K is too hot (but goes over 5GHz though).

kt cool says:

For out right performance for productivity just go for 2950x.

Mr.Haaska says:

looks like I’m using my i7 4790K for 2 more years. AMD gives me only a sideway upgrade and intels best’s are too dam expensive. for gaming only.

MarcasswellbMD says:

Those Bench Marks Don’t warrant paying another $300 American dollars to be 10% faster in games, SMH…

Kurt Sturtevant says:

If you spend that much on a CPU and motherboard and its not an HEDT platform, your crazy. Huge money grab in desperation too bridge the gap too 10nm. This is mid-range tech at high end pricing. Its not even new mid-range tech they could have done it 3 years ago.

Daniel Düsentrieb says:

What do you get when you match an overclocked i9 to a water cooler? A Steam Machine!

Kraz DT says:

This difference between overclock from stock to 5,1ghz 2fps more that OC chanage nothing.

Rob James says:

so at 1440p a 5% difference for twice to price (more once you factor in cooler) ?

holmd90 says:

But if you are choosing the V56 for budget reasons alone, given the price differential between the 9900k and 2700x you could just grab a 2700 and a 1080ti instead of 9900k and V56 lmao

YuRaLL says:

use precision boost overdrive to overclock ryzen 2000. not manual!

Graviton AS says:

9900k 580$+30$ for cpu and cooler. 2700x 305$ with cooler. The 9900k is not twice as fast. and for productivity, the 2950x is a way better cpu and it costs 400$ more.

I just cant see the point of this cpu at all? the 8700k at the 350$ marker was a fine cpu.
Also i disagree on the prices coming down anytime soon. its gonne be at the 580$ mark until intel can fix their supply issues.

Cry of the Prophet says:

Synopsis.. If you want the best, intel, if you want best budget cpu, amd… shocker..

Mrfiufaufou says:

I’m going with the next route, waiting for ryzen2. Currently rocking i7-4770 🙂

LooK253 says:

Well in Europe atm 9900k costs 2,5× price of 2700x, so there is really no debate which one to buy

kc manx says:

Roughly 10% faster but 100% more expensive….

Realunmaker says:

Well considering the increase is akin to those seen in previous generation jumps, but the price hike is quite new, I find it a hard sell.
Good review nonetheless.

Darin S says:

that last 5% of performance in the computer industry has always been the most expensive.

Luka Jukić says:

Can you do 9900k OC vs 8086k 5.2 ghz oc? 😀
Awesome video, keep them comming

Tech Showdown says:

Just want the benchmarks? Click Here: 7:43

Dima Krilovskiy says:

Hey from Ukrain!!!
Thx for tests!

qrogueuk says:


MrGaZZaDaG says:

Can we get a clock for clock comparison. Obviously a chip that uses more power, runs hotter and operates at higher frequency will be faster

Keshav colonel says:

I immediately need to build a PC for 3D rendering and animation. *Should I go with Ryzen 7 2700/2700X or Intel i7 9700K ???*

BinaryJava says:

The only reason it’s expensive is because of the supply issues at intel. People also need to benchmark the right games, cs go gets just under 200 FPS more than the 2700x. I will happily pay $650 for mine

Miguel Rojas says:

Im using the h100i and have it at 4.3 for my 2700x what are you using

toad731 says:

I don’t really see the point of the 9900k, for gaming it doesn’t really offer anything over the rest of the 9th gen or even 8th gen, unless you count added heat and power consumption, and for productivity, for this price you may as well get threadripper with more cores.

J Fz says:

the price is inflated, and will inflate alot more, on some markets that price never goes down, just keep up, intel is way more expensive and that is where, no matter by how much intel wins, amd looks so great now, for half the price you loose at best 20% the performance of the expensive part, pluss the z390 that most had to use because z370 might or might not work, while some people buy a b350 for a r7 2700 and are very happy with the results

ZeuS 666 says:

I don’t even want another cpu till I can have 5ghz!!! Been near the 4ghz mark for years

Orion Pleiades says:

16:40 “… the 9900K, yes, it’ll cost maybe around twice as much as the 2700X but it will give you a decent performance uptick over the 2700X both in gaming and productivity and that’s basically how I have to leave this video …”

Well crap, if you’re gonna leave it like that at least give us a percent of performance increase of the 9900k over the 2700X? It does not even come close to the value of the 2700X when one considers all the extra costs of cooling/heat issues, lifespan. Seems like the 9900k may also not have much OC headroom either … not w/o heat issues.

What’s the guestimated overall % price/performance difference between the 9900k vs 2700X?

Mortam says:

Going 2700X (Gaming/Streaming and production) and 2600X (Gaming only) on two new builds next month. Value for money is everything. Plus I will be able to upgrade to Zen 2 in the future.

Ellypsis says:

15% faster, cost 100% more.

2700X cost 329Euros, the 9900K is 700Euros.


Steamed Aurora Borealis says:

I appreciate you using a tower cooler. Every other review had AIO’s, so it’s nice to see how a more mainstream cooler would hold up. I have a Scythe Mugen 5 with two fans, so I imagine my temps would be within the ballpark of yours.

The Matirx red pill says:

I bought a 8600k back in Feb (what a great gaming chip) but it looks like Intel have hit a wall. When AMD brings out 7nm with increased clocks and IPC, Intel are in very deep poo.

Sean Pereira says:

so all of you are saying you wouldn’t pay that price for a 9900K, but a lot of you are supporting Intel, 20 fps is nothing in a real life scenario for twice the price, so lets see the performance results of what you would buy, closer to the 2700X prices, 9600k vs a 2700X both £300 price mark, id even like to see the 9700K vs the 2700X, the only advantage the 9900K has over the 2700X is clock speed, we all knew it was going to win, all everyone really wanted to know was by how much…..not close enough to justify the £600 price tag.

Anima a says:

all 2700x should be tested with higher memory speeds on tight timings…. thats when the ryzen shine otherwise its quite unfair

B. C Eng says:

Oh welcome to Taiwan mate! Hope u enjoy ur time here )

Michael Nager says:

The fact of the matter is that I have an i7-4790K system and it does everything I need from it without feeling like it is coming apart at the seams.

Anyone who has an adequate system who is stupid enough to upgrade it this year, is quite literally holding up hundreds of dollars in front of their eyes and setting fire to it.

Both in the realms of CPUs and GPUs, whatever you buy now as “The Top Perforrmer” will be obsolete in around nine months time.

My advice would be, save your money and wait.

John Gray says:

Red = Cool = Free Cooler
Blue = Hot = Custom Loop

vmreviews says:

You would have included some productivity tests !

Anima a says:

in sweden the price for the i9 is 700$ wich makes it a so much worse $/performance

Giovanni P. says:

The up and coming 7nm Zen 2 has a supposedly 13% improvement on instructions per clock speed. So 13% of 4GHZ = ~530MHz of ‘hidden’ improvement. The clock speed of 7nm should increase as well. Power consumption and cooling? So buying a 2700x and upgrading to Zen 2 will still be better value… In theory…

paalo sordoni says:

Some benchmarks are showing the i9 9900K topping out in gaming at 91c at 5ghz and thats with a 360mm aio.

Terry Barnes says:

Lol twice as much for 5% better… Intel are so old hat now and a dirty little company. I would buy AMD on principle alone just to see intel fail. Come on ppl admit it how crap are abctel.

Catalin Manea says:

I9 9900k is the best procesor on the market……

….to heat your home in the winter !

Jared Holcomb says:

It’s looking like zen 2 will probably smack Intel. I honestly thought the 9900k would be a lot faster, but there was no gain whatsoever in clock speed (apart from the base clocks) and almost no overclock-ability. And if the performance rumors for zen 2 are correct, the 3700x will be just as fast, or faster than the 9900k, and probably match the same price as the 2700x. Soon Intel will lose their last performance crown, along with their ego, and the consumers will be the winners.

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