Intel CPU with AMD Graphics HANDS ON! – Hades Canyon NUC

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It’s actually here. Intel CPUs with RX Vega inside!

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the2great2bob says:

So buy a laptop when every laptop has Hades Canyon? ok

the2great2bob says:

Imagine if these put this in the GPD WIN 3

Emmanuel Gallardo says:

Still mini pc build is the best

Mohammed. HD says:

Chips keeps getting bigger

glenesis says:

Linus, is that an IEC POWER CABLE??? No wall wart? Great video. My techs all want one now. Cheers!! Sick review!

Report Meh Cuz says:

other than height, it is smaller then ps2 slim Dx, i thought for sure that because its bigger then skull canyon, it would be bigger then the ps2 slim

Tanklar Gaming says:

great salesman linus

hoàng nguyễn says:

But the most important thing : CAN I FRY MY EGG ON IT ?

Oskar Bravo says:

If you can (dual boot) Hackintosh this thing with Windows 10… I’m gonna be pretty damn interested.

jokker12945 says:

Linus please review the 1000 dollar oc unit!!!!

Fred Batton says:

Way overpriced ;(

Hariharan Nair V.C says:


Mr. Sileniu says:

1000 $ – for that shit? What The Fuck!

Lau Thiam Kok says:

What are the differences between TDP100.0 W and 65.0 W? What would we go for TDP100.0 W for?

FindTheMasterpiece says:

AMD is red
Intel is blue
Now they join forces
What will Nvidia do?

Jaime Ruiz says:


MatyRED says:

lol Amd and Intel nice xd

knuxyl says:

Hey when you get one, you should do a video on putting liquid metal for the cooling and checking the performance/temperature difference. This box changed my mind about building a mini itx pc, this thing has literally everything i wanted. dual ethernet, thunderbolt, hdmi, bluetooth, wifi, a better gfx than what i planned (1050ti) with a power supply requirement 100w less than the desktop. I am getting this and doing liquid metal but i want to see a video on it first

Boris Tindo says:

This small processor with gpu inside is freaking powerfull. How could intel and Amd manage to build such a powerful chip in such a small form factor? Good job Team!

raymond villaraza says:

intel amd inside


This is not a solution for graphix card problem because of miners..
So basically gamers cannot access gaming cards anymore because they promoting APU’S from intel and amd..

Fuck, they cannot denied profits from miners..

V is for Void says:

$1000 for a barebones and they’re still too cheap to make a sticker that doesn’t stick out from the case…

Gamer Spek Rendah says:

this is showing how monster would be a ps5

shadowXXe says:

INTEL AND AMD WORKING TOGETHER wow just goes to show they can go 5 minutes without trying to kill each other

bob makril says:

but does it have wifi my neighbor is like across the road

TypicalTechLife TTL says:

Still waiting for the laptops to get this

Lau Thiam Kok says:

Does it mean no more fan in this latest beast? The previous one has a fan in it and it’s pretty noisy!

IsItInYet says:

Linus tripping?

gaogle censors says:

800$ for that. wut. how……. why?

Rnl Valen says:

Intel’s Xbox One X…

Luke et says:

This is what should be in the Nintendo switch if they update it (ik unrealistic)

Zorro Joke says:

if the product isnt launched yet then how you got it?????

Iwan Haniyoto says:

Hello Nvidia? When you will collaborate?

Vincent van Buskirk says:

Trade correlation divine plane procedure gold fold ridiculous feedback craft

caleb grefe says:

That price is just insane! You could get a laptop with with similar performance and ram, storage, screen, keyboard and a battery included for that price!

SuperAwesomeWeirdGuy says:

Linus is channeling his inner Steve Ballmer

powermichiel says:

Charge me 150% and put it in a Mac Mini ! But those stiffs at Apple will MOST CERTAINLY hate this idea bc they are allergic to graphics !!!

Jo_ftw says:


Shahzad Haider says:

You don’t need any synergy, use MS mouse without borders. It’s better and free. Easy to configure.

kidlzr says:

Please review!

Papishaa says:


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