History of AMD CPUs As Fast As Possible

Long ago, AMD was a second-source supplier for Intel, but soon started developing CPUs in-house and came up with some major innovations of its own…

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Alex Cheetah says:

Linus should make a 2 gamers one pc with Ryzen.

SkOmI says:

Linus update your shit , AMD has Ryzen

kookitoo islem says:

hey Ryzen is here
and he is the most powerful 8 cores cpu on the market

Davin Dx says:

should I buy an AMD A- 12 or Zen?

KilljoySR says:

AMD K5 on 133Mhz?

I’ve got AMD-K5 PR100 on 100Mhz as an “Artifact”. 😀

soulilyful says:

By what i have experanced and read that provided you can manage the heat and power pull and are using alot of smaller tasks the fx line is actually pretty good.
Note i did upgrade from a AMD Phenom II X4 965 to a fx 8350 so take that with a grain of salt.

Death says:

AMD exists so Intel won’t be a monopoly lol

Avro Arrow says:

And Zen shows up, and blows Intel out of the water in all of the most profitable areas. The Naples Opteron is going to probably take a HUGE chunk of the server market which will make AMD rich again.

SmallerJester35 says:

If you pay attention enough, you can see that he is reading off of something near the camera.

imperiajor says:

we need a part “two” of this with AM4 cpus (and apus 🙂

Nahid Islam says:

You need to update this video for Ryzen

Vernon Tauro says:

I prefer the AMD girl

Luke Cave says:

can someone tell me what would be best amd cpu fm2 socket for gaming I’m noob at this thank you

Awesome Legend says:

Original Pentium with a clock speed of up to 133MHz?!?!?

The original Pentium’s (P5) highest clock was ~67MHz…the last CPU that was named just “Pentium” had a clock speed of up to 200MHz (IE before the Pentium MMX 233MHz, Pentium Pro 333MHz, or Pentium II 450Mhz)

Philipp Lyanguzov says:

i come from the future amd still spams cores but now it also spams threads and cache as well

RRKS101_1 TF2 says:

I got the phentom II

irllcd13 says:

speaking as a fan of Intel I’m glad amd is here and wish them well so they keep Intel on their toes. monopolies are bad for everyone but billionaires

fogboundcleric says:

Ey! That’s what I have!

Михаил Найденов says:

You missed one important (and risky) part – the FUSION project. FUSION is the reason AMD is in the state it is now, for better or worse.

Harshal Shetty says:

I come from the future, and the news is, AMD.HAS.RYZEN!

Hassan Zafar Ayub says:

hey you should make videos like ColdFustionTV…his videos look way better

aka Henri says:

i bought an amd motherboard and still dont have my amd x4 845 but im kind of worried bracause intel g4560 is better than a x4 860k… But even if i would have wanted an intel, its not avalable

Khadesh Singh says:

he killed me at butt wipes

Raspberry Fury says:

amd has ryzen already in 2017!

ashish kumar says:

Anyone watching this after Ryzen announcement?

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