Gaming On An AMD FX 8350 In 2018 Possible?

With amd back on a high, we look back at some of there older chips and see if an amd fx 8350 is still competitive in 2018 and high-end gaming
TLDR: 7:26

Grab an old 8350 here:

Grab a 7700k here:
Grab a ryzen 5 1400 here:

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donovan stagg says:

Why is the like/dislike ratio so bad on this video??

htg97 says:

yeah, but TDP…

Mitch Michalak says:

about the time u made this video i bought an amd fx 8350 on amazon for like 130 with the cooler im pretty sure they are even cheaper now

a10'z sk says:

when you play at 60hz and decent gpu than this cpu is enough for gaming, but when you change your monitor to 144hz then it will be issue, you would see how FX is obosolete, i had one and it was pain playing at 144hz so i had upgrade it to Coffee lake which was good choice

Jonathan Brugge says:

I like your background!

dennis van dijk says:

It can game good. I have a fx6300 black and it game’s very good.

Ragalthor says:

How many boxes are in your wall?

I'm Your Subscriber says:

The only reason why I ditched the 8350 for i7 3770 is the power consumption and heat. Other than that, the 8350 is still a great CPU…….. If you can find a cheaper one.

lordferius says:

If a CPU can still hold 60fps pretty well, it is still a viable choice even for a 1080ti. Just make sure that you turn up all the eye candy without dropping that 60fps target.

MattjVideos says:

You talk to much

Duke Fleed says:

I have a 8370 + 16Gb Ram+MSi 1080… EVERY GAME (f1 2017, motogp 2018 etc, Forza Horizon 7,Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy) runs in 1080p with ultra settings at 60fps stable… No reason to upgrade for now. I suggest to install Processor lasso in your system.

trick miller says:

don’t let those prices fool you. The 8350 is a solid $100 in the US. For the money it’s good, but for high-end gaming and future games, you should go with ryzen.

You’re playing the lottery if you buy an 8350 for current games. I currently use an 8350(4.2ghz h80i watercooled) with a gtx970 and 16gb ram. I cannot for some reason push past 4.2 ghz without running into cpu throttling. Even after disabling the power saving settings and upping the voltage limit, my machine won’t consistently run 4.3 or more. There is throttling under heavy load in games like pubg or even the witcher 3 with a lot of action on screen, despite not going anywhere close to 70c. You will bottleneck your cpu before the graphics card unless you got a lucky cpu.
If you build a pc to run newer games, then you’re better off with a newer chip, since upgrading after that would mean an entirely new system. Starting with a ryzen 5 you’d be better off for the future.

Steve S says:

Im using the 8350 and get over 100 fps in bf1 with nitro rx 580. 😉

Lostin Mia says:

FX8350 and GTX1070 and still running pretty good! BF5 Alpha ran ok just bit of frame drops. Averaged about 60 FPS on high settings.

ELEMENTJONx216 MoBn says:

I run my 8350 at 4.7ghz with a corsair h60 aio runs great.

Big Ned says:

I use an FX 6300 (4.7 ghz OC) + RX 570

Daniel Cooper says:

Lmao this processor is $90 now i just bought one cause im broke af i spent $180 total as long as you get a really good cpu cooler you could potentially OC it withought heating issues although this cpu has been known to have problems with that… Basically a solid extremely budget cpu if you get a good cooler for it

DarkUndeadSpawn says:

i have the i7 6700 i did upgrade from the fx 8350 because at the time i thought about it as a bottleneck because the lag was insane on my setup, now that i use intel i mean its pretty good but for some reason i do like amd, even though intel has better bang for buck.

davkdavk says:

CPU modder. Interesting name. Limited in the mods you can do

Malicyan ! says:

hmmm so far all the comment say the opposite of what you say in your vid. Got a 5 yrars old rig.
crosshair fomula z, the processor and a graphic card amd fx 280 running most of my fun game easy. My game are dark soul 3, destiny 2 , warframe and i’m pretty sure i will play monster hunter without any issue.

If you want to give a processor that will play will everything at max. Used latest processor since you target a very specific market of user who wish to have high end tech.

Me i am okay with changing a few graphic setting that eat my fps. all my game are 100 fps to 120 fps. you video just confirme me i can wait before upgrading my rigs

sc dotsc says:

Always check the comments of videos like this. Will always be more reliable.

anikanbounty97 says:

My rx 580 8gb bottle necking my threadripper 1950x

EOL says:

Not upgrading my 8320 black edition until 2022

Matt Keating says:

but I mean if you can get it for free um those are cheap fps. Not sure if buying would be a good option, if purchasing a new computer I would say just go with the latest, or last gen, technology.

Fanowskyy Minecraft says:

i will get the FX-8350 because in my Country it costs 75Euro so a great deal for such a Upgrade (from a Fx-4100) it will work great with my gtx 1060 😀

antell markus says:

i have a 8150 and still kicks a..

JasonVredenburgOfficial says:

The fx 8350 is fkn great for gaming. It is a MUST to get a good cooler though. Do not use the stock one. You will over heat and lose performance

iJaffy says:

Would this be good for medium settings modern games and competitive games on an fps over 100?
Amd fx 8350
Gtx 970 4gb
12gb ram

anikanbounty97 says:

Why not get fx9970 cpu? Black edition

Lostin Mia says:

CPU modder, the FX8350 new is selling for less than 100 now in July compared to Feb.

DRo3m says:

People are over pricing the poor FX 8350. You can by one new off of Amazon for about $80 to $120 bucks (US, varies by country)

James Coburn says:

Why is the title ‘possible’? You can game on a G4400 easily, the title says nothing about ‘high-end’ gaming.

Blake S.A says:

honestly,I have a fx 8350 + gtx 1050ti and it’s really good for gaming

Mr. Downwalker says:

i have a fx 6300 @4,6 ghz and a gtx 970, no upgrade need 😛

Playing Aim HD says:

i had my fx8370 for quite some time now and it runs vr just fine with a 1060 6gb

FreggaR Yusuf says:

I use Fx6300 (4.0ghz oc.) and gtx1060 6 gb and im happy cuz processor is powerfully and no problem in games

Utopian Gaming says:

Still running this chip. I do need to update my rig though

Incognito FLA says:

Just purchased the FX 8350 on Amazon for $89.00 (for my son), the markup in AU is crazy. I had to get this one because it is the max his MOBO will allow, BIOSTAR TA970. Had the FX 6300 until is fried and it ran well with GTA V, 60fps – He is hoping for better. Running a GTX 680 GPU.

Darknessblade says:

LOL those ebay prices, i can get it WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY cheaper at a different site

Danny B Tech says:

1:26 runs at 4ghz with a 2.4ghz boost 🙂 im sure u mean 4.2 ghz 😀 p.s are people really buying 1080tis for 1080p its just i have one and its pretty good for 4k 🙂

kiwi-on-a-bike 660 says:

I’m using a FX-6300, DDR3 16GB, GTX 1080 Ti SC, and Alienware 120mhz monitor and still running sweet.

Note3Crafter says:

i have the amd fx8370

Presley Costa says:

I have a fx 6300 and gtx 1060 6gb ordered my setup off of eBay and waiting for it to come hopefully it can run most games fine if I oc it with stock cooling

Joey Davis says:

That’s what I am using

Ivan Arjun Lukman says:

Nice vid, but today you can pick this cpu for 80€ and it can overclock nicely on a cheap motherboard, it does outprefor a ryzen5 1400 when it is overclocked on 4.6ghz, but do keep in mind ryzen can overclock as well, but look at the price of the cpu and ram today, i got a 16gb ddr3 kit for 40€, i don’t think you can pick even 8gb kit ddr4 for that money…. So i think it is still a vaieble option

Angry Merchant says:

The 8350 on a technical level wasn’t really an 8 core. Each of its 4 modules had 2 cores that both shared resources within their single module.

They continued marketing this with advertisements saying 8 core.
A true 8 core will have 8 modules and those modules will each have a single core.

This is the reason that amd was being blown out of the water by Intel.

Amd was later sued for false advertisement.

Trevor Lentz says:

I had an 8320 clocked to 8350 speeds for a few years paired with a 7950 3GB. I was able to play every game that was released at decent settings at 1080p. Now I have a Ryzen 5 1600 paired with a gtx 1060. The 1% lows are not even comparable.

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