FIRST OFFICIAL Ryzen 7 1800X Benchmarks & Review! Is AMD BACK?

The biggest CPU showdown in years is finally here. Can AMD’s Ryzen 7 1800X compete with the Intel i7 6900K for half the price? Let’s have a look at the benchmarks.

Benchmark Music: “Decapitator” by The Passion HiFi (@Passion_HiFi)

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Canada, eh?
Ryzen R7 1700 –
Ryzen R7 1700X –
Ryzen R7 1800X –

Ryzen R7 1700 –
Ryzen R7 1700X –
Ryzen R7 1800X –

Check out GamersNexus’ Ryzen video review:
And their in-depth article:


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Jayesh Kale says:

expect sheduler bug in win 10 affects performane of ryzen negetively and it will take time for optimization..

Vasir07 says:

The “Canada, eh?” line in the description is hilarious.

Jeremy says:

Big surprise… another biased benchmark review of Ryzen… how bout you run both chips at stock clocks and see who wins out ?

mayank verma says:

when you will start the giveaway of ryzen

Kalaokauai Sarah R says:

So I bet no one can tell the difference in 1440 but can in their pocketbooks. AMD for sure 🙂

Prana Cale says:

Ryzen wins… even with betaboards and without any optimization its kinda the same speed… for half a price … and soon there will be patches/bios updates and ryzen oprimized games … it will be faster then 6900….

Unix Commerce | Web Design Services & Solutions says:

Here from Austins video. it was a good idea.

Trevor Woods says:

disaapointing still underperforms for gaming

Adrian AzureNo says:

Hello! Is the Pc with intel core i3 and amd radeon r9 fury x good enough for gaming? I’m trying to make my first ever computer and I really don’t know anything about specs.

Mohd Nazmi says:

how did Ryzn lose the battle in gaming?!! Ryzen i7 7700k and 6900 are all MORE than capable of playing any game smoothlyyyyy… difference is with 7700k , good luck playing while streaming…. Ryzen wont every battle !!

daniel Dalgliesh says:

do i have to do a fresh install of windows after installing new mobo and cpu!?!?! pls help i get a blue screen at windows login. ive just bought a new z270x-g5 from gigabyte

TheSmackerlacker says:

Overclocking is for dill holes. Show me the REAL specs.

Chris Cooper says:

What monitor software is he using in the game, that shows the fps, load etc?

Kalaokauai Sarah R says:

Gamers, I like loved Conta , Mario, what game should I try next ?? It’s been decades I know but which is fun, can shoot guns etc? Sorry wrong Time to ask but I know u guys and gals will know. Building my 1st pic. Have a i5 but need a graphics card, ..anyone?

Siona know says:

ryzen save my £400

Amecareth Qc says:

As a gamer, I’d rather wait for the R5 line-up (R5 1600x to be precise), ~half the prise of the R7 1800x, both will deliver pretty much the same gaming performance

Andres Nunez says:

Before i get destroyed. I HAVE AN i7. most games are played at 1080p and i think the 1800x is a great choice for gaming. We cannot jump into conclusion for now. we should wait for bios, M$ windows and game patches. we will see its true colors in a few months.

Tajdid Ajman says:

ryzen ftw

nigga faggot says:

im so fucking confused i just wanna play games at max with aa with a high end grapics card what should i get intel or amd my head hurts

MarcasswellbMD says:

Wow I noticed it gets pretty nasty on here about weather you are for Intel or AMD.. I think most people who rute for AMD, do it out of that natural feeling to cheer for the underdog.. And Intel Fanboys are just viscous, especially now, that there is competition and more innovation from AMD.. The Push back is good for Intel fans as well, Its already forcing Intel to take a hard look at there line up and PRICING.. Look I bought Intel for years because I had too!!!! AMD had nothing that compared for years.. BUT now they do.. And I’m a MONEYFANBOY… Its about bang for buck.. Well I took a leap of faith and I have a 1400 dollar Ryzen system!, 1700, Asrock Taichi Board, Harddrive/SSD, Very nice NZXT CASE, the 9’s….. And If I would have went Intel, I would have got a $1200 chip and a motherboard for $200, at a total of 1400 and got nothin else, no GPU, no case, PSU, Nothin.. Ok I could have went 7700K, but for what so Intel can come out with a slightly better chip in 4 months no thanks.. (like the 7740K, some twisted version of the devil’s Canyon.) I’m so sick of them doing that to me….

Bitwit says:


tanu1215 says:

Yay! Now I can finally program in Java!

Kirk R. says:

I was going to build a brand new system based on the 6900k CPU. After some struggles, even though Games do poorer, I decided to go with the AMD 1800X for a few reasons:

1. PRICE. With the price savings I am doing I can pick up a second 1080ti..
2. I play at 1440p.
3. Games WILL get more optimized for Zen cpus, as well as Microsoft Windows itself. Over 300 developers are working, right now, with AMD to optimize their current games and future games for Ryzen.

Yes, the 1800x is a poor Overclocker, yes it has issues with RAM going over 2400 currently..but, after a few months this thing will shine.

Lyralei Windranger says:

Dictionary: INTEL = i7 7700k , AMD = RYZEN 1800x

The only one CPU that can do better on multi-tasking video editing and gaming is AMD. Because of its’ 8 cores and 16 threads. Wow. You know, intel CPU has advantage on gaming and AMD has advantage in multi tasking specially in office work. You know guys they are totally different. So don’t compare them. I realized that the one saying that intel is better are the high end gamers who likes high power. Because intel has it, and AMD can’t reach it. And the one that says AMD is better are the people who do multi tasking and not just gaming.

In conclusion: AMD is better for(Non-Gamers, Gamers who do multi task, and for editors) because it has more cores and it has just a slight difference with the gaming ability of intel. And INTEL is better for(HIGH END GAMERS) who always want the best output for the game. If you’re just a gamer and nothing else, go for INTEL and if you’re somehow an editor, coder, office worker, or a person who just likes to open many tabs, then go for AMD. There’s no need for argue. They have different purpose.

Brian Woomer says:

1800x can boost to 4.0ghz, and is unlocked, I woulda showed clock per clock, woulda made a better comparison

Zeppelin 777 says:

What camera are you using for filming? Thanks!

Groohmsch says:

is it the Normandy in the background?

kevinxucs says:

All the benchmarks are for 6900K vs 1800X, conclusion is i5 and i7 kaby lake is better for gaming?


AMD RYZEN is the other half of XIAOMI phones

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