Don’t buy an 1800X… AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Review

Seriously, don’t buy an 1800X. Not because it isn’t amazing (it is), or because it’s not amazing value for money (it is), but this, the AMD Ryzen 7 1700 provides 99% of the performance, for $180 less! This really is the best performance per dollar CPU around.
Full performance figures:
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TheGTATay says:

As long as i can play ultra 1080 at 60 for the best budget im sold.Ryzen ftw,

magottyk says:

Actually I find the 1700x to be the better buy, not because the 1700 doesn’t offer superb value for money. But simply because the default settings on the Ryzen 1700x are better suited for those who don’t overclock while still being better value for money than the 1800x and the binning of the 1700x means it’s more likely to have a lower stable voltage requirement than the 1700 for when you do, or if you are looking to undervolt it for efficiency.

halorocker2 says:

+116136866291694905548 how long does an overclocked cpu last? If I overclock my 1800x how long do you think it would last?

PillzBerry27 says:

Excellent video my friend. You are third person saying that the Ryzen 1700 is the best bang for your dollar.

ArtisChronicles says:

in all honesty I should’ve bought the 1700 as it actually has the wraith cooler. I preordered the 1700x lel

Dan K says:

This guy is full of shit.

SegaFanboys says:

Im sorry but this review sucks. Not because I am an AMD fanboy. I have just upgraded from using a dual XEON setup to the Ryzen 1800X. Your point of clock speeds vs clock speeds is ill informed. For people like me who dont want to overclock, where stability means more then tinkering with a CPU’s frequency the obvious choice is an 1800x.
I think your argument is misleading because the people that buy the 1800x are the people that would of purchased a Intel 6900k. Those people need reliability over anything else.

Clearly you made this video in contrast to what everyone else is saying to get more views. Im using the 1800x and its a beast, stock.

Nihilus says:

What about in the R5 range? The 1600 vs 1600X, the 1600 is 65 w and the 1600X is 95w…. which do you think will be the better buy?

High man up says:

ill have to go with this cuz 1600 and 1600x arent available atm and im too lazy to wait, plus i dont really want a 4core cpu

Timothy Wright says:

you would think it is the same chip just when one wins the silicon lottery it will get branded 1800x

Nubyrc says:

What is your workload? Rendering video, rendering game maps, or 3D production work? In the end a good graphics card mixed with a good CPU with a good single core speed and fast memory is all you need. Multi core cpus are not even being used in gaming. And we are seeing the 7700K winning because its single core that sends the video game data to the GPU is faster then the Ryzen chips, even when those chips are overclocked!

When you are rendering with your graphics card, the CPU defults to the best core at its time. The code will pick the best core to send the workload to the GPU. Go ahead open up your windows resource monitor, render anything using the cpu and watch the cores fall out to 100%, then switch over to using your graphics card, opengl or cuda cores. Now watch as one core flips out to 70 to 100% but the rest of them sit back and idle. But if you have a good graphics card what ever you are rendering will get it done faster then even the top of Intel or Ryzen multi core chips!

You can do the same for gaming!

Nubyrc says:

He folks who are betting on the Ryzen 3 and 5, guess what they are, “are” the exact same chips built from the same 1700 and 1800x chips, they just had their cores turned off because those cores sucked!

So there is no way this generation of Ryzen is ever going to beat the current Intel Chips. You will never get a faster single core speed out of these against a single core from Intle 7700K, Hell my old Intel 3770K has faster single core.

What does that mean? It means when you send your workload to have the Graphics card do the rendering, a single core will do the sending, and the I7 cpus will send the work faster then the Ryzen does!

So as for working machines, get a good GTX 1080 or Titan and use the Cuda cores, it will render any video or video game mapping way faster then any multi core CPU ever will anyway, Use the Intel chips for now.

Troye Weston says:

room needs sound proofing

licustoms says:

What motherboard (and bios version), ram, video card, hdd/ssd, power supply, and cooling were used to get these results? What were all of the motherboard bios settings changed/used to reach these results? Also, do you think over the next year or so that bios updates and other bug fixes and optimizations that we will be able to overclock the 1700X and 1800X beyond what anyone is currently able to do (or at least get much better benchmark results and performance out of them)?

KGT UserCast says:

Why buy a Ryzen 7 1700/1700X/1800X?
Get a Ryzen 5 1600 for only US$210, unlock one core in each CCX, it becomes an 8 core. (Phenom II x3 to Phenom II x4)
And then most Ryzens can OC to 4 GHz with 1.4V, so from there you get 1800X standards.
AMD unlike Intel will not lase out QA failed cores.
Cores that require too much voltage is disabled, and may work with a good overvoltage.

bad4ever2010 says:

I am now convinced that AMD is trolling Intel with the 1800X. it is essentially the same as the rest of the Ryzen 7 family. I contend that the 1700X And 1800X were put there just to make Intel’s thousand dollar CPUs look bad; and they do so quite well. I also contend that the real money maker is the 1700. AMD plays chess very well.

Shane Herald says:

i want to see a video of a out of the box test….i want to see the i7 7700k vs the 1800x out of the box …no overclocks …no nothing …just a fresh stock bios….with same ram….not same ram clock…exact same ram …..all stock every fucking bench mark i have seen they have the 7700k overclocked to beat hell……most people dont even overclock shit …they bring it home and run it like it is…..and i have not seen any stock comparisons….do any of you know who has a video of such testing?

peter says:

this guy works for intel

REDxFROG says:

My Ryzen 1800X does 3,8ghz @ 1,20Volt Prime stable. Totally cold.
Does the 1700X do the same?

Tanasij Penko says:

overclock this overclock that….
what if i dont want to overclock it?
should i get a 1700X + a cooler
or just get a 1700 with the cooler that comes with it?
(for gaming & streaming & making vids in 1080p60fps)


Don’t buy 1700 buy 1600x

Brendan Collins says:

So the 1800x is not better in anyways? I’m so confused how this possible. I would imagine they made this to be a faster CPU for both single and multicore uses and that why they charge more. Am I missing something?


Here is whats gonna happen, Ryzen will get the “Fine wine” experience.
with time itl get better, like the GPUs got better with better optimisations etc…

remember this, XD

Shane Herald says:

how can you even come to this conclusion on such a new platform …….just because things are like they are now …don’t mean they will stay this way….bios are changing and getting better …i got me a 1800x and i can guarantee you when all this is said and done ….its going to beat a 1700 in overclocking ……this is to new to even come out with a opinion like this

SlyCooper92 says:

Hey! I’m planning on doing a completely new build with watercooling. I can’t decide on the board however. I watched your Asus Hero 6 review and it’s pretty amazing but people are appearently still having some problems with it. Any updates to make it more stable yet? Also I’m not sure which Ryzen to get. I know this video basically answers the question but looking into the future will the 1800x be the better choice once updates and optimization comes around or should I just spend the extra 180 on more Ram or something?
Thanks in advance!

Liberal MGTOW says:


At the factory, they are all the same chips. QA will test them and put them into different piles. So a 1700 will not perform as well as a 1800, probably.

The reviewers chips are QA’d all at 1800 but then AMD just labels it as 1700. This is why the performance is the basically the same.

What really happens is the QA will test every chip and put them into different bins based on how well the performed. Now if they need some more 1700’s, they will simply take a few 1800’s and label them as 1700. That is a good deal. But you are gambling that that will be the situation. They can also control their QA so that the 1700’s won’t perform as well.

You get what you pay for, sometimes more. SOMETIMES. But don’t be all butthurt if you don’t get 1800 performance out of 1700.

A1or says:

What cooler did you use?

BloodyWarfare 1 says:

this heled me out a lot I have been a console gamer all my life this really helped thank you

Shane Herald says:

and amd them selves have said their is no scheduler bug in windows….where do you get your news at….

Long Ho says:

it’s actually 93%, not 99%. also, you didn’t include the benchmarks for 1800x. you have to be a bit more precise in your analysis.

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