Does Ryzen 7 REALLY suck for gamers?

This has been a crazy week so far when it comes to Ryzen… but let’s talk about whether or not it sucks for gaming…

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Andrew Pike says:

Liked because dirtfish

HP Support says:

I overclocked my r5 1600x to 4.1ghz

Hank Moody says:

I am an AMD fanboy. I was on the fence with this cpu, but I think I’m sold now. I love this new chip

igoraosa says:

Amazing man, what GPU u used?

Greyp says:

The fps differences are just like 2-10 FPS (Depends on the Program/Game)
and AMD is cheaper
Thats why I will go for ryzen

Dydreth says:

“The FPS is great!”
“There are no stutters!”
“This cat’s a dick!” *stomp* XD

Aaron Mooney says:

Have u tried 4k on gta5

Happy and single says:

How is the on board graphics with the motherboard MSI Krait x370 when using the Ryzen 7 1800x?

jycannel says:

3:39 Pastel Cards 🙂

Eli the Pizza Delivery Guy says:

fuck intel

Happy and single says:

AMD Ryzen is made for overclocking that’s why the AMD Ryzen runs cooler and a little bit less powerful than Intel. If you overclock an Intel there is a chance that you mite burn out the processor. The AMD Ryzen over powers Intel when you overclock it. I also must mention about the AMD Ryzen thread Dripper. That processor is crazy powerful.

Superpig9991 says:

So which is better i7 7700k or amd ryzen 7 1700x??

bleh says:

what gpu was being used? was this done with just the integrated graphics part of the cpu? if so, jesus christ.

ApeXx Frederick Minoza says:

Great video for sure i am getting this the comming month thanks.

The Wolf says:

At least it isn’t 30% slower am I right?… Please don’t hate me…

Jean-Simon Chénard says:

Somebody noticed the red eyes lol?

Ali Ozan Minato Cokyasar says:

Which case is that? 3:22 It’s a Phanteks, anyone know which one?

Brenden Cannon says:

he look high as hell

Gwen Coonen says:

Been out of this pc-community for a while, since I was renovating my new home, but…JTC is by far the best channel/vlogger i love to watch..even these older videos, just loving it and learning alot from all these hardwares I missed out on these last 2 years.
2018 will be a gamechanger for me..already planning a new-build and actually love the ‘themes’ builds JTC did for customers. That kind of leaves me itching my modding-side to plan such a build of my own 🙂
But since it’s been a while for me, some extra few months to plan and learn about hardware isn’t the hard thing.
Watching all these rgb-styled systems and soooo many different case-option is probably the hardest to make a good choice!

Robert Kowalke says:

lol it’s hilarious the way you tube channel people keep kicking at this dead horse that is AMD vs Intel for gamers. Ryzen for the 10 millionth time wasn’t made for gaming it was made for Extreme Multitasking. While Ryzen will run games just fine, crunching numbers on a few fps is the dumbest shit to plague the hobby for more than 10 years now.

Theory crafting/Benchmarking for the best +1-5 fps is stupid ass shit for stupid ass people. AMD or Intel are fine for gaming and both will do the job easy as that…..which ones the best???? Really??? Who gives a shit???? Does it play that game??? Yes it does end of discussion.

DR. Big Pimping says:

Oyy vey Goyim. Keep buying our Intel CPUs.

Jett A Angeles says:

Waiting for Ryzen 2 as my next CPU. Gonna see if there are sone IPC improvements. I want them 8 cores lol.

TimeTravel_0 says:

I’ve just bought an Omen X by HP 17-AP001NL not so bad

dbsill cockney says:

How does Jay know what IRN BRU is?

VirtualFunction says:

If anyone really thinks the R7 line is unfit for gaming they’re either brain-dead or have Intel’s cock up their ass.

Marilyn, jess Byers says:

all i gonna say atm you go over 150fps in one game i know you might be kicked for hacking 😛

ArmyMPforlife says:

trying to start a first time build but don’t have funds to start it, anything helps

Brandon BillTheCat says:

I’m more than happy with my RYZEN playing games. I look at it like this because I have some fair play and when AMD kind of fell way behind in performance Intel didn’t do us any favors, they raped our wallets big time so I could even take a little less performance for now and can wait for the opt,ed games to catch up. I’ll buy AMD just for support to help keep them in the game and say screw Intel for screwin everyone over with their huge price hikes on their cpu’s. Thank God AMD is back with a great cpu. We now have a choice and can say $uck it Intel, I’m guying a AMD cpu….

StayW3ird says:

Intel fanboys

Louis Peeters says:

Portray property district bell bay sacred carpet indeed plain fool insect.

Edward Mitchell says:

whom surprising fund technological conduct sunlight ok

Doug Armstrong says:

Hey Jay are you going to do an updated Ryzen gaming video anytime soon? It’s almost a year since Ryzen came out and was wondering if improvements were made with BIOS updates and game optimizations. Or were you going to wait for Ryzen+ to come out. Just wondering. Keep up the good work sir.

tj hessmon says:

Gaming is a niche market, somewhat akin to the racing arena in its relationship to vehicle sales. The difference is the gaming industry only has two major manufacturers willing to manufacture its engines (CPU) and transmissions (Video Card), while many manufacturer the chassis (Mother or Main boards). Just like automotive racing, gaming is a niche market with very limited potential for future sales from manufacturing.
Therefore all this talk about which CPU or GPU, or any other specific component is useless as the fact remains none of them are manufactured specifically for the purpose of gaming. Most “Gaming” systems are simply a hodge podge in incongruent components running on mediocre software.

Currently the PC gaming market world wide holds 27 percent of the gaming market share. The lions share of that market belongs to tablets and smart phones (47%), with 31% belonging to the console market. Of the gaming market, Asia holds 47% market share. Its expected that mobile will expand to command 60% or more of market share by 2020.
Knowing these numbers, where would a corporation decided to spend its assets in gaming development?

Ryzen and Intel have fast processors, but that is not the whole story. For the PC gaming market to survive, it must choose.
1- A Hardware platform – which is simplistic and inexpensive enough to encourage many future growth, which at the same time is complicated enough to serve the most demanding
2- A Software platform – that is economical enough with the ability to serve the simple to the very complicated
3- A distribution methodology – one which vastly reduces cost to the gaming developers as well as software and hardware manufacturers. (probably the internet)

Looking at the future of the market this equation brings about some very interesting prospects for the future of PC Gaming
1- Software will already be written in one version or another of Linux to support the vast tablet and cell phone gaming market, it makes since therefore for the future of PC gaming to be coded in Linux. Even a special Linux Kernel specifically designed for high end gaming.
2- Hardware for PC gaming will need to support the Linux software, looking at the Tablet and Phone markets as the leading example, common sense indicates there will need to be a shift from current hardware to hardware which supports Linux based coding. Without the heavy top end power requirements of MS Windows, its most likely not necessary to experience gaming performance which exceeds even today’s experiences with hardware that consumes far less energy.
3- Distribution of gaming would move to internet only based (mostly there anyway) with the current Steam platform leading the way.
4- Perhaps the most overlooked opportunity for the gaming industry is that of medical acuity and business learning (strategy). This consideration could perhaps provide a vast boost to the PC gaming industry.

ikiwyu says:

God dammit I bought an i7 7700k a couple of months ago.

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