CPU Tier List for May 2016 – Ranking AMD and Intel CPUs

The very first iteration of the CPU tier list. Here I rank CPUs from AMD and Intel that were made the last 7-8 years or so.

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Dale Jenking says:

rank a i7 4790k a 4.5ghz I would say s for gaming plenty power for me ! I used to have phenom in x4 960t 1 n a bit ago I used to have to have that overclocked at 3.8 ghz was still choppy as crap before that athlon x2 in 2009 whixh I still have then before that I had pentium 4 pc with integrated graphics bk in 2008 whixh a bought a ati x1300 till it died then before old circa maybe old pc with crt monitor which I learned how to mod things problems and everything like that , I still got the pentium 4 n I’m still impressed how well it runs on xp n postal 2 run pretty good on igp one my fave games so does half life the fun the challenge on running game on inferior hardware now I have the 4790k 8gb ram gt 970 come long way

Sonicjmr says:

where does a AMD A8-6600K APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, 3900 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) sit?

Michael Garner says:

AP Exams? You are still in High School?

Blacknova8 says:

I have the 8320 3.5 ghz & gigabyte gtx 760 since 3 & 1/2 years now and have no problem running games at high max settings, no overclocking. 2 monitors with 22 inch graphic tablet with no problems, temps rise when heavy rendering (3d&2d animation) about 48 degrees or gaming. I do notice little bottleneck with certain games but not usually. Overall I feel the fx 8300 series should be at least in b class and fx 9370&9590 series on a class. hopefully the zen release goes well so I can get the fx 8370 for cheaper price.

RaidXTech YT says:

I can’t stop looking at your nose xD

Ucada says:

Waiting the zen ranking.

Ermin C says:

Would be great that you mentioned Xeon Socket 771 genereation (Harpertown, Covertown), much of the are used in Socket 775 MBs

Onetimefun says:

I’m in rank A but I can’t say I should be.

FalloutModReview TV says:

what about those 24 core 10000$ xeons?

Andy Eats Cocoa says:

Rank 1

VoltSnake says:

Well I have a AMD A10-9700 it’s good, I’m able to play mid games (Roblox,minecraft and so on) and record 1080p at around 35-45 FPS! Without recording I can hit 60FPS easy! I have 8gb Ram which is good though my GPU is surprisingly well even though it’s bad (R7 graphics (512MB))

Emberstone says:

I’m curious. Since the text in your B list says it excludes the i7 980X, where in the list does it fall exactly? I actually own this processor, and I notice no bottlenecking even with a GTX 1070.

The only time I notice the processor’s age is in newer games that rely only on one CPU core, like Heroes of the Storm. Multithreaded titles like Doom, though, run at 120-150 fps no problem. The CPU has aged really well, all things considered. Mine benches 810 on Cinebench R15 at stock clocks.

Braiden Robson says:

The difference between the i7 2600k and i7 3770k is less then 10%. I don’t think that they should be on different tiers (I own both of theses CPU’s)

Sir Sharpe says:

Core 2 Dou is higher up than a AMD quad? Are you sure about that, Core 2 Dou is just the most problematic chip to deal with.

kenneth baste says:

You should do this with gpu too

Berth Ljunggren says:

Hitting the B rank with my i7ee 990x with 24 gig and a titan black.

LVX156 says:

I question this video. Almost all AAA games have FX 8350 in the recommended bracket, and it performs really well in every game I’ve thrown at it, from GTA V and DOOM and a modded Fallout 4 to monster performance hogs like Witcher 3.

Fre Gat says:

what about my A8 5600k?

David says:

Great video it be great if you kept this list updated every half a year or year:)

PlatinumTech says:

Grade E, Core 2 Duo, but wheres the AMD A6 series?

Memphis Darkside Muzik says:

i have the intel xeon 5675 3.06GHz six core.

TheWarriorofDestiny says:

I have an HP prebuilt PC running 2x4GB DDR3 RAM, a low power i5 4460s and I’m planning to get a low profile GTX 750 ti 😀 I have a 240W 80+ platinum power supply to power this bitch…Do you think it’s reasonable :P?

12me91 says:

Yay I have an S rank!

WaffleSplash says:

I have an i7-4770 non K, will that bottleneck a gtx 1080 at 1080 and 1440p?

Jaketendo64 says:

I’m going to get either an i3 6100 or an FX 8300 and I was wondering what GPU would allow me to play games at 1080p and at a similar price point to the CPU with no bottlenecking

kool kid says:

Can you do a gpu version?

Ben Dover says:



phenom II x6 1090t 3.9ghz will it bottleneck a gtx 780ti

C. L. K says:

Went from Rank E to A this year lmao

WarsunGames says:

The E for AMD APU is the A4 not A8 so you guys know.

☢ ƬƝƬƁOƳ-Ɗα-Ɓαωz ☢ says:

Great video

Brian Boegershausen says:

One for graphics cards? Harder to do but would be very interesting

xReCoiiL DaZe says:

Getting a pc 4690k and gtx 1060 can I edit on a 4690k or do I need a i7

Dani A says:

I’m rank c
fx 6300

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