Can AMD RIP the Core i9? – Ryzen Threadripper

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AMD’s finally back in the HEDT space with Threadripper – But can they go toe to toe with Team Blue?

* CORRECTION: There is a table showing the Threadripper 1900X as having a 4-core boost clock of 3.7 GHz despite having a base clock of 3.8 GHz. This is an error, and should be 4.0 GHz. Its price should also be $549. Further details are unknown at this time. Sorry about that.

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jhett brewin says:

U lost it when Linus said GIRTH!

Gorunks says:

Linus pls change your watermark / branding

BobClapClap says:

Can it run solitaire and stream(360p) at the same time?

Guiliani Roberti says:

AMD is getting closer and closer to matching Intel. It’s exciting to see this competition. Being the consumer, we’re about to see a massive influx of performance and cheaper CPU’s. What a great day to be a PC enthusiast

Wlado Petkovic says:

OMG from 504 FPS drop to 152 FPS in CS:GO! Very High Settings! I dont have even in minecraft on Low Settings 720p over 60 FPS!

Your Highness says:

Fuck Intel

Lanselot says:

i love it when my cpu has *girth*

SJLGG says:

4:32 – you watch Super Simple Songs with your kid too?

Leanardoe says:

😮 ! blender

ben slee says:

Intel is shuting there dumb trap now ha ha

RGA konstrukt says:

Meltdown patches. Intel yes. AMD no.

zone6 channel says:

Linus tech tips is the best…

Akhil George says:

*G I R T H*

screw googleplus says:

“X399” lolol, silly AMD

brendon lay says:

Thumbnails are getting more rice gum and more rice gum

Caleb F says:

Hey guys is this good for a first pc?

Also do I need to pick an operating system and software?

haikal hadi says:


Anselminos says:

“Its Damage boosted Reaper Time”

Tawkir Rahaman says:

i had no clue what he was saying 🙂

Nature King says:

Year 2020 *AMD* thread raper 4200x 60 cores/120Threads $10000

Michael Bernete-Diaz says:

Also: Meltdown and Spectre exploit

Nightmare says:

And now the threadripper is complete ass

Bri W says:

Id pay GOOD money to see Linus do a video shirtless!! XOXO

John E says:

I’m putting all my investment on Threadripper 1950x because of people saying it’s good for workstation and I’m a game-developer with below the average PC with i5-6600k with a GPU of GTX 1060 3GB ATM, but I’ll be upgrading to a 1070 or 1080Ti soon after I have my motherboard and DDR4. Yeah it’s a fuck-ton of cash and I just invested so much money onto my workstation.

shinymegagengar 1 says:

*G I R T H*

CallMeStinky says:


tariq yosef says:

Release The Kraken

iaag o says:

only 16 cores and 32 threads?? that is nothing compared to core i9 extreme that has 18 cores and 36 threads

TheRedBelgian says:

Intel’s “checklist” seems even more desperate after Spectre and Meltdown.


0:24 GIRTH

Plexversal says:


REALhacksDAILY says:

SGX is a power management feature?

Sicarius Peremo says:

When people are using CS:GO as a Benchmark 😛 Benchmarks are useless all together though, real world testing is the only thing that works, especially with all the corrupt payoffs, to slide the scores towards who pays more! Retards still believe in that crap, just like trusting a Doctor, who really doesn’t know shit!

sir_lolsalot says:

Okay nice. We have the threadripper.
But where’s the breadripper?

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