Budget FPS For Less – AMD FX-6300 Review

Hype Train day 2, “Were we lied to?” when it came to the FX-6300 I feel like I was anyways. This CPU ROCKS!!! the FX-6300 for $89.99 or less is a great little value cpu, but for only $10 more we can get the FX-8300. Later this week we will see if the FX-8300 is worth that massive $10 increase over the FX-6300:P

Also the FX-6300 comes with Ashes of the Singularity right now which is a $40 game, making your total cpu cost if you wanted that game $49 (Impressed)

Also the FX-6300 OC all that was done
Mulitiplier x22.5
Voltage increase on core +.015
Core boost off
cool and quiet off
c1e off
core c6 off

Soul says sorry he has a cold for these last two videos… Heavy Breathing!!

Quick slips from soul, First he says “Easy to OC core” he meant all 6 Cores
Fallout review” Says “FX-6200” meant FX-6300
Last is Vulcan tests “Experience high Hundreds in fps” he meant mid to high Hundred (no “S”)

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Zod of Heaven says:

Thanks for the great video buddy. Subbed. I was wondering if using the a cheap Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO cpu cooler would be powerful enough to keep it cool when overclocked to your specs?

Polvo Corrupto says:

how in the heck that CPU still performs at 60fps?

redb3ast14 says:

Is GTX 1060 + AMD FX-6300 enough to handle COD WW2?

Survetic says:

How well can I run Pubg with that and rx 560?

19kilo35 M says:

Did you use the stock cooler? If so what kind of temperatures, if not what did you upgrade to?

ThatTechGuy says:

link me bundle?

AxTer says:

Which gpu should I buy for this processor

Real Hardware Reviews says:

DUDE!!!! one more view and the FX-6300 hits 6300 views thanks so much, everyone 🙂

오페라불여우 says:

Radeon and DX 12, Vulcan can veru effective and powerful perfomance

AxTer says:

Which gpu should I buy for this processor

Polvo Corrupto says:

maybe it’s still good for gaming due to the fact that game engines and APIs haven’t changed at all since 2011. As nowadays games are still stuck on the god damn DX11 API! On the game engine side…. blame Unity for that!

clorox bleach says:

can this run next gen games on max settings please reply back. it’s on ebay and idk if its good. Processor – AMD FX-6300 6-Core (4.1GHz Turbo)

Optical Drive -DVD/RW 24X

Video Card – Nvidia GTX 750 TI

Memory – 16GB DDR3 1600 Gaming Memory

Sebastian Barraza says:

What graphics card used graphics card should I pair up with my AMD fx 6300 to get the best performance out of my CPU without breaking the bank.

George Sobczyk says:

I have gigabyte u970 ud3p am3+ mobo. Will it be compatible?

jklw10 says:

what about the newest athlon for the am4 platfrom?

jklw10 says:

also isn’t 6300 more of a 3/6 also… more cores != more performance dumby (good video otherwise tho)

Filip Munk says:

what gpu did you use?

Gamesysr says:

I am considering buying a cheap gaming pc (pre-built) with the fx-6300 and a r7 250 graphics card. Is that good?

Abiogenesis Zero Proof says:

I’m going to dig mine out of the closet this weekend, along with a bunch of old parts, and put a scrapyard pc together to see how it fairs. Something fun to do this weekend!

Niko Nolawz says:

What performance monitoring software is he using…with the pink percentages and stuff in the overlay….I need that to evaluate my Rigs performance.

RoomerJ says:

I’m using a Amd fx 6300, stock clock, 1050ti, 8g of 1600mhz ram. Battlefield 1, Ultra settings 1080p 70ish fps on average.

dbjungle says:

Using an FX 8320 for the past 2 years before building an R7 1700 PC I knew this CPU would run really well. These things can be had for as low as $30-$40 used now. I know because I just bought 2 6300s and 1 6100. 1 is going into a build for my little brother to do some light gaming.

SMAK says:

Hey man loved the video but i want to ask you so i’m going to get a new rig it is going to be an fx 6300 and a gtx 1050 so my question is cpu coolers in my country are WAY overpriced like an evo 212 for 50$ which is a scam pretty much so i’m thinking about keeping the stock cooler and btw i’m not going to oc and i play games like payday 2,dota2,csgo,paladins and such games that dont need a beast of a pc so do you think i should keep the cooler or just buy a cooler that costs 50$ for these kinds of games?

Definitely Not Snowden says:

Real Hardware Reviews and Viewers. If I used a 6GB graphics card with I be able to have a minimum of 50fps?

TL M says:

I have an FX8320E along side RX470 4GB. I have no problem running most games on high at 60FPS. I do a lot of photo editing and the cpu has no problems with it. Battfield 1 runs good at 1080p high setting 60 fps average. I’m overclocking a little bit at 3.5. I know I probably could get more out of it, but I’m a noob when it comes to overclocking. Playing it safe I guess.

Dave J says:

I just bought an fx-6300 motherboard ram and hyper 212 Evo for $45. Paired with an RX 570 this thing is great!

R1PCAGE says:

loved the video. I’m wondering what you recommend for a power supply for a beginner for building a pc should be, and what kind of case i should get?

696,969 views says:

I build a budget rig few weeks back, featuring that processor, GTX 1050TI, 8 GB of 1600 mhz or RAM. I have no problem with any modern game. Overall i’m pretty happy with the CPU. Yes, the Pentium G4560 may be a better choice for a budget gaming PC, but i never liked Intel anyway. 😀 I think that CPU is a wonderfull little gem, great for it’s price.

diwiak says:

Still using 6300@4.5 with 16GB of RAM and new 1060 6GB-no problems at all, older games like DAI are flying. For a really-tight-budget setup I would go for a FX chip, you can get 6-8 threads(cores 🙂 at 4.5 – 5GHz really cheap. Otherwise get new Ryzen-love AMD-OVERCLOCK for free!

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