Best CPU Under $350 – AMD 2700X vs Intel 8700k

Here is our Comparison between the AMD Ryzen 7 2700X and the Intel Core i7-8700k.

2600X vs 8600K: Coming Soon!

More info on the Ryzen 7 2700X:

More info on the Core i7 8700k

AMD Benchmarking Motherboard:
Gigabyte X370 Gaming 5:

Intel Benchmarking Motherboard:
GIGABYTE Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 :

Common Benchmarking parts

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7503anthony says:

Amd is fucking garbage

TheSinisterEyes1 says:

easy to get 5ghz OC without any special cooling requirement…
except deliding and needing a high end AIO…. i wanna see a 5ghz with a budget air cooler and no delid…. it wont be as easy as you say.

Mr_Beezlebub says:

Both are good CPUs. But I would personally have to go with a 2600 or 2600X, since it’s 6 core and 12 thread, but for a lot less than the 8700K

Babis Loukos says:

This review is biased af lol.civ as a benchmark game?who the hell plays that game?or did you choose that one cause its the only one that runs faster on ryzen.

azrul nizam says:

What happen if intel put an 8 cores/16 threads cpu inside the 8700k (lets ignore the price for comparison sake). I’m no intel nor amd fan. I’m just curious.

Les says:

Thanks Heaps.

English Khan says:

if u r not able to run 8700k under 350$.. then its not a fare comparesion .. coz u have to buy a after market cooler. u can do a video like 380$-400$ cpu vs 330$ cpu.

vnitto says:

These single core scores are hardly faster than my four year old 4790k

Johan Sörman says:

8700K isn’t included a cooler which should be noted. Also you’d need a good tower cooler or water cooling to achive good overclocks and temps.

Gromuś says:

Ryzen has 28 PCI e lanes

Broodje Aap Film says:

How about power consumption? Thats a factor to take into account as well

5K IDEAS says:

Waiting for 2600X vs 8600K !

Chase Messer says:

I’ve got both of these CPUs and I’m tellin you these are great.

Matthhew Alex says:

Compression test done, no decompression test… WTF?!

Tariq KH says:

Intel 8700k is gaming king

RushDark says:

2:07 5ghz without special cooler intel shill much? Since when an 8700k came with a stock cooler are you implying a stock intel cooler from other intel cpu line up is adequate to cool the cpu to 5ghz? Getting an aftermarket cooler doesn’t that count as a special cooler? I mean really choose your words properly you might give a false info to the viewer.

Spectre says:

i7-8700k with GTX 1080.

rurutu M says:

8700k is not under $350, you still need to buy a $30 cooler for it to run at stock speeds and a $60+ cooler to run over 4.7ghz

Viperspider says:

Great video. High production quality, deserves more views!

Themanwithno Name says:

Also need to take into account that you need a good cooler to get the most out of the 8700k, that’s where $60 easily goes aswell. The 8700k is thus 70 dollar more expensive, even the decent motherboards are more expensive. AM4 will be supported for atleast another two years while 8700ks plattform is dead when another processor comes out. 8700k is a beast, no question about it, but compared to the 2700x it’s a bit “meh”.

Jeffrey Photonboy says:

Uh, seems a bit misleading doesn’t it?
The last part shows two BENCHMARKS that favor multi-thread on CPU (not typical for games) and one game on 1440p Ultra that is pretty much GPU bottlenecked anyway. Heck, not even sure if he overclocked or just used stocked since the i7-8700K would gain some ground there…

Finally, not a lot of discussion about the fact that MOST THINGS benefit more from single thread/core performance as it’s not common to do multi-threading tasks. Many games benefit from the higher perf per core (frame TIME analysis).

If I didn’t understand CPU’s I’d think the R7-2700X was the best choice hands down from this video but personally I’d buy the i7-8700K… having said that I’d also look at motherboard plus CPU cooler costs (though the cooler I’d get for both is the Noctua NH-D15S)… for a lower budget the R5-2600 is a really great buy, though unfortunately DDR4 costs make building a budget rig harder than I’d like. (especially with the faster DDR4 memory that Ryzen likes).

*DDR4 3400MHz works great on some new X470 boards which can gain a little bit of performance (assuming good timings too).

Patrik Miskovic says:

2700x is cpu for everything ,plus great price

beshjs says:

4790k still runs games at max with a 1080ti i dont understand why people are upgrading every couple years…

Gaming by Zamra says:

Under $350 is pretty much 90% of the cpu’s out atm

Armando Santana says:

That was wrong in the game part.
To test the actual power of the processor, you must place the games in the FullHD resolution. So the GPU will do its function in an easy way, and the processor will have to track its rhythm. At this time we see which processor is able to better monitor the video card. In 2k or 4k there is not much difference, because the board will suffer more to work the graphics of the game, causing the processor to work less when trying to follow it.

Alecandrius Fedorowski says:

There are so many issues with this video. Unless you have a golden sample or you delided that 8700k you will not be safely hitting 5ghz on the stock cooler though an after market one can do so rather easily. On your slide comparing the 1800x to the 2700x you could have appeared less biased by using a a 1700x or standard 1700 for that matter as all of the ryzen chips are unlocked. Another issue is the memory what speeds and cas latency’s were you using?

Tech Wiz Master says:

intel doing with 6 cores what AMD need 8 cores to do.

Near Media says:

Should have shown the smoothness of playback on premiere. From other reviews I’ve seen, intel isn’t choppy. Pretty important factor in work efficiency.

carlos muniz says:

Still rocking a 6700K

tirelantony says:

Hello! At 2:00 Ryzen has just 16 PCI-E lanes? I can’t quite figure out if the x470 chipset provides more PCI-E lanes but I remember that the Ryzen 7 first gen had 24, but were split up between pci , m.2 and chipset. Is the same principle applicable for the second gen? Can you please get into detail how the lanes are split and if there is a lane difference on the different chipsets?

Sasa h19 says:

Gtx1080 ti with i7 8700k and 1080p144hz are perfect combination…. 2600x is for 1440p or 4k gaming cpu

Luredreier says:

Picking compression and *not* including decompression is a bit unfair towards AMD given that Ryzen is much better at decompression then compression.

Jonas Ziegler says:

in the second game you wrote 2650×1440 instead of 2560×1440. 🙂

Jorge Martinez says:

for content creation ryzen 2700x is the way to go. For gaming, that’s Intel’s ballpark

TapperSweden says:

Why not show decompresion in winrar? everyone knows that ryzen is way fastern then Intel at decompressing and that Intel is faster at compressing. I also think that you decompress way more then compress files in real life usage. Otherwise it was a god review

HotRodX says:

It really just depends what your looking to do with your PC. If you want the best gaming performance possible and thats your main focus. Intel 8700k is great. If you are going to be working with the PC as well as gaming then AMD has some great perks for you. If you are budget minded then AMD also has the edge. Both Intel and AMD are great companies though. I have been using an Intel cpu for about a year and a half now and find I do not like their greedy motherboard antics. Im switching to AMD Ryzen+ 2700x for that reason as well as the price, cooling solution, higher core/thread count, and future mobo compatibility.

Jull3 says:

i7 8700k.

anonchen says:

my man, this was the best video on this topic I found. Have my like!

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