Awards: Best CPUs of 2018 (Gaming, Production, & Disappointment)

The best CPUs of 2018 includes a look into gaming, Blender, video editing, and overclocking performance. As a bonus, we also talk about the most disappointing CPU.
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Whether you’re looking for the best CPU for Photoshop, Premiere & video editing, Blender, or just the best CPU for gaming, we have your 2018 benchmark round-up to show the best. Budget gaming CPUs, high-end CPUs, and workstation processors all make an appearance.

CPUs FEATURED (in order of appearance)


AMD Ryzen 5 2600 (Amazon):


Intel i9-9900K (Amazon):
Runner-Up: Intel i7-8700K for better price (Amazon):


AMD Ryzen 7 2700 (Amazon):


AMD R3 2200G APU (Amazon):


Intel i7-8086K (Amazon):


Intel i9-9980XE (Not Yet Available)

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Editorial, Testing: Steve Burke
Testing: Patrick Lathan
Video: Andrew Coleman, Keegan Gallick


Sammy K says:

That 9980XE with the not dried paste looks so lewd tbh.

QuantumBraced says:

Respect for the Pentium Pro box.

Ztygs says:

I got a 8600k for 100% gaming only.
I havn’t regretted not going with a Ryzen instead.

War President says:

I support you now guys u are remarkable…. You save many money to people who was rip off from WALMART.. you are hero.. you just tell truth, and save us…. BIG THANKS.. ppl donate to people who are heros like this ones. if cant donate just subscribe and like the videos

Rune Nielsen says:

I’m glad i got my 8600K before the shortage. Paid around 250€ and i’m very happy with performance and overclocking. Got it stable at 5.0Ghz @ 1.25v and it peaks around 60-63c in Cinebench and Aida64 with an AIO cooler. Around 70c when overclocked to 5.2Ghz. With the current prices it’s hard to recommend though. If it returns to pre-shortage prices, it’s a great option for a gaming pc

Robert Pasquali says:

Award for most disappointing awards…. GN. What’s the best GAMING cpu? Not budget. Who spending 160 on cpu and graphics, buy a ps4 instead to game. This award is dumb.

Notmi Relnam says:

I was really impressed with AMD’s lineup this time around. Performance-per-dollar was strong with them. I also appreciate how they’re all using the AM4 layout. You can buy one motherboard and keep it for multiple generations. Sweet!

D.R DEAD says:

is cooler master ml240l rgb good aio please help i am buying asap

Valomat says:

I7 9700K???

ExPsy says:

Can’t understand why people ignore x299 with 7800x (especially the newer stepping) and prefer 6/8 core cpus for intel’s 300 series boards.

X299 boards have more powerful vrms at lower prices and skylake x offers 512 bit instructions, resulting in a sane amount of future proofing.
Going for 1151 processors under the circumstances doesn’t make sense.

TonyMon16 says:

omg i had the amd x2 cpu, was world first dual core cpu for retail. That old pentiumm 1 cpu ( 180 mhz rofl??) mhz cpu was crazy how do you still have the box??? You gotta wonder wtf can you even do with it today? Saying that i remember my first ever pc cost us 1200 pound an Amiga 1500, had an ultra fast cpu of 7 mhz and 256 or 128k ram!!. Think it even had a 1mb hard drive

I taint mistaken says:

Plz build me computer will send nudez

RoxyDzey says:

i have i5 8400 and i dont give a single fuck about the other cpus 😛

Miguel Reyes says:

Question… I’m wondering why the i9-7940X results are never in the comparisons… I see 7900, 7960 and 7980 any reason why you guys are not testing the 7940?

kommz says:

Why no “best premium gaming CPU”?

Vaxtin says:

Is that what I think it is? Is he actually- “Thank you to the viewer who sent in the CPU fidget spinner!” …Well goddamn.

Macabria Ivan says:

Always Great videos. Keep going man!

JaxsonAintHereBoi says:

honestly i recon the worst trend should be the lack of decent m-atx boards(especially with amd).

Bruce Cox says:

while having better cpu is great, I am noticing a more and more trend for online games, even single player games are going online(SimCity for example), i wonder at what point will CPU/GPU will be “data starved” by the data io

eug3nius says:

I don’t know about the 2600 being best value, the 1700 is currently about the same price.

GOPster says:

You need to put some extra thermal paste on the CPU.

Pablo Tassinari says:

the only Price can win Intel is the most expensive and the most hard to find

I'm Not Using My Real Name says:

The 9900k still costs over €650 in my country. WTF

stcredzero says:

Could I use a 2200G or a 200G on a separate machine to enable streaming for an older rig that can still game, but has no headroom for streaming?

Neurotyczny Kot says:

I have old mobo and wanted to upgrade my cpu I can see you have i7-4790K meanwhile my mobo supports i7-7700k. Where it would be in those charts, somewhere in middle?

Raging Tout says:

Best values for 2018? Xeons X58 6 cores. My Xeon X5680 arrives tomorrow… $40… EVGA X58 FTW3 motherboard… $120…. already have everything else… $160 for a mobo and CPU combo upgrade from an AMD FX 8350. I can then take my FX CPU and board and build another PC to sell and actually get money back for my spare parts laying around.

Bandit Darville says:

The i3 8100 would make for an honorable mention.

Brian Berthold says:

i got the R5 1600 and im very happy with it

borny hitch says:

why does he sound like he doesn’t wanna do this when he talk all the time? It’s no excitement at all ;/ not to be rude or anything

Neonmirrorblack says:

BTW, Aorus is not pronounced “A-or-us”. I always thought it was closer to “Aur-us”, and it kind of is. In any event, it’s two syllables, not three.

Kevin Arnold says:

LOL the Ryzen 3 2200G has a higher average FPS in Overwatch than an $1100 gaming laptop (acer aspire 5 gtx 960m 4gb can barely maintain 40fps on the lowest settings)!!!!

N. I. says:

Nothing OCs like an 8086K

Rainier Pomeranians says:

I wonder when that AMD 2800X is going to hit the streets

Universal Union says:

The i7 9700k wasn’t in there

Ross Chubarov says:

was gonna buy a 2080ti but it looks like my cpu (i7 4790k stock because it wont overclock to shit) is going to be a bottleneck for what im looking for. after upgrading my gpu a year ago to a 980 and getting a 144hz 1440p monitor i never want to go back to 60hz (60fps) or anywhere near that. So it looks like if i want a good average and 1/.1% low fps to be anywhere near 100fps for the games i play (bf3,4,5, cod blackout, minecraft just when i need to relax lol dont judge, squad and other random cool or new games) i need to build a completely new pc… $2k plus looks like my budget for this goal..

Algis-kun says:

Where’s my “best out-of-box thermals” category?

Mitch Yyyy says:

Is there going to be a 2800x or AMD going to skip since the end of the year is a month away and just go straight to the 7nm Ryzen

Frank V says:

Would have liked to see a 6700K/7700K in the overview to get a perspective on how much better newer CPU’s are.

whiteburr says:

Why do they leave their CPU ihs so dirty?

Pizzles Tech Time says:

Hey Steve I have a question for you. I have a threadripper 1950x with a gigabyte gaming 7 motherboard. I just added two more sticks of 8GB Trident z RGB 3000Mhz Ram. I now have a total of six sticks of ram in the motherboard. I noticed after the upgrade I am no longer able to change the memory mode in ryzen master. Changing it to Game Mode causes the motherboard to beep one long beep and one short. Then after that trying to change it to distributed mode is blacked out. I have tried going back to four sticks and it did not solve the issue. I am very new to computers and building so forgive me if I am not sure what’s going on. Thanks in advance if anyone can help.

Michael Brady says:

best ryzen chip for streaming and gaming?

Unfreundlich says:

you dont use dirty items for a b roll…….come on…..

Hugo Custódio Reis says:

Hey people! I´ve been watching this channel for the last 2 years. These awards are amazing!! Now I´m an serious music production hobby guy and occasional gamer, simple indie stuff mostly. I can´t really see what category an heavy loaded DAW project belongs to. 100 tracks, 30% audio tracks, 30% vst instruments, 30% sample based vst instruments. Vst´s are 50% third party, 50% native, fx´s like eq, comp, etc… are 80% native, 20% third party. What should I aim for?


Warren Robinson says:

When I can afford a custom pc. Buying from you

peccatumDei says:

Regarding benchmarks: You folks at Gamers Nexus will be too young to remember, but back in the early days of CPU chips, a common benchmark was the
Sieve of Eratosthenes, which generates a series of prime numbers.  It didn’t take long for the CPU makers to catch on, and start optimizing the silicon for that particular benchmark, eventually leading to it’s abandonment.  I think we as consumers often place too much emphasis on relatively small differences in performance, and that’s what pushes the manufacturers to focus on benchmark results, rather than real world performance.

AcePilot3342 says:

If the 9900k actually went to sub-$400, I would definitely buy it.

Taylor Starcevic says:

Just wondering, why are the skus and such covered up on the processors?

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