Awards: Best CPUs of 2017 (Gaming, Production, & Biggest Upset)

This GN Awards Show covers the best CPUs of 2017, including top gaming and production CPUs, with special awards for Biggest Upset and Biggest Disappointment.
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Buy the R5 1600 on Amazon (best overall value):
Buy the i7-8700K on Amazon (most well-rounded):
Buy the R7 1700 on Amazon (best value for production):
Buy the Intel G4560 on Amazon (best ultra-budget):
Buy the i9-7960X on Amazon (most fun to OC):
Buy the Threadripper 1950X on Amazon (biggest upset):
Don’t buy the i7-7740X (biggest disappointment)


You probably want to defer to our latest CPU reviews to get the latest charts. Grab those here:

You can also find other new data here: (8400 review)

CPU reviews are cumulative, so the newer reviews (eg 8000 series) will also have newer data for AMD products and older Intel products.

AMD R5 1600X initial review (old data):

Intel i7-8700K review (newer data):

AMD R7 1700 review (old data, newer stuff in above link):

Intel Pentium G4560 review (old data):

Intel i9-7960X review:

AMD Threadripper 1950X review:

Intel i7-7740X review:

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Editorial, Test Lead: Steve Burke
Testing: Patrick Lathan & Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman


Donavin Nezar says:

I wonder how bad an core i 3 4160 would bottleneck with a gtx 1080

TheMadnes5 says:

Just got an r7 1700x for 240€/$ 🙂 vs 420€/$ for an i7 8700k

Nolan Flynn says:

So I’m currently watching youtube, have fallout shelter open, have google docs and miscellaneous windows open filling up 3 monitors, and I’m running an Ubuntu virtual machine. Does that count as multitasking?

Joao Alves says:

nice video. on spot

Rusty Redbeard says:

really wanna see you de-lid a potato chip, you can eat it much faster so you miss less commentary overall whilst sacrificing some noise levels.


Nico O. says:

This video is fucking amazing.

Rem says:

But we all know my 2500k is the best…

Mat.Quantum says:

RIP my 7700K

Dwayne Stimpson says:

Looking forward to 2018-2019 The PC market is starting to get interesting again. Great Video Steve!

Vin Jak says:

…and dont call him “TECH JESUS” please…

Armyboy89 says:

My is my cpu getting a better fps avg at max settings than your graph? Honest question

rossko peeko says:

the 1700 has to be my bang for buck cpu this year. £270 for near 1800x performance its done well for me 😀

Andrei Despinoiu says:

6:20 Then you might as well get an i5 2500k, which is just above it. For $70-80 I’m sure you’ll get the motherboard too, and they’ll probably throw in the PSU or PC case for free.

_!!!ODIN!!!_ says:

i am mostly gaming and a bit recording
i7 7820x vs i7 8700k

Raul Saavedra says:

Thanks for the clarification at 9:23. No gigantic tirade, but still, the category name “Biggest Upset” I’d say is really unfortunate because of being clearly misleading. Noone would immediately associate that “upsetting” with the incumbent as opposed to with the consumer. So I’d suggest renaming this category. Maybe “Most Market-Disrupting CPU” or something along those lines, but better change this name from Biggest Upset which does not do proper justice to the winner

Enovate Solutions says:

Nice One!

Lucas TV says:

Chrome and Discord. Pfff.More Firefox and Teamspeak;)

Psychocyptonic says:

7820x could deff get an award in the hedt category. Its deff a beast of a cpu

Larry Gall says:

I don’t regret my purchase of an 1800x for $370. I love this CPU. It hit’s 4.2 from time to time under load, and hits 4.1 constantly. Runs great at 2.2GHz too, so I’m running very efficient too. Ryzen was a great product and I’ll upgrade at the end of the run, maybe Zen 3. Right now there’s no reason for me.


Another good detailed video Steve, with loads of info.
The kinda stuff that makes u go hmmmm! lol
Keep it up!

Ben Baer says:

You Guys are the best in the Biz’

freak777power says:

A good video but i don’t agree with anything but i still give you a like. Still rocking my $350 Xeon 2666@10/20@3.5 Ghz,

Hugo diaz says:

Ryzen 1600x right here
Also the 1700x n the 1800x which I just got for 270$ from some guy needed cash . Brand. New. The post didn’t even last 2mins n I bought right away .now hopefully it arrive dis week 🙂 .can’t wait

Peter Jansen says:

A question to everybody who owns a Ryzen CPU. Do you boycott a game like Destiny2 if the game is poorly optimized for Ryzen? I do, I am curious how you guys look at it.

Saiyed Danish says:

Any news on h370 or b360

MeMad Max says:

I think the Intel V AMD mindset is a spinoff of the same crap thats going on in the political arena…

The “It’s MY team versus YOUR team” bullcrap is healthy in small amounts of course, but some of these kids are taking it to the extreme…

Zein Naja says:

I want to build a threadripper build so bad! Thanks for posting.

Gaming Guru says:

must commend you on the quality of your videos always look 60fps plus and very smooth keep it up

melangkoh says:

i stopped the video at the 7960x “award”

wilkinru says:

We need a CES meet up.

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