Are AMD FX CPUs still worth it for gaming?

Threadripper and i9 CPUs are cool and all… but what about the “REAL WORLD” solutions for budget gaming? Until Ryzen 3 is here AMD FX is still your cheapest option to get in to gaming… but is it still worth at 6 yrs old?

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snozz2004 says:

AMD 8350 user, i only get issues with older games, 32bit & single core stuff

thunderchild750 says:

im still gaming on fx and its easily playable

branden-man 19 says:

After this week FX is worthless Ryzen 3 owo

nfdfilms says:

check my channel if you want to know how fx9590 with gtx 1070 works

Jay Santos says:

When i bought my i5 4690K, FX8350 was $30 cheaper. I’m glad i didn’t cheap out.

fthujafire says:

I have an fx 8350 and it has never overheated like that

Anthony Aiello says:

just got a AMD FX 8320e for 24 bucks on e bay to replace my old phenom ii x4 965 ,did i spend too much or did i make a ok choice for a budget pc build ?

Gabriel Fraga says:

I Think you’re a bad lucky guy.. because I have an FX 8350 since 2014 and now I have an GTX 1080 and it runs smootly with no errors or low fps or bad optimizations… I play everything Maxed Out 1080p with 55-60fps

C.R. Young says:

This surprised me, I’m running a fx 6300 3.5ghz with a r7 260x and I’m getting far better fps in GTA with more or less same settings.

Alex Larsen says:

IPC is Instructions Per Clock, Jay. So you didn’t improve IPC at all, you improved total throughput.

AKKA says:

i have a fx 8320e and i am planning to go with a ryzen 5 1500x
does it worth the price concidering i have to buy a new mobo and ram ?
i have a r9 390x and a 750W psu

AirsoftAddicted says:

There is something wrong with the setup. I own 8350 since almost 2 years after I upgraded to FX from Phenom, I’ve installed Win10 just after it was released and it’s the most stable system I had since my 1st PC long time ago back in 90’s. I’m running it at 4.4Ghz with stock voltage (most of guys overvolt this CPU and this leads to overheating) and it runs with under 55 degrees all the time 100% stable with OCd DD3 up to 1866Mhz. I can play Andromeda on Ultra, Wildlands on High, basically every single game I wanted – quite nice as for 150 bucks spent 2 years ago 🙂

FX is a good buy ONLY if you already have AM3+, if not – go upgrade for Ryzen.

Just don’t cook this CPU with overvoltage….

Remy says:

I use a AMD FX-6300 CPU with a 1050ti and i play BF1 on ultra.

Fernando Salazar says:

A motherboard with two CPU’s of that kind would be awesome.

Kirk_Kirksman says:

14:00 so is Ryzen 3 the cheapest CPU in the Ryzen family??

2-Sided Polygon says:

If you wanna spend $110 I’d get an R3 1200

AIM GLOBAL Video Archives Unofficial says:

I still have here my FX8320E after 2 years.. Still alive and kicking.. been doing lots of multitasking with ease and it also serves as a router via virtual pc 🙂

Charlie Stubbs says:

Didn’t asrock has a problem with this chipset with their motherboard setting on fire?

MILKWynn says:

remember the days where ati radeon x800 , nvidia 6600, and etc. AMD FX cost like thousands!!

Rait Mets says:

I have i5 750 , 8ddr3, amd radeon 6970 2gb

VirusWar says:

Well, if you’ve been gaming like me on an old athlon II 250 for the last 5 years, this processor would be a god damn monster to you.
FPS aint dropping below 50? HOLY SHIT

Velakor says:

I bought an 8350 on release. biggest waste of money ever. I’m an MMO player mainly, with some FPS on the side. and most games I play only support 2 or 4 cores and everything ran like shit. even the games that did support 8 cores like battlefield ran like crap, i wouldnt be able to max it out with a 780 due to its unstable framerate of barely staying at 50fps.
I ended up going back to my i7 2600 and being able to run everything max settings still to this day at a solid 70+fps.
its a pile of crap and one of the worst cpus ive had, I have some hope for AMDs new cpus but I still really dislike 8 core cpus.

EDIT: TL;DR it’s a huge bottleneck on beast GPUs and barely any games even support the cores needed to make it somewhat okay.

Marcus Taylor says:

You can’t run FX 8 core CPU’s with weak coolers, VRM’s or power supplies. If all 3 are good you won’t get crashes and you can operate well above 70 degrees C.
6 core FX6300 is better for games as most games won’t use the extra cores, it will run cooler, put less stress on the VRM’s and overclocks better. I used to run 4.9ghz all day long on H100, my i5 4670K OC’d to 4.2ghz is only about 10% faster.
6300 only costs £65 at the moment too, or £40 used on ebay.

Power_Moves says:

This is the PC i have right now but i upgraded the ram and power supply also the GPU to a MSI GeForce GTX 1060 6GB and the power supply to 500 watts and 16GB of ram but i thinking to get a new CPU and go with a Intel Core I7 7700k with a none overclocking board because i don’t need to overclock it. i would get a Cooler Master Hyper 212, and Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM 2133MHz.

Erdo says:

Is the FX-670k good? Quad-Core at 3.7 GHz

TheGoldenAppleGamer 77 says:

My friend Is a amd boy and I showed him this vid and he got scared when it turned off

Daniel Miles says:

uhhh i run a fx6300 and gtx950 and I get 40-60 fps with no overclock on gta5. the fx he has is with the 1070 is a huge bottleneck.

cgraham6 says:

Well, Ryzen 3 definitely changed all this. You’ll probably have to all but give away an FX processor now, with the R3 1200 starting at $110.

Tesseract95 says:

6 years ago = Fx SUCK now = fx still good (its the end but its work)

lonewolf060 says:

I have a 8350 and a R9 390 i was able to get up to 112 fps at one point in GTA V benchmark.

Itachi Uchiha says:

FX is fine in my Opinion, you get a good CPU for the money. I run my system with the FX 8350 and with the R9 390. I can play PUBG very fine and i overclocked it just a bit on 4.2 GHz. So in my Opinion its still worth buying one if you dont have to much money to spend on it.

Saša Todorović says:

ppl can say what they want, but l playing games with my rx 480 and fx 8320 on 4,6ghz without any problems max settings.Good day to everyone

Mark Williams says:

Can you run an 8320 vs R3?

Calangiu Valentin says:

what about 1440 or 4k where you dont need cpu?

Scolionophobiac says:

amd cpus suck

Davi Carvalho says:

AMD sucks, fact.

Misfitjuggalo Ninja says:


Davi Carvalho says:

wtf that gray screen everywhere.

TheFirestoneHD(YT) says:

I’m on a fx 6300 should I upgrade?

j corvett says:

i’d bet $ its the PSU. i toasted a 650w trying to run a phenom Xii quad core and a new R280. made a loud pop when it went …i thought i lost everything. but replaced with an 850w evga and all was good, tg. also i get more fps running GTA5 in 2k than you are with a system 5x as poweful. so something isnt righ. lol

betafour says:

i have a fx 8370 and id say it is

Christian Garcia says:

You should do apu, especially the amd a6 5400k. Lol

G Waites says:

while this is a great video, and its funny to see the fx running all these old games, but tbh its definitely not for me. its just not worth it. ryzens gonna be my choice for sure…..buuuuuuuuuut my brother still runs on a fx 6300 6 core cpu and still plays overwatch, bf4, and destiny 2. so u know shit happens lol

Sebastian Andersson says:

Running a FX-8150 OC to 4,2Ghz, i popped in a RX480 8gb last winter.I WAS getting computor shut downs before that, but they got worse after the RX card stepped in. So I swapped my corsair 650W PSU, to a 75W0 EVGA , and after that no problems at all. Other then that… My computor runs… Fine. Nothing else, it runs fine, not excellent or perfect. I dont get FPS above the hundreds I play mostly games that are 3-4 years old and for those the system is perfect. Steams VR test sais the computor is VR ready so I am gonna get a Vive and try it out. Depending on that performance I’ll plan a Ryzen upgrade.

DerDango says:

Gets bottlenecked with a fx 8320 while I am trying my best with my old fc 6100 OC to 4Ghz

WitmerXL says:

Most people, even in this comments section don’t experience frame drops with the 8320 in the games tested, like GTA 5. The overclock was definitely unstable, probably not enough vcore voltage or LLC. (also the PSU didn’t seem to be providing enough power to the 1070) An unstable overclock can cause major FPS drops. Especially if HPC isn’t enabled, multiple cores can and usually will throttle at least 1ghz under load without the right configuration. (which makes a huge difference when it happens to multiple cores at once) Also some games are more GPU intensive than CPU, I would like to see this test done again, but with a lower clock rate (like 4Ghz) and a 1080 instead of a 1070 (while testing both CPU and GPU intense games)

Chris Fraser says:

What is was the CPU utilization? Also, what weren’t you capturing the screen? That way the studio fore
ground isn’t shown by the camera.
My FX-9370 and R9 380 plays PUBG fine. Not ultra, also not an optimized game. I do get much better results in Rise of the Tomb Raider, 60 FPS isn’t an issue at top settings.

バレットクラブ Barettokurabu says:

So Hyper 212 Evo is safe for overclocking FX-8350 up to 4.5ghz ? Thanks.

NobodyImportant says:

How about it shut off because it was overclocked plain and simple

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