AMD’s New Threadripper 2 CPUs Are No Joke – 4 New SKUS!

AMD’s New Threadripper 2 CPUs Are No Joke – 4 New SKUS!

AMD AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX at Amazon

AMD’s wild 32-core Ryzen Threadripper chip goes on sale

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mikey cockson says:

Zen2 not delayed ….guess what’s delayed tho….10nm on Intel.hahaha

Dustin Krejci says:

4:25 YOu know it is time that this saying gets stopped being said. you know why?
The Dev Ops need to put in the options so I can





My monster truck of a CPU!!! You HEAR that DEVOPS!! I WANT MORE CORE enablement for the software use!!
YEs that is 32 “cores” repreented in the word ~”USSSSSSSSSSE”!!!!~
I could be using less thing 4-8 cores if I have a threadripper!

Richard Landgren says:

There’s no delay on Zen 2, it was always supposed to come out after Zen+

Russel Renz Nerosa says:

TR-2950WX. Not only new and faster, but also has lower price compared to the first gen TR-1950x when it was launched.

Only AMD does that for you.

James Lucop says:

Id like to see AMD pour some of this magic into their video card division, and kick Nvidias butt!

Marcus C says:

I think now is a good time to revive this

Nick says:

Now they need to get to work on the 64 Core EPYC CPUs along with price drops.

Denver Basshead says:

Zen 2 is not delayed, they’ve said next year for a year now

lepompier132 says:

For current MB you need to upgrade the Bios first !

Supergameplayer says:

RIP Skylake-X

StaySic4Ever says:

Pure epic move. Existing platform receiving twice the cores!

John Petrov says:

These are amazing times to be buying technology. Incredible stuff!

yankee196575 says:

intel is fucked. bye,bye greedy intel. getting the 24 core beast!

Mark Lowe says:

I’m guessing your audio editing wouldn’t have any stutter issues regardless of the number sound processors used

SlayTheSins says:

I want AMD to kick Nvidia in the butt so they are working on faster gfx cards again

Devs want to make more epic games, I want to play them. So I want better hardware from both sides

Skerrick says:

Nvidia + intel rules in gaming though! they never lose… never will.

Doom Slayer says:

holding off till intel releases 9900k if it sucks im going amd

kidman2505 says:

Awesome work as usual

Mr_Beezlebub says:

It’s a great time to be a computer enthusiast

Scrotum Monster says:

The ONLY way I am buying an AMD is if they stop SCREWING AROUND. I want a practical proc. I am a gamer, not a video producer. I want an 8/16 proc from AMD that hits 5GHz. Intel has the i9 9900K now (8/16 @ 5GHz one 1 or 2 core. 4.8 GHz for 4 core, 6 and 8 cores os 4.7 GHz). So AMD better make the same. For gaming NO ONE needs more than 8 cores. So AMD is going overboard on cores. We need frequency speed increases.

mikey cockson says:

Amd da best

Bo Shumok says:

Intel’s real response to Ryzen is probably 2 years away at the earliest, but It will be challenging until then. I hope AMD doesn’t slow down though, because I am sure the next Intel architecture will be a monster.

mbsfaridi says:

Finally someone I watch will review treadripper.

Luredreier says:

Hey, check out the video Hardware Unboxed made.
The 2990WX struggles with lack of memory bandwidth pr core.
It performs great when you’re able to keep the memory bandwidth down but once you start using that its performance goes down significantly causing it to really struggle in both games and other applications.
PCWorld did some multi-tasking tests though that was quite promising with two core heavy low bandwidth workloads running simultanously and that apparently worked quite well.

Dawson Purcell says:

now that amd has cpus good enough for most use cases i hope we will see some better GPUs come out soon so i can snag some cheap 1080tis

nico5179 says:

Will the next zen 2 be compatible with X470 motherboards?

PuzzlePlayer says:

I’m getting rather fed of you youtube prostitutes making videos with little information just so you can cash in on hype. You are “officially” bound by amd’s secrecy so why fuck off and dont waste my time until you can be informative.

ben fuller says:


Cory R says:

when are they going to put out a 6 or 8 core with 4.5+ ghz single core? Games dont use these extra cores for the most part, we need higher single thread performance 🙁 intel is stable OC at 5ghz on big air or AIO watercoolers…amd still cant come close to that, max I have been able to get out of a 2700x is 4.25 ghz on all core

Advection Stride says:

The first Ryzen Zen CPUs made magic on CGI Rendering in my case, so i can’t imagine what this Threadripper 2 monster could do! Seems a lot of money for a processor, but at the end of the day you are saving money (and room..)
Now we need ultrapowerful GPUs with OpenCL support too! come on AMD, weeee neeed thaaat please!!

Tech of Tomorrow says:

Cant wait to get my hands on the 2950X that is what I will be buying. How about you?

JJSmith Lago says:

I don’t need 32 cores. I think 12 is the magic number for me. I do productive work on my rig but nothing that warrants +16 cores.

Christian Axelsson says:

Remember when it only was about Intel vs AMD, SONY vs microsoft and so on? Like 2 years ago. Now we have TAD. =D

xXSilentAgent47Xx says:

2950x seems like a line between 2990WX and Intel 8700k.
It’s good for gaming, rendering and editing, but not ultra fast with rendering as 2990WX (which is mainly for job as Epyc).
I’d wait for 2080Ti/1180Ti release, might take a while and it’ll be perfect.

DigBipper188 says:

2016 to now has been impressive for AMD imo. Theit new Zen platform is hotter than a 9590 on air *(in terms of sales, luckily)* and they’re doing crazy shit like launching 32 core workstation class CPUs on their TR4 platform, which I was half expecting but not on TR4. Not to mention their EPYC line of chips undercut the living hell out of their Intel counterparts!! they’re literally north of 40% cheaper with comparible (if not better depending on the workload) performance. Ain’t no stopping AMD until Intel can find their footing and start competing again!!

Dan says:

Waiting for Intel Core i9 9900K to pre-order on Newegg/Amazon.

Donald Duck says:

Saving my pennies for the 2990 and creation MB if I can. I have some occasional use applications, but already work around when I have to obviously. Until then just a dream.

Alecandrius Fedorowski says:

Hmmn, I bet that 2990wx will crush all before it if it can get some VLL love.

PBWillyWonka says:

i still have my 1700, its an amazing chip. it handles my games like champ, i wont be looking for an upgrade for a while.

Brian Tanteo says:

It is bit strange 500k subscribers but with only 17k views …. Hmmmm come on YT..

Goran S. says:

Currently 25 dislikes for video… I don’t get it, what’s to dislike here?

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