AMD Zen – A First Look

AMD Zen – A First Look
I got a chance to check out Bristol Ridge, AMD’s new 8-core 16-thread Zen-based CPU, at a briefing in San Francisco.
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Ben A says:

Zen is a year later to be relevant….. such a shame.

AMD might as well bake cakes.

LͫOͤRͫDͤ LͫOͤRͫDͤ says:

ideal data location

Shadow _1 says:

if i want the zen it would mean that i would need a new mother board and new ram sticks, i hope it is worth because it would mean id be spending 780 U$S

Allen TKO says:

If it performs better, more energy efficient at a lower cost than intel 6700k im into it!

topjet S says:

The only problem I see is dose one new cpu offer make a difference? I hope AMD dose well but looking at only one offering against Intel, how many cpu’s do Intel offer, more then I can count on my hands and they offer updates almost every year. I do really hope AMD dose well with Zen, but for a lot of us they need new 4 core and 6 core cpu’s also. Just my thoughts. (John)

Matty Fox says:

That text that flashed up said ideal sata location if anyone couldn’t catch it X’D

NeonTrash says:

Mac is only expensive for its engineering and aesthetic. It’s performance is shit
Intel is the same.

Stalin-kun Desu Kawaii says:

4:10 is that linus?

Chris W says:

will be playing second fiddle to Intel

calling it now

Lupul Alb says:

At 4:19 that red LED is it indicating a problem or that`s how it`s supposed to do ?

Onion Rings says:

Hopefully its good, AMD deserves to be equal to intel, I just hope they make a decent budget friendly 6 core 12 threads, or maybe even a 4 core 8 thread. That’s where I want to go.

Furkan#Liesaresafetierthantruth says:

They used Titan X on bf1 test 😀

Kevin Groeneveld says:

03:11 do you even cablemanagement?

Andros Alan says:

is it out in market??? to buy??? for building a Gaming PC???

Skizerz the Almighty says:

i’ve been burned by AMD too many times now. I switched to intel a few months ago and dear god is it a relief to have some non-trash running in my computer. I’ll remain very skeptical of this cpu, because AMD has promised unicorns and rainbows MANY times in the past and everyone gets all hyped and excited for their “new revolutionary architectures” and it ends up being a piece of steaming garbage. I’m not buying it until I see mass results in performance from various sources, and even then my i7 is working wonders so, it’ll have to blow i7 out of the water for me to dish out money and switch mobo’s… again. So far, leaked benchmarks are showing a 4790 outperforming this pretty drastically, with the current ‘leaked’ results it’s looking pretty shabby im afraid. not buying, DON’T fall for it, wait for actual tangible results AFTER release before giving them your money.

frigginjoe says:

AMD’s in a tricky spot.
Smaller company that has to come through with either a comparable but much cheaper CPU or competitively priced better CPU.
Hope they pull it off.

Nova StrykerHD says:

Im gonna do an amd themed build. Hopefully a zen and 2 rx 480’s in crossfire.

wiley935 linux says:

come on AMD all eyes are on you don’t mess this one up

xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx says:

take a look at this, if zen with let say $800 price and it did beat 7700k with price of let say $1k, then R.I.P Intel

ddin magic says:

never again amd ….

Donalt t- BLAAA says:

Q1 of 2017. AMD >-> better be feb/march and not like may/june like the 490.

Dante - says:

4:33 Women shoes ??

Robbert van Buskirk says:

Mrs praise nuclear check handful brand teenager.

უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენ says:

u naive fucks if amd catches up with nvdia they will just have same prices, they will manage that, olligopoly bitch you do not know where you are living.

bobthebuzztard says:

if AMD chips going to to be on par(+-) with Intel, then all I’m waiting is – PRICE WAR!

AticrossfireX says:

Ryzen, just out benched i7 6900K, while its under clocked!! Its sad for a thousandth dollar cpu, Zen all the way!!

Timothy Reth says:

If this is as good as they are saying then they are finally back…

Dex4Sure says:

I’d get the 6 core 12 threaded Zen probably.

Joshua Nicoll says:

5 months and we’re still waiting 🙁

Maxim Mee says:

if it beats Intel by a hair….
didn’t you just convinced me to go with Intel?

unless you are saying there is ample price difference.

fixmypcguy says:

it will be around 300 bucks because you’re going to need new motherboards and stuff and they want to take the market over

Furkan#Liesaresafetierthantruth says:

And they gived name of the intel when they comparing it


Hope it isnt same kind of oven as fx-serie prosessors

yumri4 says:

i am actually curious if Intel will either drop prices on high end CPUs to compete or combine the concept of 4 threads per core on their Intel Phi card’s cores with their desktop market socket making it so they can draw a little more for a 8 theard chip with 2 physical cores and a 16 thread chip with 4 physical cores OR will Intel do a price decrease I am hoping for both
as using 2 physical cores to get a 8 threaded CPU might increase single threaded performance for the same reason why i3s were better at it at the same speed as i5s were for a few years when comparing CPUs of the same speed and generation so if Intel can do something like that while keeping the low TDP and heat waste of the chip
in short i am hoping Zen will give Intel a swift kick in the rear end to give more for less as they are overcharging at this time in my mind

Adrian A says:

Im very pissed off about stagnation of CPU prices… about lack of real improvement. I think time of sh1t silicon is long passed but the big companies ignore this and take our money in broad daylight sort to say.

Autowill says:

AMD finally caught up to Intel Sandy bridge!

Brandon Shepherd says:

Regardless I’m getting this. I like amd.

Legendary Super Saiyan Troly says:

SMT/HT is lame

Lucas Alonso says:

Ideal SATA location.

Sean Place says:

The first computer I built was with an Athlon XP 2800+. I’ve been AMD ever since then, however with my latest build, I jumped onto the Intel train with an i7 6700k. Zen sounds awesome but I got tired of waiting. AMD’s latest CPU’s leave a lot to be desired. The FX-9590 is a fuggin’ flame thrower!

K. P. Alexander says:

Here’s why the corporate (workstation and server) market is going to be hard to break into for AMD:

Boss: Why is our website down?! Is it because of those stupid AMD computers you bought us?!
IT: What? It’s not even hosted here-
Boss: Why did you make us buy those stupid AMD computers?!

Not saying it’s right, but that’s what will happen.

russellthedude says:

Do you think there will be a price drop on the FX series of CPUs when zen releases to the public?

leipero says:

SMT is not basically Intels HT, it is other way around, SMT is older term and it was used before Intel basically re-branded term for their own CPU’s.

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