AMD Vs Intel Choosing The Right CPU

AMD Vs Intel Choosing The Right CPU

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Nikola Jovanovic says:

Very simple and clear explanation for everybody. Thanks

Cole Williams says:


mdd1963 says:

4 years later….AMD catches up to Intel’s gaming performance…from 4 years ago! 🙂

Louis Kwame says:

Wow! This video educated me a lot. I would have forked out huge money to buy something I may not need if not for your video. Keep up the good work.

Dr K says:

i like my graphics and games, i prefer Intel

BoostEverything says:

he haven’t blinked once in the whole

Kashish Kaushik says:

can you please help me with choosing cpu. I am a into film making and 3d
modelling of products, I need to upgrade my system. my budget is
between 300$ to 700$ complete cost. It would be a great help if you can suggest the
best within lowest to highest budget. i am totally confused between AMD
& Intel

Neil Roy says:

I still have an AMD triple core, I run all my games on at least high quality settings and I am just fine. And my CPU is old. There is no way i am spending the huge differences in cost on an Intel when I can get just as much performance from AMD. And I do 3D rendering, programming, gaming, video… you name it. No problems. The cost for Intel is just… not… justified.

And I built my own computer from scratch. Also, my AMD has been VERY easy to overclock. Been using them for many years, never a problem. I found my Nvidia GPU made a bigger difference with my 3D rendering as I use CUDA for that, so the GPU does the heavy work, not the CPU.

Kayy Montana says:

what should i choose if i wana just Stream from my Elgato?

Fahama Rahmani says:

I am doing
computer programming which one is better for me Intel or and?

Overcomer Oliver Jesus Bestie Fagans says:

how can I know that a computer has an Intel built C. P. U or AMD?

whitebird77 says:

support AMD, dun let it die like Cyrix

darrick steele says:

Everything is about gaming. What is best for audio production?

David Friesen says:

i thought high end math calculations were more suited for the extra cores of AMD cpus?

MrKaiMan 305 says:

Could I use AMD for gaming and recording at the same time? And can I use AMD to edit

xSparcoLT says:

Could anyone tell me if i want to game and record/livestream while gaming, render and upload videos etc. What is better amd or intel, as I really don’t see why people always say intel is better without giving a valid reason, I don’t want to waste like 400$ on intel just to get the same frame rate as amd.

PotatoLanders says:

**cough cough** Ryzen 7, Ryzen 7 **cough cough**

Pp Lime says:

For all my life, only using Intel products once……a Pentium 233 MMX……oveclock to 266mhz and than upgrade to AMD K6 -2 266 and never use intel again! AMD just too great to let go (except I got no budget for new processor) an used intel parts are my last choice . Example a lots 2nd hand intel based system out there when you in a low budget build…..

Ganesh v says:

sir to practice Home lab ESX,vsphere and vcenter which processor is best AMD FX 8350 or corei5 6402P

News Matome says:


Janvikta Karo Sekali says:

Very nice. You’ve answered all my questions about choosing AMD or Intel in just the first 4 minutes. Thank you.

Shammas Qazi says:

amd heatup more

abdicated prince says:

You should redo this video after getting amd R7 1800x. 🙂

Rusty Koenig says:

Think you forgot the Overclock value. AMD rulez for OC

Jasper says:

Hi what processor would you use for music production, especially using heavy samplers ?

eatan111 says:

So, how does AMD handle tasks compared to Intel, how much worse is AMD to Intel is what I’m asking, not what should i get based on what I’m doing.

Ivan Kotze says:

AMD vs Intel. Which is better? Well during the making of this video, Intel would have been the ideal choice among mainstream consumers as well as enthusiasts. Now lets Focus on Enthusiasts. Up until late 2016, the CPU of choice was the i7-6900K if you could afford it at its ridiculous $1000+ retail price. AMD, even with their FX 9000 series chips, could not surpass Intel at their lower core chips. However, the Ryzen 7 Series has shown to run in par with the i7-6900K even surpassing it with the correct cooling solution and overclocking. The Ryzen 7 1700, with 8 Cores/16 Threads 16MB Cache, has a retail value of $320!

So in the end, for the price of ONE i7-6900K I could buy a Ryzen 7, AM4 Mobo, 16GB DDR4 RAM and maybe, just maybe, even get a beer

Viveycore Gaming says:

But amd has up to 8 cores for up to $200 less. does a FX-8300 8 core match up to a intel i5?

Scotty Hehehe says:


haidendl says:

i have a amd gpu and a intel processors

D-Gib Studios says:

What’s best if your doing music such as recording and running programs for mixing??? anybody know?

Jet Ski says:

______bozo didnt mention the cpu numbers like I7 I5 I3. speed differences compared to the amd 12—-8—etc what a dooshe

zubair rahman says:

thumbs down for that annoying intro music

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