AMD vs Intel – 2018

Buyers are having a harder time than ever deciding which platform to buy because of how many choices there are in the market… this is overall a good thing, but how do you decide which is right for you?

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PrInCe _OrBiT says:

I only need straight answer
Comment 1 or 2 respectively

Socomelty says:

Just waiting on my adn boot kit

Mohammad Ali says:

AMD is ruling the market nowadays but I am waiting for AMD to rule in Laptop market too with there processor …. Lets see what next technology comes in the market…

Rolf Berge says:

How are amd on adobe premiere and cad like autodesk inventor?

Axel Wengrud says:

You need to make it clearer when there is advertisement.



Larry Torres says:

Picking my Ryzen Thread Ripper 2nd Gen 2950. Nice middle Zone with 16core 32 threads. 2990WX is more for heavy load production, render stuff. But its awesome see AMD taking it to Intel. But i cant wait for AMD to switch to 7nm a 3rd gen thread ripper would be awesome with that tech. But the only issue with 2990wx is the fact that 2 dim 16 core need go through the other to access memory and cause time issues in memory which suck. But im sure AMD will fix that. Intel has the speed but i have a feeling AMD is going hit out of the park with there 3rd gen line in the future. Awesome Video!!!!

Andrew Utterback says:

I suggest not buying into the race at all and find something in your budget. I’m still on a 3570k and it does mostly what I want it to do. As far a AMD their multi core performance does ride higher that Intel lately but as said before most software won’t utilize more than a few cores anyway so as far as punch goes I’d say Intel. If ur on a tight cpu budget or don’t really concern yourself too much with it go with AMD.

DalTron says:

Any Intel CPU with the same core and thread count will spank an equivalent Ryzen CPU. 8700K mops the floor with any Ryzen 5 in gaming and workstation performance and even rivals Ryzen 7s with 8c/16t. Most people don’t need that many cores or threads. Only thing holding Intel back is the price, but it doesn’t repel me because I know they perform better.

ebin belji says:

Ryzen has a lot of driver issues which is really annoying. If you have money to spare get Intel

frizzb72 says:

All hail Jayz two cents, long live AMD and Intel………. Ohhh and NVIDIA.

Mhel Mabayo says:

*Just In*
*Jayz2cents just threw motherboard manufacturers under the bus*
*More of it in 11*

Eugert Skura says:

I am about to build an Workstation, (only for work) not for games.
Which should i choose?
Asus Motherboard ROG STRIX Z370-H GAMING Socket 1151
Intel® Core™ i7-8700K GHz 3.70GHz *4.70GHz Turbo Boost ( 6Core/12Threads,12MB) (Coofe Lake)


ASUS Prime X370-PRO Motherboard
AMD Ryzen™ 7 1700X 3.4GHz *3.8GHz (8Core/16Threads,20MB) SOCKET FM4 Overclockable (KabyLake)

Timothy Bilotta says:

BO-HEEM-US of motherboards!

Max Nic says:

I just really like the AMD box xd

Dirt For life says:

But can the ryzen thread ripper run Minecraft

James Muirhead says:

Don’t bother with either!!!
ARM is the way to go!!!!! [OBVIOUSLY IMPLIED SARCASM!!!]

Have No Fear The Afghan is Here says:

AMD 7th gen or cori 7/5 ?

Eric Hardy says:

Several of my favorite CPUs of all time are from both

TheyCalledMeT says:

0:57 that earned a thumbs up xD

GeFeldz says:

I ordered an i5 8600k, msi z370 pc pro and 16 gbs of 3200 memory. I WANTED to get a 2600x with a b450 and 16 gbs of flare x, however i have an Asus Xonar ST that I’m extremely satisfied with and the price of an equivalent fidelity soundcard today is just ridiculous… Sooo Intel it is. FFS give people ONE regular pci slot on their motherboard, who fills up all of their pci-e X1 slots? I get that there needs to be some sort of pci-e to pci bridge chip with modern chipsets and cpus, but really! How much do those cost? I’m serious about sound quality and the Xonar ST stays, at least until the next system because i’m getting the feeling regular pci is sadly dead.
I really did want a ryzen, but i didn’t feel like going with the b350 which seems to be the end of the line for pci in AMD world.
That said, a big freaking shout out to intel for sandy bridge… I have a 2500k system oced to 4.5 ghz and i bought it new in 2012… I think… It might even have been 2011. Kudos for the longest lived system ever, the only reason i’m switching is because i’m afraid either my cpu or motherboard could be nearing the end of the line. I might make the sandy bridge system my new htpc with intel standard cooling, an old case and my old 120gb ssd i originally bought for the system. Shout out to the Kingston SSD for a long life as a boot drive as well, the only upgrades i’ve made have been to a 850 evo 500 gig ssd and from the original GTX 570 to an R9 390 (which would have been an nVidia card if i’d known the 390 doesn’t have HDMI 2.0, 4k @ 24 hz sucks balls on my 65″)

David Miller says:

How to tell if you’re on an Intel vs AMD system – did you have to turn down the AC temp? Intel.

Sumb0dybetter says:

Cant find the video where he re built that fx build. He said he was gonna re build one.

Randy Guttery says:

I have been an AMD guy since my first K7. Have loved the chips and there great performance for value for 20 years. I have a Dell 3656 with an FX-8800 and a R9 360 (OEM only) which I still love (not a heavy gamer), but after much research, and tinkering (with other computers), just built a MSI Z77 with an I5 3470, 4GB of DDR3 and other Frankenstein parts that has some nice specs for less than $200. Hate to say it, but AMD may lose me if they don’t get back on track. And screw ATI, never liked them ever. GeForce rules.

福ニコラスNicholas says:

Pc version of PlayStation vs Xbox

AG Zakuariku says:

i got an i5 4590 going to upograde soon i had to choose i5 8400 or the ryzen 2600 i think imma choose for the amd because all benchmarks i see is that amd 2600 overclocked to 4/2ghz or higher is faster then the i5

Azri Azhari says:

Love this kind of video, can chill while I eat.

Shadyless says:

So for streaming intel would be better?

Ivan Stevanovic says:

AMD is better now!

Vas Gr says:

Intel, no discussion! ^_^

Ruben Hernandez says:

I think the main takeaway here is AMD has finally stopped being little pussies and have stepped up to the plate regardless of being an underdog. They have made so many changes from their position with the FX series and I as a consumer am happy to see some technological competition after years of stagnation. It’s interesting to me how loyalist people can be to either company considering we are talking about technology here, the literal epitome of change. I suggest adopting a progressive mindset.

Hit Merker says:

I’ll save you time. Intel duh

4077potter says:

what is the case behind you

David Jackson says:

So in this video you have the Asus maximum ix extreme but I can’t find a review video for it with you

Sanabil says:

Love your videos.

xrasputanxx says:

can you just give me an amd set up im a poor man

Julie Drew says:

Really annoying that a full screen advert comes in half way through your vid to chop into you mid sentence.

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