AMD Ryzen vs Intel Coffee Lake – CPU Rematch!

I owe it to the audience to redo this test since the MCE issue caused the results to lean heavily in favor of Intel… the reality is a cheaper chip like the 1700X gives you much better value, but by how much? Watch and find out!

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Dragan Vatic-Gagi says:

Intel is Lord of speed!

Emil Rasborg Paulsen says:

Could you do a video with the 8350k?

mrk107 says:

Now do this test in stock speed

T'airn'KA says:

Jay, Can a Gigabyte Z370 HD3P support an 8th gen (Coffee lake) processor, ie: i7-8700(K?) or am I limited to a i7-7700K?

Mitchx42 says:

I would like to see the Ryzen 5 1600x vs the 8700k at the same clock speeds

Justin Ferguson says:

Hey Jay, I am very curious about an experiment that I would love for you to do. Arma 3 is a heavily CPU intensive game. Not heavy in the sense that it pushes your processor to the max, but more so because it does not fully utilize the processor. In singleplayer you can easily achieve stable frames, however in multiplayer applications like King of the hill it is absolutely awful. Most high end rigs struggle to achieve 40 or higher. I would love to see one of your top notch ryzen builds strongarm the hell out of the game just to see what happens. It is one of my most played games and I want to see what ryzen can offer. If you can find time that would be a huge help.

Cameron Zukoff says:

“Lets gimp our enthusiast grade hardware for the sake of science(Arguments sake)!!!!” -The actual fuck people? That’s basically the same as taking a Toyota Pryus engine and putting it in an Aventador for the sake of being “Fair” in a “comparison” that’s not the point on principal.

Dan K says:

There is no rematch. Con Lake is a complete waste of money. If you are a coder, renderer or gamer, you choose AMD — more cores beat higher clock speeds in the real world. Don’t pay attention to bullshit synthetic benchmarks.

Krazie Ivan says:

props for taking the critique, looking into the issue, & then resolving/retesting to make things right.
8700k is a good step (far too hot), but un-purchasable…so it’s performance is a moot-point till sometime next year. putting a few engineering samples out for reviewers was clearly designed to stem the tide of Ryzen purchases, esp for the holiday season. not that AMD won’t/hasn’t played dirty, but you didn’t see pre-retail R1600 chips sent out a year ago to prevent i5 sales…
fuck intel.

Wongseifu548 says:

Great job

Reckless Troll says:

lol, fucking AMD fanboys are like pitbulls, they never fucking let go. Dude, accept the fact that Intel has, has always had, and will likely always have better CPU’s… Sorry, your CPU’s just don’t quite cut it. Not for multitasking, and definitely not for gaming, not even at the same price point anymore… You lose. Get over it.

Mitchx42 says:

Wait and see if AMD releases a refresh for Ryzen next year

Pe Ha says:

If I wear that t-shirt, will I be black?

MD Harris says:

For someone who wants to do video editing but stick to a budget the Ryzen systems appear to be a better deal. But those same people probably wouldn’t use the extra cash to buy Adobe Premier. If you have the time would you mind running a simple comparison using free editors like HitFilm or DaVinci Resolve. Thanks!

12Burton24 says:

Well “undervolting” is a must the default settings form mainboards are always to high so find your lowest voltage for your frequenzy to let the cpu run.

MrMeow Catty says:

Wow, the first 50 seconds of your video is exactly why I like your show! Just blatant straightforward honesty! niiiiicccce!

I meow at you sir! =^,^= Meeeeoooow!

rumble bumble says:

Intel LIES

Anthony Thomas Ruggiero says:

I use Adobe programs every single day. My main programs (adobe) are Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign and Lightroom. These are my main programs but i do want to get into video work, using Premier and After Effects. I have been doing weeks of research and just can not figure out whether or not to get a Ryzen or the 8700k. Any help is greatly appreciated! I do not do much gaming although I would like the option to run a game or two (not important thought because this computer will be a 90% work computer, I am a graphic designer and photographer). Thank you!

Dmitry Krasitsky says:

What will be best for Lightroom with Photoshop?

stenionet says:

More than $300,00 in the core i5 Coffee Lake.
Not worth it. And the socket will change again in the next year.

Sean Neil says:

Hey Jay, I’d really like to see some videos with the ryzen 1700 vs coffee lake. It’s really the 1700 that is the best money for the performance considering how well it over clocks. Also people are saying that 3200mhz ram is the sweet spot for ryzen ram with infinity fabric, so testing that difference in 200mzh might also make a nice little bit of video to go along with it.

Thanks for keeping a high level of integrity with your videos and retesting this.

I Cook My Own Crack says:

Based Youtuber Jay, much respect!

robert says:

Q: with both overclocked, whats the temp like? do u think nh-d15 can handle 8700k? thx!

rnd Edits says:

Hey guys got my hand on a i7 -8700k, what motherboard would you guys recommend for a 5ghz overclock?

Glen Horta says:

I feel the rice is a better deal to but if you can find up coffee Lake Intel online good luck I think Intel didn’t plan they have this type of competition. Competition therefore the price factor is one of the things you may consider buying Intel or AMD.

Vyzla Lars says:

Hey guy, Im new to PC gaming and I was planning on building my first budget/entry level gaming PC. My budget is around $1000 and im fron Canada. I have a part list prepared which I spent alot of time researching. Any feedback on it is much appreciated. My build is:

CPU : Ryzen 5 1600
MOBO: MSI B350 Tomahawk ATX
RAM: Gskill Ripjaw 2×4 DDR4 2400
GPU: Msi Geforce GTX 1050ti
PCU: Evga 500w Bronze 80+

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