AMD Ryzen R7 1800X Review: An i5 in Gaming, i7 in Production

Our in-depth review of the AMD Ryzen R7 1800X CPU, including Premiere & Blender benchmarks, gaming, temperature, & more.
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Full review (11,000 words!):

AMD R7 1800X ($500):
AMD R7 1700X ($400):
AMD R7 1700 ($330):
ASUS Crosshair VI Hero:
Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8GB:

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Editor-in-Chief, Test Lead: Steve Burke
Sr. Editor, Test Tech: Patrick Lathan
Video Production: Andrew Coleman
Ass’t Video: Keegan Gallick


Your Highness says:

Rysen 1700x same cpu overclock it yourself way better than this 1800x clone. Amd still sucks. Core clock too low

SOTOS S says:

Ryzen sucks in gaming but AMD promised some patching with game developers

larrysmithfilms says:

when i overclock my ryzen CPU does the speed always stay constant because when i go to task manager to view the speed it isnt fluctuating. ive seen others task amanager through views and their change depending on work loads. thanks

MrSamadolfo says:

OMG the decision is so very easy, 7700K Stock, for the win!!! Buy! Buy! Buy! =D

tim the toolman says:

Holy shit a cpu review by one of the musketeers! #win

Laurent Coiffier says:

Hello Guys! Thanks for that review. I’m not a gamer and Ryzen 7 would be nice for workstation with mainly Zbrush/Substance softs/houdini/Maya/Max/Arnold. I don’t want to go into gamers rage comments. I’m not overclocking my rig because i prefer more stability while renderings. I use also watercooling mainly to keep cores temperatures low while i am at full load. Please, could you tell me if based on that creation oriented workflow, Ryzen could be a nice improvement. My actual rig is I7 4930k/X79 deluxe/64 Ram/ dual GTX 780. Thank you. I understood already dollar/Pixel argument but i would like to have performance advise in that issue. 8 cores CPU, in my mind, is more oriented for creation, isn’t? Again, thank you. Best regards.


looks like a great cpu considering it’s only been out for 2 minutes ,everyone has seen ryzen no one has seen how good ryzen will get when updates and fixes come .amd and intel both have great cpu’s (now) but the 1800x is the obvious choice over the 6900k due to price .

cursedlemon says:

Isn’t CUDA totally deprecated, except in niche circumstances? A CPU in a server/workflow situation will almost always be doing the heavy lifting unless you’re strictly working with something like NVENC.

YerushalayimShelZahv says:

nice review, this cpu is a beast. it would beat my i7 6800k, I’m thinking of switching to ryzen. Having to go through the trouble of buy a new mobo is holding me back. Basically Ryzen is a decent gaming cpu, but mostly for production. If you’re a gamer looking for top notch this isn’t for you, but if your a gamer looking to have a nice workhorse / game rig this cpu is awesome.

Computer Guru says:

People go watch joker production’s videos, even ryzen 1700 is giving just 5fps lower than i7 7700k. Fake benchmarks gamer nexus, better luck next time.

Jon Thoroddsen says:

I think the GN methodology is quite good, and obviously the 7700K kills Ryzen in gaming when we are not GPU bound. However his conclusions are off, calling the Ryzen performance “i5 in gaming” is biased.

Here is a fairly good critique.

Seeing as the low fps values were almost always considerably better than i5, even Steve himself should consider the Ryzen better for gaming. According to him in other reviews, high low fps percentiles are usually more important than the average. Also a lot of video work cannot be offloaded to the GPU, so downplaying how good this is for workstation purposes is unfair towards Ryzen.

I would love to see a review of how it compares in pro audio, which is my use case. My other use case is development, where the Phoronix benchmarks show that Ryzen beats the pants of everything for the price.

thebestnewbie says:

not impressive, 132 fps vs 142fps, who gives a fuck tbh

humbleHuman says:

Look at his dirty face when he is “reviewing”, you are borderline indeed with this kind of bias… Only naive people would trust you. Just shame on you

Eddie O'Connor says:

My only question:

Why is everyone pronouncing it “Rise – En”….when it should be pronounced as “Rizz – En”!…..LOL!……

Jakob Lundvall says:

How does the 7700K perform in premiere with CUDA acceleration? I’m not a professional but my experience with GPU acceleration in premiere (both CUDA and opencl) is that not all effects and operations can be GPU accelerated. Would be interesting to see how other CPUs beside Ryzen and the 6900K performs with CUDA as that is the way most people will use premiere. It the GPU a bottleneck or will there be any difference between lets say the 1800X and Intels 7700K?

And great review btw

LeBitch James says:

And by i7, this doesn’t include the slow i7 7700k for workstation.

1q3er5 says:

AdoredTV shits all over your review

Boogiebagels says:

The reviews may be thorough but guess what? They’re actually bad: they
haven’t added any annotations in regards to the buggy board they used
and how other mobos have better performance results. PLUS that they
paired the oddest selection, pitted the lowest scoring r7 against the
best i7 for most of the tests. PLUS – and here is your eye opener if
you’ve been living in a cave so far – even with ALL the ASUS/Microsoft
Win10 bugs the results are so impressive but still somehow their
personal opinions added on that review creates ripples of cringe.
The bias is real, their butthurt towards AMD could have been handled
better but it wasn’t and the shitshow deepened with them not coming out
and saying the truth like it is – they weren’t happy with how AMD
handled things so they decided to throw a hissy fit and slam Ryzen as a
So at the end of the day that wankstain of a review board will get what
it deserves: a viewerbase made of kiddies who enjoy their fussy wah-wah.

To all you white knights defending them right now:
if you can’t man up and look at the facts, just be careful not to
throw all your toys out the pram, lads. Save some to squeeze when your
trigger like this lol

George D says:

Did Intel/NV call u back and say “good boy”, here’s a cookie? ryZen is a brand new arch, motherboard manufacturers have revisions to make, devs and the AMD team have optimizations to make. Sad this review seems to neglect stressing that part. Lost all respect had for this channel after this review. GN deserves to be unsubbed for its obvious bias.

Kon K says:

Intel fan boy

Dumb Dead1 says:

amd fanboys so butthurt lol………………….

Sarfaraz Ahmad says:

all i care about is that the underdog did a good job and mass effect andromeda is gonna release soon

Eg International says:

They were saying this cpu is learning and get better doing same things over and over is it also works for gaming ?

Русская Сука says:

why the fuck is your voice so monotone

mrtimjitsu says:

this guy reminds me of Gru’s mom from Despicable Me.

Gru – *does something impressive*
Mom – *meh…*

flowergreeeeed says:

so SMT is AMD’s version of HT ?

Nitro192 says:

So Ryzen not good for gaming, not worth the switch from my i7. All I need to know.

Cory Friar says:

I watched this a over a week ago and was watching feeling that this review was very bias but before commenting I was gonna take time see other benchmarks and other reviews. With all this said, going back to this I have to say “Gamer Nexus your bias is showing”. When someone says that its good as the intel but not really that good in the same sentence is very showing how you feel about amd in general. If you could change the title to “A $1000 i7 in production and a $250 dollar i5 in gaming” also state that there are a few windows problems mixed in there that would be great. Also for this review how much tech and insider info Intel promised you? If that is not the case then all good but def would not want anyone to find out after the fact that it happened. Btw if you dont know Intel records all of their phone calls , thats how they got caught in that lawsuit the first time as well.

Schmutz Lord says:

dayummmm ryzen sux

loguerto says:

The worst ryzen review i’ve seen. Starting from the title.

Lueiriueiur lueiriuediuR says:

Man you are speaking as if gaming was the main purpose for computers, such a bad review.

Feral Fox says:

No idea why people getting so salty over this, it does not matter if you are an Intel fan or Amd this is good for both, for Intel users this will help drive the Intel prices down and competition is good for the market, and for Amd its great they have come back with a good range of processors and to be fair you cant expect them to beat Intel straight off the bat they have had the run of the market for years now.

Just be happy you have new Amd possessors that are overall fairly good, and Intel users be happy we get cheaper prices everyone wins.

dn says:

ridiculous how emotional people get over bunch of chips…

TheGrandadParadox says:

pretty certain I had already subscribed to this channel. no worries tho. now we’re rocking the bell.

Awesome Legend says:

Yet another reviewer not comparing 1800x with 6800k/6850k in gaming, IE the CPUs that are competing on price, right now, at stock speeds, both of these CPUs are better then Ryzen in most games, and that isn’t taking into account overclock-ability or current DirectX 12 games (or the probable performance of soon to be released DirectX 12 games) where the 6800k/6850k beat Ryzen across the board almost entirely.

Nathaniel Lewis says:

This only went out today, but did a some testing on the cache and memory controller performance on Ryzen. They believe that the lackluster performance in gaming and some other applications are due to AMD’s cache design in Ryzen. The L2 and L3 cache latencies (how long after a request do i get a result) are a lot higher than Intel. L2 is 33% more latent and L3 is 2.7 times as latent. (English)

Karl Echnaton Hechtmeister Hering says:

+Gamers Nexus
Please change the title of this video. It is wrong and misleading. Also, what means “an i7 in Production”? You can buy i7s from 300 to over 1000$. So to which comparison does the title point to?

Allen A says:

encoding speed?

Cheozuka says:

Thanks for always doing to-the- point, balanced, relevant and honest videos.
two thumbs up.

Bob Gray says:


Xaltar says:

I literally just dropped in here to say well done on a great review. Ignore all the hate guys, you did a great job. Your results and conclusions are accurate and reasonable. I am so sorry to see so many people are being morons and slamming you for just doing your job and not lying about the results. Keep up the great work!

happydappyman says:

great video guys!

marcmib says:

nice info hope to see 1600x testing

OHikcc says:

Hey, can you tell what stand was used for the gaming tests? Video card, for example

MrBall Breeder says:

surprizing missing the 6850K in the render benchmarks as it seems equal as the 1800x

kuniku V says:

here go the snake oil salesman again no wonder i stop watching this guys whit such clickbait headline. you really recommend i5 over 1800x i can understand point of price but not otherwise. your telling us that bit better single threaded performance more “futureproof” then more cores

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