AMD Ryzen Mobile CPUs – Everything You Need To Know!

AMD has been kicking butt and taking names in the CPU market but there was one thing missing: a truly competitive mobile lineup for notebooks. Well that’s about to change and this video holds all the details! With the new Ryzen 7 2700U and Ryzen 5 2500U, the thin & light market are about to change in a big way.

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Тимур Kurskiev says:

What’s wrong with that Indian, where’s your accent?))

MeGusta GameStation says:

AMD announces better than anticipated Q3 performance and reduce potential losses they might see in Q4. Stock prices drop by 10-20%

wtf? . . . ffs those traders are dumb as fuck.

Ambiguity Captive says:

Awesome news!

buzzworddujour says:


ShagStars Productions says:

hopefully the laptops don’t cost as much as a i5 laptop with a gtx 950m. if it does then there is no point buying it.

Kevin Moondust says:

The reason you don’t see AMD laptops, is because of Intel’s anti-competitive practices, not because (or only because) AMD is short on chips to provide to vendors and integrators.

Curtis L says:

Shit. Why did I build a gaming pc.

Mhc says:

You couldnt buy AMD in laptops because of intels bribes.

yesfull man says:

im excited for this to come to the desktop market! I mean one of the biggest issues with apus for last gen was the upgrade path, if this uses the same socket type then people can build starter systems with apus and have a great upgrade path in the cpu side. it will make entry level computers very accessible too people especially with the gpu prices…

Siddhesh P says:

you have a gre8 voice

Qwahchees says:

Jesus, I do a lot of work on my laptop and this would really be a nice winner. 😐

Ryan Grobe says:

it looks like AMD is adopting Intel’s SKU naming scheme.

Rohab says:

that’s it amd, dont give intel any breaks. keep bringing it hard and heavy. you’re doing great.

Irishgamer01 says:

Please say conspicuous again!!!!LOL

Aditya Sharma says:

How could u miss out from mentioning the difference in power usage tho, 15W for the cpu and vega! That is impressive as hell. Man AMD engineers are awesome.

Umbryphos says:

Will ryzen support egpu? cause thunderbolt is intel exclusive?

Imtiaz Chowdhury says:

Under 400 heck yeah!! Dude.

deathbat6916 says:

Any notes of pricing for Ryzen 5 laptops?

Jennings Zhang says:

I’ve unsubbed from Linus for months, and so happy to have found this channel. No bullshit, clean, informative.

U Wotm8 says:

Imagine what would happen if amd implemented their ryzen mobile chips with discrete gpus whilst ensuring a comparable power draw to intel and nvidia laptop systems as well as maintaining competitive performance. That would legitimately provide considerable strain on Intel’s and nvidia’s overwhelming dominance over the enthusiast laptop market. Maybe one day…

Brandon Danikowski says:

Overwatch at 720p and 79% render scale, but it is over 60fps! LuL

Chaython Meredith says:

Should have named it the 10000 u so number is higher than intel since name is so similar

TOTALpopedom says:

Someone please explain to these manufacturers that 8GB is just weak in the RAM department.
Welcome to 2017.
I’m not even saying that’s insufficient as a base option – but we all know and can easily demonstrate that there ARE (easily had) larger capacity DDR4 SODIMMs available.
If you don’t wanna offer it, then offer the laptop with NO RAM as an option…

cmorait says:

Why not buying an AMD based notebook ? They are thin and light and they packs multithreaded performance as an i7 7700hq cpu.

The majority of users are not buying gamming laptops so the GPU performance is double in comparison to Intel HD graphics and is not slower than the Nvidia mx130 or mx150 gpus that this combination is more expensive.

Summing up the performance is super and with a good combination in lower pricing they could be a game changing in ultra book sector.

Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH' says:

Shocking, a low power apu is in the same ball park of intel highend mobile xeon and i7, my xeon 1505m do about mid 700’s cinebench

Michael Mast says:

I’m sorry, but AMD marketing materials historically are unreliable. An entire video around them is meaningless. When we get the chips in our hands, lets talk.

Quast says:

Not bad if AMDs 2700U is so close to a Nvidia 950M,
then the integrated graphics is not far away from a Nvidia 965M, which had about the the power of a 2012s HD 7850!

Martin Smolko says:

Dell XPS 13 with 2700U anyone?

Vorname _ says:

I have a HP laptop with a Ryzen 5 2500u and a Vega 8.

Phillip Siddiq says:

I’m waiting for the laptops!

Subu Bill says:

0.13 when your brain and mouth have communication breakdown.

ZE KENZY says:

can’t wait to touch my hand on it ^_^

WebWolf89 says:

Why 16GB RAM so much to ask for in a “premium” laptop. More RAM does not make it any heavier, bigger or less efficient.

Echiiru says:

i prefer a entry laptop apu that will phase out this currently over price trash 940mx laptops

ArthurSixx says:

Will there be a 65W SKU for the AM4 platform? I would assume so, given Ryzen ITX boards have on board HDMI ports. Ryzen + Vega APUs would be perfect for ultra-compact portable desktop workstations.

Andrei Neacsu says:

Actually, I’m hoping for a medium to large sized laptop with the 2700U and a 1.0GHz – 1.2GHz (boost) Vega with just 40CUs (2560:160:64 = cores:tmus:rops) and 4GB of HBM2 in HBCC mode. Basically, that GPU would be the equivalent of a very memory optimized R9 290, better boost and drawing significantly less power than the ASUS laptop with RX 580 that you presented on June 2nd. With support for half-precision, rapid-packed math, and HBC, this setup would look good even in future titles.
I have a Vega card and the power draw issue is because of the high clocks that AMD asked of it, in order to compete with the high-tier Nvidias. In a desktop, this is not such a big issue, as I have watercooled mine and the PSU handles it. However, in a laptop, you can sacrifice 30% of the performance, while lowering and limiting its power draw to about one quarter of its desktop counterpart. The extra TMUs and cores are not needed for medium to higher end gaming laptops, while keeping the ROPs maintains most of the gaming performance.
In my own studies of the R9 390, R9 390X, Vega 56 and Vega 64 (all have 64 ROPs), I have concluded that the missing compute units (cores and TMUs) impact the performance in a very small percentage, but adding them adds proportionally to the power draw.

Le Mancave says:

I’d like the desktop raven ridge GPU die to crossfire with RX series just like the older ones.

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