Our review of AMD’s RYZEN 7 1800X CPU contains a lot of surprises.. And most of them are pretty exciting.. unless your name is Intel..

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IceSeeBoy says:

Loading Video Highlight………………..Enjoy 3:27 haha

mike davis says:

Is there a comparison of maxed out Ryzen vs maxed out Intel 6800k, or kaby lake equivalent?
Meaning max ram and possibly Optain configs.

Can AMD compete with 64 to 128 GB of RAM ?

Random Mathematician says:

So have been planning to build a pc in the next 6 months and barring a huge price drop or new releases, AMD will have my money

Vega Punk says:

Who else is here for the bench falling?

Jack Sherak says:

A-sooooouse… or A-sus…. Soooooooooooooooooous 😛

Snapp says:

Time to go red I guess.

Gamingwolfy5 says:

That drop just shows ryzen is shit

Waffles says:

I thought ryzen was a new GPU until this video, I’m informed

Ronald M says:

3:28 ou shiiit….he moves! RUUN LINUS….. RUUUUUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Douwert says:

You missed 1700 and 1700x. I don’t understand why this video is called AMD RYZEN 7 REVIEW, When it’s only the 1800

Mohit Negi says:

help me which is better amd 1800x or i7 6800k?


is a ryzen 1800x + gtx 1080ti enough to play the original quake??

Sam Bloom says:

13:04 “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore”

Ken Sams says:

You sound like a Zen pedophile. Fag

Zsavage1 says:

you have to take into account that most like 99% of these benchmarks are done on an ASUS motherboard and we all know how dependable they are with driver issues and such.. in MHO the Ryzen is like a baby tiger.. it’s been given milk to start.. when other manufactures start making motherboard for it and the software gets better and better.. it will be like giving it meat.. 🙂
something else everyone should know about the Ryzen and the Kaby lake
New processors are now blocked from receiving updates on old Windows meaning Windows 7 and 8.1.. so again MICROSHAFT is forcing 10 down your throats.. FU MICROSHAFT!!!

IceSeeBoy says:

8:42 Bruhh?

Daniel Irebring danielire29 says:

It`s not about being a fan of the brands, or it should not be that, it`s whats best for all of us (as customers) AND in that case AMD brings us gold. It will benefit us all, now and in the future with even better CPU:s with better price ranges. It will stop bring us “new” CPU:s that has close to not noticeable improvement that is highly overpriced.. And i was skeptical on the AMD MB:s before, and then when the new AM4 MB:s was released i got what i wanted, they look really nice, intel MB:s are also cool, but now the AMD-boards are in the same league. I already have a good rig with a 4790K, i only build this new one just because i like techs, but it will also be a even better rig then the one i have now. As i said I’m exited to build this Ryzen-rig everything feels new with it, hard to explain but, it`s a good feeling:-)

Troy Ross says:

So how do we get a cool sweatshirt, like the one you’re wearing, if you don’t sell them in your merch store?

Kusuma Yogi says:

compare ryzen with intel for gaming, same like compare a truck with ferari for a racing. maybe truck is bigger, has more wheels, and can carry a lot of stuff at same time.. but it is racing(gaming analogy) of course sport car like ferari will win. the ferari car will reach finish first… yeahh just like that.

xD LOl says:

why low shadows on csgo?

Tristan Staff says:

Love your videos man, always nicely filmed and entertaining (even if i don’t get everything you’re on about. Stopped building rigs about 10 years ago). Keep it up!

Nicholas Martinez says:

I was dying at 8:40.

Eater of Souls says:

1:54 that was a nice long spit

connor anonymus says:

aww my pc cannot use a ryzen because it dosent use pins, it uses those contact things. 🙁

c0pyimitati0n says:

I’m building a photo and video editing PC. I use Lightroom and Premiere​ CC. Should I get the 1700 or the i7700k?

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