AMD Ryzen 7 2700x Review – 4Ghz OUT of the BOX!

Today Leo takes a look at the new AMD Ryzen 7 2700x – just launched today. What’s different? and is it a processor that needs to be on your shortlist for a new system build?

if you own the previous generation of Ryzen processors should an upgrade be in your plans over the coming months?

Read our full review over on HERE:


Skip741 x says:

1800 cinebench out of the box, those te dream numbers to me as i run just under 600 with a 2006 mac pro 8 core

anime para todo el mundo says:

viva venezuela aguante venezuela

Edgar Pérez says:

Great review! Thanks for sharing! Vzla <3

Tinko Gruev says:

I just build my first pc ryzen 2600x and x470 asus – f im verry happy

Gladys Lameda says:

breve explicacion como gira la caja, me gusta

Marina Souza says:

Adoro seud reviews é bom demais.

Crazy Twiggy says:

maturity is my reason and the fact amd is far far more secure.

Mike Young says:

Maybe the stock cooler wouldn’t be so loud if it were in a case?

Javier Vergara says:

excelente sobre todo como explica el contenido!!

Richard Graves says:

my present pc is fx 8300 build so, I know the 2700x would be a huge upgrade for me.

Thần Qủy says:

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Pablo Yong says:

Don’t do all-core boosts, let the CPU overclock itself, it will reach higher 1 – 2 core frequency for games.

long phi says:

soping basncpu da mo mang va toi chi xem ko co tien mua


Oh Nice Thank u for information

Mr. Kim says:

What a nice video it nice

ZenmasterX1 says:

Bottom line is if you are willing to give up 2 cores and 4 threads for 8-10 fps go for the 8700k personally I went ryzen and loving it.

Ron Moes says:

Hello , You as content creator should look into ARTICLE 13 that the EU wants to make law,
if this becomes law we lose you and every content creator in the EU.
all video’s exsisting and uploads will be deleted!!!

adam rule says:

what about a noctua fan on the cpu prism cooler….may be even more optimised..

Peter Abernathy says:

as a linux user, i have accepted reality and went back to intel and nvidia.

Mike Bracewell says:

Just a quick question Leo (to which I can probably guess the answer); basically I’m skint, but need to build a new 4k editing / programming rig “on the cheap”. As it will have to be my sole machine, at the moment, It will need to do a spot of gaming too, but we’re talking KSP & the odd (usually disastrous) foray into World Of Warships, etc not super heavy stuff at mega frame-rates. Currently, I can get bargain basement 1700x’s (or even 1800x’s) , for between 50 – £100 cheaper, (new), than a 2700x (I.E. 2600 money – which I’m actually seriously considering, too, – I really am that skint!). I’m also looking to purchase second-hand chips to drive the costs down further.

Should I go with the older first gen Ryzen’s or fork aout the extra on Gen 2 (my guess is “yes”, I can buy a bigger SSD, more memory, or better GPU / PSU with the savings)?

Many thanks in advance!

adam rule says:

will ryzen 2 ..x470 chipset work better with 8 cores ..16 threads..on the upcoming 2080..with ray tracing..???

Jan Man says:

Realy helping me through the “AMD / Intel – Jungle” here, just thanks for it!

Auto Véhicule says:

You may well find that clocks speed vary by 25MHz or 50MHz as ambient temperatures rise but regardless of that you should be north of 4GHz at All times

Daniel Carr says:

Can I use my computer with that processor and no gpu for basic things?

Force Taskers F8 says:

buen video aprendi mucho, muchas graciashhhs

N Gauge England -Synthematix- says:

This cpu cooler is better than ANYTHING intel have EVER made, it looks beautiful when lit, and never, repeat NEVER buy anything from gigashite, well they are just that, shite. sensiMI works on x370 you dont need an x470 board at all. and UUrgh, that gigashite uefi is absolutely HORRID

Deano Essex says:

On Amazon they advertise an AMD Ryzen 7 2700 8-Core 20 MB Cache 65 W and an AMD Ryzen 7 2700 8-Core 20 MB Cache 105w both the same but whats the difference in performance with different wattage?

Mercedes Alejos says:

Me encanta mucho este blog, es muy interesante, continúen así!!!

QUIZK says:

Should I / do I have to buy thermal paste or can I use the one that comes with the stock cooler? (If it does)

MrIvanpz says:

Very good rewiew, keep going

AC Milan 1899 says:

Ridiculous, the cooler gets good money on eBay even if you don’t use it. It seems like money doesn’t matter to all the reviewers. £50 difference is a big amount. Intel can’t touch the value proposition offered by AMD.

Izekor Benjamin says:

nice informative video woow

Nhi Tran says:

I like this video, i love it

Charles Earl says:

Not sure what you mean by “you need the new motherboards”. I have an X370. Worked immediately and solid. Game speed wise? This gets the same scores as my old i5 7600K. Last years most popular game processor. Also… at stock settings the 1600X sits at 3.7 GHz under load. This 2600X sits around 4.1 GHz and sometimes a bit higher. In fact they work on the B350 too. You just have to update your BIOS before swapping the CPU.

Dg Siang says:

Brilliant explanation!!!!

Niels Nielsen says:

Excellent video

Ritchie Demillo says:

This is a powerful AMD CPU package. The features amazed me.WOW!

Han Lockhart says:

19:57 Because I`ve been out of the loop with pcs for a couple of years and just now decided I need an upgrade?

I like this guy.

Slarti Bartfast says:

tests have shown that liquid coolers are only a tiny bit more effective that air coolers, so there is no need to have water running around inside your PC

hot-ts Ladyboy says:

This is great! I’ve always wanted to try to play XBOX 🙂

Montana Ranger says:

I’ve been using AMD since the K6-2/450….all the way back to 1998

Glagys Medri says:

muy buena explicacion lo hare

Simon Liu says:

Actually most manufacturers ended up bringing all the boost features to x370 boards that had adequate vrms. The only difference between the two is x470 comes with a storemi license, which is a rebrand of fuzedrive that only works on ryzen anyways.

N Gauge England -Synthematix- says:

I seriously think its all over for intel now

Enrique Dias says:

this work is amazing keep

Paul Rone-Clarke says:

Not sure why 4.Ghz out of the box is anything for AMD to be happy about. There is virtually no overclocking room. Unless you pair it with $350 worth of 3000 ram or better it runs like a dog, and Intel have processors that hit almost 5.0 Ghz out of the box. If the best processor I had hit 4.0 GHz with a lower IPC than my only serous competitor, had virtually no OC headroom and you needed to sell a kidney to buy the ram that made the best of it? I think I’d keep quiet about it.

Sam Locke says:

I’m going to get one of these for my new custom PC I’m going to be ordering parts for next month, and Nexcen LTD are going to do the build for me.

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