AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Review – The best CPU money can buy?

AMD Ryzen is here, the hype is real and my god is it amazing. Tested in as many applications as I could do in the 2 days I had with it to not only test, but also film, edit and upload – but boy am I impressed.

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AstroTech Studios says:

Is anyone else waiting for Ryzen 5 processors?

Wombo says:

Great review i swear your channel blew up 26k i remember when you had 1k gz man u deserve it keep the reviews up <3

Rural Mods UK says:


Roy Antaw says:

Ryzen looks good but I might wait until the Ryzen 5 series is available before making a purchase decision. For now I will continue to use i7 6800K for productive applications but maybe Ryzen 5 might make a good gaming rig once we have seen the specs. I’m hoping the single core speed are better in the Ryzen 5 four and six core cpus. Thanks for the review.

Evans Fenom says:


Lucas Brasil says:

Nice review man! You did so much in so little time….

Vandoeun Long says:

first ryzen review I decided to watch. you’re awesome

Clark Feeley says:

I am extremely impressed…
That I didn’t pre-order one.
So lack luster It’s not even funny.
Good review though.

Rushabh Chheda says:


TDGFX says:

Great review! Man I am excited. I’ve been chugging along with my release date purchased 8 core Bulldozer… More like Tractor lol.

Mittz Agarwal says:

will asus rog code IX support this cpu?is it better than i7 7700k?

max bootstrap says:

Hey, I’ve watched oodles of Ryzen videos lately, and I must say I consider yours one of the very best of the lot (I refer to all your recent Ryzen videos). Good job and thanks.

Britec09 says:

I never got a AMD sample kit lol

Irwin Tan says:

Cpu made in my country but you can’t even get it yet. I’m awaiting for their lower tier cpu which will rival i3 or i5, will get those for a budget build for my cousin

Gabriel Umoh says:

Awesome review mate.

Niels says:

i want to build a pc with an rx480,, what cpu should i get with it? at first i was thinking of i5 7400/7500 but now with ryzen i dont know what the best choice is 🙂

JnC kitchings says:

tisk tisk

Arkletube says:

please underclock your WPM.

SkymasterPT Gaming says:

I believe this is the one and the crossfire vi hero for me!!!!! And the ddr4 is it well supported ??? I want to buy 32g at 3200 (i think these are the numbers)

Umesh Khanna says:

great review just subscribed keep up the good work.

SenorSwagBuns says:

I want to watch but i have college in 10 mins and the videos 11 mins long ;'(

CaptainEO420 says:

so the moral of the story is get a 7700k?

Loki 76 says:

Really shitty layout of the results cant tell nor see the results properly.

Luke Keast says:

Nice review, you are one out of five techtubers I am still subscribed to after past couple of days of Ryzen benchmarks, opinions and first looks.

BIGC44 says:

great review, I am waiting for the rest of them – I will make a decision in a few month for my new gaming rig, Cheers

cornell jones says:

I was wondering , if the intel chips have integrated video , could that be giving intel it’s edge

RawLu says:


SenorSwagBuns says:

Overclocking this is prob gonna be op

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