AMD Ryzen 7 1800x Processor – Hands On Review and Benchmarks

After months of anticipation, AMD has released its first three Ryzen processors. Can the company’s fresh look at architecture beat Intel, or is the underdog forced to continue nipping at the giant’s heels?

The new Ryzen 7 Series chips aren’t bargain processors from AMD. We tested the Ryzen 7 1800x which rings in at $500. It may be more than most people are willing to pay for a CPU, but for tasks like photo and video editing it outpaces Intel’s most popular i7 chips.

Our Hands on review takes a look at gaming performance benchmarks, processor intensive tasks like video rendering, overclocking, and of course value.



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jamale abdel says:

rayzen e muito top ei…

Good Goiym says:

Time for a reupload ?
3:10 benchmarks are broken and there is quite a lot of mic noise

Moses Kwabena Sarp says:

I guess u are really a fan of Intel. good job Intel boy.

Jimmy a Geek says:

So Intel Paid You

Silly Wabbits says:

Competition is good for everyone to be sure

Saahil Rahman says:

who’s that dead guy . 0:12

TheDennAgain says:

this review seems biased towards intel

SageFox says:

you benched one game and against two processors ? what kind of benchmark is this?

L D San says:

lol where is the 6900x,

Cali says:

I don’t believe any Ryzen review unless I see in in real time…period. Fuck all you guys with your fake charts and pieces of paper you printed some numbers on.

Daniel Litz says:

This guys so full of shit lol

Os H says:

no wonder you got too many dislikes

Arma Drama says:

Worst “benchmark” I have ever seen…. Arma 3 multiplayer benchmark in a 60+ man server is a real test.

SunWalker says:

great video thanks. i’m always amused how these fanboys (Intel & AMD) are barking in the comments section 🙂

personally i’m a price-performance-fanboy and i give a shit on how the company is named that delivers me what i want.

James M says:

boring review, makes me sleep. Stop watching

Avro Arrow says:

What should be mentioned here is that the i7-7700K has a faster clock speed. The performance advantage it has isn’t because of better IPC / faster cores. When clock speed is taken into account, the R7 family and the i7-7700K have nearly identical performance.

I’d be interested to see what the R7-1700 would OC to with my liquid cooling setup.

Epidemic1975 says:

i smell bull….funny on other sites shows it on par or beating in most cases …. i take it you got the email asking you to show amd in bad light.

by the way before you call me a amd fan boy i have a 5820k rig


Just stick to what you have for now because no doubt Intel will bring something out that will beat Ryzen and so the catchup begins again. People buy too much into the “I gotta have this” hype.

i raul says:

agree – too much Hype / Ryzen it is not cheap, just Intel has priced it’s processors stupidly high

Аккаунт-Гуглоютубовский says:

lead freak

Mikro Plasm says:

Yea I went with the I7-7700K for WOW lol running at 5Ghz is better than the two lowest extremes for many games lol. oh and it was 349$.

Mr11ESSE111 says:

you cant compare single thread performance on geekbench and saying that 7700k is much better!! of course it is better becuase he is 25-30% higher clocked too!! if you want fair clock all 3 cpu-s same

Mikro Plasm says:

I think it is great, competition is better for all of us!! If I build a second rig just for video work this chip would be the one I would probably use.

Pishi A says:

Okay, have anyone else noticed that Digital Trends have given the R7 1800x 7/10 while they gave $1,750 Core i7-6950X 8/10??! For that reason alone, they lost any credibility with me. Its funny they show no gaming benchmarks with the 6950X

RawLu says:


Gabriel Umoh says:

The benchmarks
My news feed bleeds.

Lueiriueiur lueiriuediuR says:

1800X beats the shit out of 6900K period!! $500 vs $1050 cpu

LoganStorm100 says:

at all games would you test this flagship cpu in civ 6!!!!

OC Macrobob says:

the 6950x is a $1700 cpu, and it fell to $1500 on a sale

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