AMD Ryzen 7 1800X CPU Review

Finally, after what feels like a lifetime, Ryzen is upon us. Carrying the hopes of everyone to take the fight to Intel.


mrmactknife says:

Great video Tom, thankyou for putting in all that hard work for us.

John Athanassion says:

I wonder when X99 is going to get another boost. Been almost 3 years now and there’s no 2011v3 update. Wondering if there is going to be a 2011v4 around the corner. I ask you guys since TTL doesn’t respond to us viewers that much anymore as there are too many people for him to communicate with. Been trying to talk to this guy for 5+ years now with no response. 🙁

Scott Tait says:

ps like your models aswell lol

Shreyas says:

I Absolutely Loved watching the entire Review, it was worth a lot more than havingnto waste my time watching several 5mins videos which left me with more questions, which you pretty much cleared it.Thanks for the Review.

Διαμαντής says:

Is there any reason you would recommend the 1800x over the 1700 when considering overclocking on day 1?

Allen A says:

so h264 -> h265
what cpu?

Keiko Yuuki says:

Good Job Tom. Would you consider revisiting the 1800X after some maturity time, say 6 months? That way all the BIOS can be polished and kinks worked out….

Felipe Mendes says:

i have a 2500k now.. im considering the 1700x is it worth?

Denis Aljic says:


Karl Echnaton Hechtmeister Hering says:

Amazing review! Thanks and subbed (twice:)! I remember when i bought the Club3D HD7950 because of your amazing oc results and luckily i could duplicate those in my rig! Thank you and keep up your good work 🙂

nam Alexander says:

Bet you got the light up sign from b&m lol

Sanu Saha says:

I m having fm2+ socket which processor should I buy

jay l says:

My A10-7860K runs at 54 degrees on water

Fred Flintstone says:

I have my 1700 at 3.8ghz all core overclock with 1.248v stable. Cool thing is i bought an asrock board and with offset volts the clocks and volts are coming down at idle like they should, which is a problem on asus boards.

Cero Ashura says:

When vega flagship hits the market, you should build a classic red and black all AMD machine. Btw you forgot to mention how much deditated WHAM the 370 chips can take.

El Paco Machin says:

Long time fan of the site, thank you for your years of great hard work!

Gaj B says:

Why do people worry so much about temps and memory speed? I’m guessing the whiners are gamers, they usually are, tbh as you said games will not drive the temps that hot, they’re mainly single threaded still and memory seems to have very little impact on performance, I’m still running 1600mhz DDR3. If you’re playing games, the CPU to get is the 7700K, Ryzen has not changed that, you don’t need to worry about Ryzen, stop whining…

For me the biggest thing about a CPU is the Motherboards it has access to, I want built in Bluetooth and Wifi, I want a HDMI in and an analogue video out if possible, I want m.2 and lots of USB 3 and I want MITX and 6 sata ports. For me the last mobo to offer all that was on Haswell, so I’m sticking to Haswell…

OEMs really need to get their arse in gear on the Motherboards, that’s if the AMD chips are capable of supporting all what the Intels can.

Ricardo Gomes says:

Did you manage to get your Asus Crosshair Hero VI with 3200Mhz Ram and 14 Timing Timings like G.Skill Trident Z F4-3200C14D-32GTZ?

Church of Technology says:

What a boring man, LOL. Can you recommend chips for watching your videos ?

Magnus Aleksander Viktor Rasmussen says:

Did the temperatures on the x chip rise when you updated the bios to 0504? I have heard that with bios 0502 the 1700x/1800x chips is running a lot cooler.

R Dismukes says:

From what I’ve seen so far, the 1700 is going to be the most fun because it seems to gain the most from overclocking by a long way.

Fancypants McVomitshirt says:

Really glad I found this video. Best Ryzen review I’ve seen. Other reviewers seem to be completely focused on gaming when this CPU isn’t meant for just gaming.

Paulie Nordaker says:

I really want a full detailed review of the PRIME x370 asus board i know the crosshair can use AM3 brackets but can the Prime x370 imo Asus should have made all there boards that way Glad to see you using a more i would say entry board to start with Cause im stuck between the msi carbon Which is 20 us dollars more and the biggest saleing point it has 2x pci 3.0 slots and the asus only has 1 MORE reviews on board please

JaayOnPC says:

Wow it gets 160cb in single core test in cinebench R15? My i5 4670k gets that when running at 4.1ghz. Anyway good vid always the go to when im curious about this kinda stuff :D. So you think Ryzen will be good moving from a z87 i5 chipset? I’m hoping the extra cores will help for things like recording with obs and its x264, my i5 can’t even do 1080p with obs.

Dan Novakovic says:

Didn’t mount the cooler properly……80C and no heat from the rad…lol….

eggypineapple says:

Great review,looking forward to getting my ryzen now.

Mike Wilding says:

No chance of Quad or 3-Way SLI with these Ryzen CPUs n Mobos?


First off, your logo is to big in the corner, its covering info you talking about, secondly why does the video have to be so long for ? couldn’t you know edit it, like others do.. Who wants to watch this for a hour, 20mins in & im bored as fuck.

Headout says:

The intel motherboards still seem superior. I hope it catches up because I’m seriously interested

George Horn says:

I have one question. What is the performance hit for using two graphics cards as versus 1?

Faren Sabri says:

Tom have you tried some undervolting on the cpu?

d r says:

i’m an AMD fan without a doubt. i would say there is no need to upgrade for intel users unless you have true need to perform Workstation work(editing, rendering, etc.) If you really want to consider uprgrading as a Gamer, wait for the 1600x and 1500x release in a few months form AMD. And don’t pre-order until you see the reviews. 🙂 And Good luck with whatever you choose.

KvotheYSL21 says:

Thank you!!! Excellent review! I’ll be waiting for the guides!

Michael Cullen says:

you should do a video with ryzen and the 40 fan AIO cooler and then over clock it

Dark5tar111 says:

Is it normal for CPU frequency to remain at the overclocked speed even when it’s idling? I noticed this in CPUz and other monitoring app during idle state, even though the temps were hovering around the “idle” temp of around 35c on my Ryzen 5 1600.


twitch steaming, lmao. Never even click on a steam or twitch before. Fuck must be a heap of looser around if they can quite a proper job to take up steaming as a job. What have we turn into if ppl can sit on there ass & do absolutely nothing & get payed for it. Wait they hit record. So they do one thing that takes them like a third of a second.

Gaj B says:

I just want good MITX boards with all the features the Intel ones have.

Mike Barron says:

Video Good was it.

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